PROMPT A day of tragedy

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  1. Every single person has a tragedy to them, no matter how small and it is no different for cultures or nations. However, there are sometimes truly devastating events that leave great marks on a civilization's history, marking it as a day when everyone remembers the tragedy or the atrocity committed against their ancestors. Whether it be famine, a war, the nigh-extinction of nearly everyone or perhaps something as grim as the start of a thousand-year slavery, there is a certain date that is a black spot in the nation's history, reminding it of the time when it was at its most vulnerable.

    Your task is to create a day of great tragedy that affected an entire culture. This specific tragedy must be so great that the people decided to remember it every day and organise events around it that remind everyone of this great loss. You can use the following sheet to do so or make up your own.


    Original date:

    (What happened that made this event so tragic?)

    Consequences: (If the event itself did not bring tragedy, then what happened afterwards that made it so memorable? What happened after such a great loss?)

    Notable people: (Are there any names connected to this event? Maybe a saviour who finally rescued the nation from its situation? Or perhaps a villain who caused it in the first place?)

    Recovery: (How did the nation recover? Did it recover at all?)

    Why do people remember this event?

    Events organised:
    (What events are held to remind people of this day?)

    Symbols: (Are there any particular symbols or pictures connected to this event?)

    Customary parts: (Is there anything that the people must partake in?)

    Miscellaneous details:
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