A Demonic Encounter

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    • A a paranormal enthusiast is determined to win a contest held by their local radio station. To spend the night in an abandoned mental institution, they get front row seats to their favorite musical artist. Where they meet a dark, deranged man with demon like qualities.

    • Name: Lockwood Kreed
      Age: Unknown
      Gender: Male
      Race: Demon

      Name: Frida Myers
      Age: 22
      Race: Human
      Gender: Female
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  1. It is all over the radio stations, that KIDD Radio Is having it's yearly contest. And this time it was a rather interesting one. "Try our contest! Try our contest! You could win tickets for band or musical aritst of your choice! All you have to do is stay one night in the abandoned Berk's Mental Asylum." "There can be only one lucky winner! So try your luck!" Is what the ad says.

    Berk's Mental Asylum had been opened during the 1920s, clear up to the 1950s before someone caught on about how the patients were being treated there. And it was soon shut down. It has been abandoned for over 65 years. Some say that it is haunted...haunted by the souls of patients who were tortured and died. And it is said that they can not escape, nor do they know that they are dead. They're imprisoned in that horrid place for all eternity. No one for a few years, after a group of kids thought they were brave, but they were never seen or heard from again. Berk's Mental Asylum stands on a hill on the outskirts of the city. On the outside it looks just like an old brick building that is three stories tall. But on the inside who knows what horrors await.

    Something seemed to stir in the old building, something evil and unrelenting. An evil that no one dare stop, and was the cause of the kid's demise. It is a demon, and he haunts these halls. In his living life, his name was Lockward Kreed. A known murderer, deemed insane. He was sent to Berk's and spent most of his time in solitary confinement. He wasn't safe to be around other patients, nor the doctors or nurses. They tortured him unforgivably and relentlessly. Electro-shocks, Ice dips ect. Anything imaginable had been done to him. And then thrown in solitary confinement, where he was forgot and left to die.

    On his last breath, he vowed to get revenge...in fact he even sold his soul to do so. A blood pact he made. Revenge for how he was treated and then forgotten so easily. And so he came back as a demonic spirit that wreaked havoc on the staff and patients in the last days that the asylum was open. He was bound to this building for all eternity. Never resting, only getting stronger and more evil...
  2. Frida had seen the ad in the newspaper she had bought for the coupons, she wasn't usually the type of girl who would enter into these contests for a concert but one of the artists on the contest list she had heard was one of her favorite bands and she just couldn't resist. She knew pretty much everyone would enter this contest, so Frida got the asylum early in the day; she was equipped with some basic things in her backpack such as clothing, a sleeping bag, non-perishable food, a camera, and some hygiene products every woman should have at the ready. However, once she got out of the car she noticed that the front of the building was empty when she had expected a whole crowd of people. She couldn't help but feel a little creeped out by that fact, but now she was even more excited to get those tickets for the concert. Frida zipped up her coat and straightened her skirt out as she made her way inside the old dirty asylum, the silence had hurt her ears but she would manage for one night. "Hello....?" she said softly, hearing her voice echo through the building slightly. "HELLO!! Is anyone here!?" she called, expecting at least a few people to pop out from inside.​
  3. A few people where there already, one was near by and pokes their head around the corner. "Oh, Hello, I'm Marcy. Are you here for the contest too?" She asks her. And then she shivers, "You just get that odd feeling that someone is watching you, don't you?" She asks. "Or am I the only one with that feeling? If so I must be crazy." She says to her. "Well anyways, welcome! Greg, Allen, Melony, Maxine and Lori are all exploring this place, it's huge!" She says and then walks off, trying to find her sister who was Lori.Mean while deeper into the the asylum, the others have been exploring the old rooms. Clearing dust away to look at objects and such. But the feeling that someone was watching them never left them. That was because Lockward was watching them, hiding in the shadows. He couldn't help but smirk, as he watched the small group walk around the asylum. He was already coming up with ideas on what he was going to do to them. But he had to wait until it was the perfect time, for now all he could do is watch and stalk them like a predator stalks prey.
    He didn't know where to start, which one he woud get first. He would just have pick them off one by one, until either one was left or none were left. He smirks as a male walks by.The fun wouldn't start yet, it was too early, still day light. He would wait until it got dark to have fun.
  4. Frida jumped as a voice began to sound out of nowhere apparently, but was glad to see it was just another person for the contest. "You scared the life out of me!" she breathed, her heart resuming its normal beat. "Yeah I'm here for the contest too." she said with a small laugh, walking to the bottom of the stairs and looking up at the woman who was talking. "Only six people are here huh? I guess everyone else is too scared to come here....I don't see why though, it's just an old and empty building with a creepy story behind it." But there was some truth to what Marcy said, it did feel like there was someone watching her and there probably was, with six people here that is. "My name is Frida. Where is everyone sleeping tonight? In one big room or is everyone taking the old patient's beds?" Even though this place didn't creep her out as much as it probably should, she wasn't too fond of sleeping in a patient's old bed. Something about that sent chills down her spine.
  5. Marcy heard her echoing through the asylum and goes back to her. "Before the group decided to break up and explore this place. We agreed to sleep in the room that you are standing in." She says. And then she stands there for a moment and looks at her, "If you would like, you can come with me. This a way, we're both not alone." She says. Marcy was a tall, skinny woman with dark brown hair and had a pair of red colored glasses on. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. And a pair of very worn tennis shoes. She sighs, "It seems I have lost my sister Lori some where in this place." She says. And there was the sound of someone screaming and the sound of footsteps running. And then someone ran into Marcy, it was Lori. "What's wrong Lori?" Marcy asks. "Greg found a skeleton arm and scared me with it, plus a mouse went across my foot." She says. Marcy nods, "This is Frida, Frida Lori. I guess she is the last contestant. Like she said, people are too afraid of this place." Marcy says. Lori nods, "But near what Allen supposed was solitary confinement, the creepy feeling that someone is watching you gets worse." She says. That was the main area that Lockward haunted, was the place that he had died. Especially the room that he had died in. Since it wasn't dark yet, he could do somethings here and there like ghosts would do. Allen was in what was once his room. And he pushes him hard, causing him to fall. When Allen turns around no one is there. But he gets a bad feeling and runs, runs until he hears voices of Marcy and Lori. They look at him with concern, "Something pushed me and made me fall! And I was the only one in solitary confinement" He says. "I thought it was one of you playing a prank on me or the others and when I turned around to say something, no one was there!" He says explaining. "So maybe this place is haunted after all." Lori says.
  6. Frida looked at the room she was in, thinking it might be a little scary to sleep right next to the front door with no time to run if someone decided to come after them with a chainsaw in the dead of night. She was about to approve of Marcy's plan to bunk together, especially since there were men in here too and men under the same roofs as women wasn't always the recipe for success; the scream was enough to scare Frida terribly, worried about the little girl who came running to Marcy. It appeared the girl was alright, just a little scared over the prank the boys played on her; she smiled as she was introduced. Not particularly excited to see the padded room but at the same time not wanting to be left behind, Frida followed the girls and looked around inside the padded room as the man told his story. "Or maybe you're just making it all up to scare us!" she retorted playfully, turning her back on the room; something was not quite right about that area, even though the room was padded, filthy as it was, and seemed harmless it had a certain darkness about it. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but one thing was certain, she would not be sleeping in that room. "Hey Marcy why don't you gather up the girls and we can take one of the other padded rooms? It should be big enough for everyone to sleep in and a little more comfortable than the rickety old beds I would think." Frida suggested, although even a different padded room seemed a little deranged. But they needed to sleep somewhere and there was still one more floor they hadn't explored yet. "For now maybe we could just set our stuff in one of the rooms where we would be sleeping? We could explore the other floor together."
  7. Marcy looks at her, "That sounds like a good plan." She says. She the turns to see Melony and Maxine running down the hall, they were paler than ghosts. "What's wrong?" Marcy asks. "We were down that away, when something touched us and look what happened to Maxine!" Melony says and Maxine turns and shows her arm, clearly there were claw marks in her arm. "They burn like fire, we were near a solitary confinement cell, the one on the end and that is when something touched us and scratched me!" Maxine says. Allen looks at her, "That was the same room I was in and something pushed me and I fell on my behind. I think there is something there and it doesn't want us in there!" He says. Marcy didn't believe their story either, she sighs. "Well I guess the only way I'm going to believe that is if I step into the room myself. How about you Frida? We can both go into there and prove that it's all in their heads and they are just saying that or doing that to themselves to fool us." She says.

    But only if it was a prank or something to fool them. Lockwood had struck again, this time he reached out with his claws and scratched on of the girls. He had left his cell and was near where they were. Hmmm...so they don't believe in ghosts do they? Or don't believe that I caused that to happen...well then I guess I'm not trying hard enough... Lockwood thinks and smirks. He would give those who think it's just a prank a little show, without showing himself. He couldn't help but smirk even wider. He was now away from the group and lets out some evil deranged laughter that echoed through the place.

    "And then how do you explain that?" Allen says. "We all heard it, that was evil laughter!" He adds. Greg shook his head, "No, it sounded more like deranged laughter. So maybe this place is haunted by some of the inmates. It's not like there is any real danger here." Greg says. "But...what about the scratches on Maxine? I've read some where or remember reading some where that on demonic spirits would do such a thing!" Melony says.
  8. Frida saw the girls running past them once more, but this time it appeared one of them had been hurt. This was starting to get much more serious, and they hadn't even been here for an hour just yet. She gave a soft but sad sigh and looked up at Marcy. "I guess we're gonna have to go in there, just to prove that there's nothing inside. This isn't funny anymore guys!! I mean it! If you guys hurt one more person I'm calling the cops!" she said to the men, hoping it was them but something in her gut said it was something different. Frida jumped when she heard the laughter and it sent chills down her spine, the boys were doing a very good job at trying to scare them. "Hey I said cool it!! I mean it! No more scaring guys, it's getting old!" She continued to yell. Although if that wasn't the guys playing tricks this would be a very difficult thing to explain; scratches could be passed off as accidents, after all they do happen, but an evil laugh throughout the whole place with nothing to cause it? She had to admit she was starting to worry about the safety of the group.​
  9. Lockwood is watching them closely now. Marcy looks at the guys and puts her hands on her hips. “Yeah! Stop pranking us! You probably have a remote control speaker and a remote.” She says. The guys shake their heads. Allen and Greg look scared out of their wits. “That wasn’t us!” They say in unison. “We don’t have a remote, you can search us if you want.” Allen says. “In fact, here!” Greg says as he starts to empty his pockets. Allen does the same thing, and neither of them have a remote. “If you two didn’t do it then…” Marcy says and a chill went down her spine. There was no obvious way to explain what made that evil laughter. Marcy looks at her watch, “It hasn’t even been an hour and things are happening. But I still don’t believe the other things. I’m going to find out. If anyone else wants to come with me that’s fine.” She says and walks off. She goes to the solitary confinement cell that people said things happen in.

    She gets a chill again and the feeling that someone is watching her. It had an air about it and something about it didn’t seem right. Gulping once, she enters the cell. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just a dirty old cell.” She says to herself, she says this over and over. I’ll show you, that there's nothing to be afraid of. Lockwood thinks with a smirk. He then reaches out and grabs a hold of Marcy’s arm and begins to squeeze it, hard. And then he decides to speak. “Get out!” He says with a hiss, to make his point clear he lets out a demonic growl. He had said get out right next to her ear. But the growl, he let it fill the room.

    Marcy then breaks free of whatever grabbed her and screams the entire time she is running. She makes it back to the group. Bent over, she catches her breath. “Why did you scream?” Lori and Melony ask. “Something grabbed me and squeezed my arm. And then a voice hissed in my ear and told me to get out. That was creepy, but then I swear the room growled a demonic growl at me!” She says. Allen and Greg put their hands on their hips, “See! We’re not making it up!” They say in unison. They turn to Frida, “If you don’t believe that now, then why don’t you go into that cell and see what happens to you.” Allen says.
  10. Frida still didn't believe the men when they said they didn't do anything, she was sure there were other ways to have sound affects in this place without a remote, and for all she knew the men could have gotten here super early and rigged the place up with all sorts of tricks. She watched Marcy walk into that cell, thinking that everything would be fine but soon found that was not the case as the other girl came running out of the cell screaming. Frida wouldn't have believed it herself but she could feel the growl from outside the cell, it was like a vibration in the floor and it was starting to scare her. "Okay fine, I will!!" She retorted sarcastically, marched into the cell but that feeling of being watched never left the room. In fact it felt completely lonely inside and terrifying, it was almost like she could feel the feelings of the victims in this room. Frida tried to keep her composure as she used her fingers to trace some scratch marks she found on the padded wall.​
  11. Lockwood was rather amused by now, he thought the whole situation was entertaining. Especially the part where he scared the hell out of people. He is watching Frida. Hmmm, I wonder what I can do to scare her? He thinks. But he really just wanted them to get out of his cell. It was all he knew now that he was a demon. He frowns when he couldn't think of anything new right now to scare her. And he didn't like that she was invading his space. He lets out another demonic growl and let it fill the room. This time he was going to make it clear that he didn't want anyone in the room. "GET OUT! GET OUT NOW!" He shouts with another demonic growl. It would loud enough that it echoed through out the building. The others were even more scared. "See! What ever is here doesn't want us to be in that cell! We should listen and leave this area!" Allen says, he is almost hysterical. Greg nods in agreement, fear in his eyes. Melony, Maxine and Lori began to back up, they were all thinking the same thing and that was running to a different part of the building. Lockwood is thinking of showing himself. But it's too early to have that much fun, I need to wait a little longer. He thinks. And then just to prove his point about leaving the cell, he pushes Frida out of the cell. And then with a loud slam, the door shuts and locks on it's own. "S-see we weren't playing jokes after all! Now do you believe us?" Greg asks Frida. The loud slam had made the rest of the group jump. "Maybe we should leave this area." Allen suggests.
  12. Frida didn't hear anything at first, she kind of laughed a little as she turned around and held her arms out to the sides of her body. "See! I told you" But just as she stopped talking a loud roar filled the whole building and even shook it a little, telling her to get out. Her body froze and she covered her ears tightly to block out the noise, too scared to move but then she felt a hand on her back as she was shoved out the door. Frida hit the ground just outside the cell and when she turned to look back, the door slammed and locked. She started to shake a little, it was real! It was all real! She looked up at the men and the women, breath shaky as she stood up and dusted herself off and trying not to completely freak out. "I agree, we should move as far away from this area as possible if we're all going to keep safe!" she added in, but no matter how she tried to console herself she was still trembling.​
  13. Marcy and the rest of the girls nod, they all agreed that they should get away as far as possible from this area. Greg and Allen look at them, "I think you owe us an apology." Allen says. Greg nods in agreement, "Yeah, for saying that we made all this stuff up!" He adds. Marcy sighs, "Fine, look I'm sorry for not believing you." She says. Melony and Maxine nod, "Us too." They say. Lori nods too, "Me too." She says. "Now can we move away from this area before something really bad happens?" Marcy states. Allen and Greg sigh, "Fine, we can go now." They say in unison. And soon the group moves from that area. Lockwood is watching them now, closely and he can't help but grin a wicked grin. And so the fun begins...he thinks and couldn't help but let out another cackle of maniacal laughter. That's all it took for the rest of the girls and Greg and Allen to run faster. The two that were left behind were Frida and Marcy. Marcy looks at Frida, "I suggest we catch up to them, before we loose them." She says and picks up the pace, but she didn't want to leave Frida behind either, and have her get lost. That was something they didn't need right now, they needed to stay together.
  14. Frida listened to all of the apologies, she wouldn't be one of them though since she wasn't totally convinced it was a ghost. Maybe it was just old pipes? Those can sometimes sound like a roar, although this place probably shouldn't have running water since it had been abandoned for so long. She watched everyone leave and turned her attention back to the door of the padded room, staring at it curiously before giving a gentle nod to Marcy. "Maybe your right." she said softly, hearing the cackle sent shivers down her spine but for the most part it made her more curious to about this place. If that was a ghost instead of plumbing then whose ghost was it and why are they still here? She didn't ponder on the matter for very long, instead she cut it short and ran after the rest of the gang, listening to whatever their next idea was.
  15. Once they were far enough away from that area, Lori looks at the rest of the group. "So what do we do now? Does anyone have suggestions?" She asks. The rest of the group stayed silent, still shaken from what happen just a few moments ago. "Leave this place." Allen says. "Yeah, before we all end up dead!" Greg says. Lori stops them before they can run towards the front doors. "Well then, I guess you won't want tickets to your favorite artist then." She says. Greg and Allen stop in their tracks and sigh at the same time. "Maybe Frida or Marcy will have ideas, when they catch up to us." Allen says.
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