A Deadly Misunderstanding

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  1. /ouThe clearing was lit by a blue light, that appeared to be moving slightly. It changed how the surroundings looking, blue lights dancing around the trees. Sayomi's silver blue skin reflected the light, giving off a look unlike any from this world. She stood tall, her hair cascading down her back. She had taken it out of the pony tails that usually controlled it. "Alright, Micah. Time to try. You can feel the heat. That is a wave. So now, take control of it." Her silky voice echoed slightly through the clearing as she turned to look at the fire. Shadows danced around it, containing the light so that it didn't show exactly where they were. "You have to gain control. Your mother may have only been human, but your father had a strength very few has seen. Why do you think he kept you and her hidden."

    "Sayomi. I can't do this. We have been trying since the night went down. What more am I supposed to try?" the young man groaned as his long fingers ran through his dirty blonde hair. A silver hand raised up and thumped the back of his head lightly. "Child, you must concentrate. Think and stop doubting yourself. I have see some of the things you can do. You have known you can do these things. So just do it."

    She walked over to her pack, picking it up, and rummaging through it. She took a few items out, and finally pulled out a large worn down leather book. "You practice. I will read." I have to figure out where to go next. If we go to the wrong place, we could easily die this time." She looked at her arm, the blood showing through the bandage. Answers were needed and they were trying to retrieve them. Sayomi had never thought ever that her paths would cross with someone who needed the same answers. Or the love child of a demon whom she once loved herself. She had very few memories from that long ago, but he was one things that she remembered. She had been captured in a room for many years by a sorcerer, and wasn't released until he ended up passing and his dumb children opened the room. Not even the powers that the old man held could keep him alive through an illness, though he drained her to near a death unfathomed by most demons.

    She opened the journal, only one of many. Every where that they seemed to go, following his traces, another was found. Yet she could never find what was tied to him. and why after he passed a large amount of people and demons died. The demon that had once been, had been tied to some sort of mage who knew exactly what he was doing. Sayomi's only guess, that he was drained much like she had been. Except he wasn't able to escape.
  2. Xethi exits the city that her and her bodyguard Rivan were staying at.
    "Aw this sucks why is it so hard to find A cursed lance, a holy sword, and a cup that is called the holy grail why did we even need this we are already strong enough to kill everyone in our way."

    Rivan follows behind the young princess. "Your still young you have yet to reach into thousands of years so you havnt matured enough to know that your father sees many advantages that this items could bring if we can duplicate the powers of those not even all the elementals combined could take us down."

    "Then why am I searching for another fire Elemental that found one of the items shouldn't they just give it to us?"

    "Not really they don't follow the king of fire."
  3. Micha concentrated hard and slowly the fire started to lean as he managed to cause the waves of heat to push backwards. Slowly he pushed until the fire wasn't nearly out. Sayomi noticed the color draining from his face. She stood up and touched his shoulder. "Don't over do it. Just because you can now does not mean that you should. Never use all of your energy."

    The fire straightened up as he stopped focusing on it. "Sayomi, why can't we just stay at an inn or something? Why must we be out in the woods like animals?" He asked her in an almost childish whiny voice. "Because if people saw me, and what I have, then there would be trouble. I don't know if there are any shadow or darkness demons left. Many were executed long ago. I am older than many buildings. Even if we found a demon inn, not a human one. We risk getting attacked."

    She threw dirt onto the fire to put it out. After the smoke settled, a darkness went over the area around them unlike any natural darkness. It helped hide them while they slept. "Lay. We have a long road ahead of us." She said as she pulled out blankets for them. She never actually slept. Would just lay in her thoughts. He was half human though, so he would require sleep.
  4. Xethi pulls out a small magical device that points in the direction of large amounts of concentrated magic which is perfect for finding holy and magical artifacts and it points North bound. "Well looks like we have a small destination lets go see what new toys that we can find."

    "After you mistress lead the way and I shall protect you."
    The two head off in the direction and come across a small area that seems just too dark Xethi sends a fire ball into the darkness and it fails to light up the area.

    "Well this is the place."
  5. Satomi woke up as she felt her energy falter with the hit of fire. She cursed under her breath and moved quickly, waking her halfling. "Up. Get up." She whispered softly. "Elementals are on us." She pulled him up and shoved all of the supplies to him, minus her pack and a few oddball items. "Move north west. We have to keep following the path. If we loose it. It's gone." She cloaked him in a darkness that more matched the natural darkness as he left. It also allowed her to be able to find him later if need be.

    As she watched him leave, darkness wisped around her in anticipation as she stood her ground. She never budged. She only waited, pulling the spear from its holder on her back.
  6. Xethi
    "Hmm magic is moving away and there is still a large amount in the area. It should be straight ahead."
    The large armored guy jumped into the darkness looking around for something that didn't seem all that natural. But keeps moving straight where Xethi was telling him where to go
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