A Dash of an Introduction!

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Hello there goodness there are a lot of buttons on this post. Dude is that a divider ? Am I supposed to be doing math on this?

O.o *stares at shiny buttons*

er...what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, Hi there! The name's Dash as in Rainbow Dash my lovely spirit animal. Also as in the Flash my absolute fangirl obsession. Seriously don't talk to me about the CW Flash if your not a big fan of spoilers and rants.

I might or might not have a problem.

Anyway I'm here from the lovely rpnation trying to churn up some new roleplays and keep myself busy and also shamelessly and blatantly blow off my work training.

Training schmaning am I right?

*coughs* Right um yeah just shoot me a comment if you want to know more.

Later days ya'll!


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Welcome to Iwaku!! It's a great site and community. I'm sure you'll love it in no time. (:
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