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I enjoy sci-fi plots, biblical plots, horror elements, and romance. I do not mind fantasy, magic, or slice-of-life, but I often need additional elements to keep it interesting.
Hello hello! I hope you all are well!
I have here a new thread about my commissions for all y'all with brand new options that I didn't have prior!

About me
A bit about myself as an artist; I've been drawing traditionally since 2008 and prefer traditional art as I'm capable of alcoholic marker art, water color painting, and black and white hatching art. However, in recent days I've acquired a digital tablet! While I prefer traditional, I'm capable of digital art however, all digital art is in black and white. With growth, I'll be able to offer colored digital art but for the time being it is strictly black and white.

The Process
For traditional art, I will keep you up to date every step of the way; from sketching the basic outline, inking, and coloring - you will be dutifully notified through each stage and permission will be requested before I complete each step. Digital art is similar, however it will be more lax as there is no coloring process, only a sketch and lining step. If you do either option and desire the physical copies mailed to you, I will keep you up to date between the laminating and mailing process and will always show the mailing receipt so you may keep track of your commission.

What I Can Provide
  • Sci-fi Characters (including, but not limited to, Aliens)
  • Furries / Anthros
  • Male, Female, etc Characters
  • Gore & Body Horror
  • Nudity
  • All body types may be applied
What I Cannot Provide
  • Heavy Pornography
  • Incest
  • Loli/Shota

Prices are negotiable and will vary depending on the complexity. While I am happy to negotiate prices, payments must be done via paypal only and all payments must be paid before commissions are started.

Pencil sketch:
• Bust - $3
• Waist up - $5
• Full body - $10

Black and white lined:
• Bust - $5
• Waist up - $10
• Full body - $25

Full color:
• Bust - $5
• Waist up - $25
• Full body - $35


*Reminder, all digital is in black and white*
  • Bust - $8
  • Waist Up - $24
  • Full Body - $30
Additional items may be added to your commissions, such as patterned paper backgrounds ($3), Gold accents ($2), additional characters (+$5 per character), and drawn backgrounds ($5-$10 depending on complexity). If you choose shipping (free USA, $3 international) the piece comes laminated. If you would your digital piece printed and mailed, it is +$5 on the final price.

Shipping is OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whether you would like it shipped to you or not, if you decide not to have it shipped then I’ll keep it stored in my office where I’ll provide pictures for you whenever you may need it.

Please keep in mind I have the right to refuse your commission.

All examples will be provided via my twitter account:
On that account will display traditional and digital arts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me here!
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