A Dark Meeting

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  1. Kreen held his head low as he journeyed into the dark forest. It had been two days since their last encounter and he wanted to question his former friend. He halted when he spotted someone.
  2. Bakira stood in front of Kreen on the trail with his staff planted firmly at his right side. The shadow of his hat covered the majority of his face and all that could be seen were his lips and teeth as he spoke. "Tell me Kreen, what brings you to our domain? did you not learn from the last time what transpires from your transgressions?" Bakira asked in a dark voice.
  3. "I have learned only two things. You have been corrupted by that witch." He lifted his head showing the left half to be blackened. "And that you've scarred me with darkness. As for why I have come, it is to purify you, even if it results in your death."
  4. The grinned widened "purify me? I am already purified. I am pure darkness! and if its a battle you want, then ill gladly help you!" Bakira yelled as he ran forward his left hadn summoning his sword and his right leaving the staff to trail behind him.
  5. "Binding circle." He stepped back with a smirk as he used his staff to create a magic circle directly in front of himself. "Pure darkness? No. If you were you would have killed me when you could've."
  6. "Black Magic sealing" As he ran he threw his staff into the magic circle and it created a black pentagram circle that overlayed it and nullified it. Jumping past his staff he brought the black bladed sword Dark Ultimatum across his body in a one handed slash intended to slice his opponents chest horizontally.
  7. "Gah!" He stumbled back from taking the slash and grinned. "You can do better than that!" He tried to reach forward,empty crystal in hand, and grab him to drain him.
  8. "you want my magic?" Bakira said as he brought the blade around again in an arc to catch his opponents wrist with the falt of the blade moving the arm, crystal, and his opponent to his left with Kreen's back to him. "Then take it!" he yelled as he ran his sword down Kreen's arm and shoulder stepping past him.
  9. Kreen coughed and fell onto one knee before shooting back up, wincing. He turned sharply and pointed his staff at the magister. "Blinding Light!" A blindingly bright white light emitted from the crystal on his staff. He stuck his staff into the ground, light still emitting, and stepped to the other's side, raising his hand whilst holding a charged crystal. "Magic Light Beam!"
  10. The light blinded Bakira momentarily and he stumbled back. As his vision returned he saw the crystal fire a beam of light at him. Bakira gripped his sword with both hands and slashed upwards yelling "Dark Magic Slash" as a wave of darkness deflected the beam to his left and into a tree burning it badly. Bakira Stabbing his sword into the ground held his right hand out calling his staff to fly both at Kreen's back and back to his hand.
  11. Kreen swiftly dodged to the left, retrieving his own staff. He glimpsed at the tree then back to the other. "You knows, I just don't understand you."
  12. Spinning his staff with his left hand Bakira grabbed the hilt of his sword with the other. "good thing I don't expect you to then" Bakira said as he sprinted forward once again. He launched his spear like a javelin at the opposing mage, and followed behind it gripping the sword with both hands. He leaped into the air and brought the gleaming blade dwon in an attempt to bisect his fellow magician.
  13. "Barrier." He produced another light barrier. Once the thrown weapon connected with it, it bounced upwards in the air for a split second, allowing Kreen to bring down the barrier and take hold of it. His eyes shot upward as he tried to hurl it upwards back at him. "Why did you follow such a dark woman?"
  14. As his staff was thrown back at him he turned in the air and spun around it. Landing in front of Kreen he swung the blade in an arc towards his stomach. "Because I loved her!"
  15. He lurched as he coughed up blood from the slice. He lunged forward, trying to grab him for an attack point blank. "You loved a tainted whore! Light magic beam!"
  16. Catching his opponents wrist and turning it laterally he gave the man two choices to ither continue forward and have his wrist broken or to flip and land on his back.
  17. He was caught off guard for a moment when he was grabbed but tried to swing his staff around, aiming it at the other's head.
  18. Bakira bent at the knees into a kneeling position and continued his further maneuver throwing his opponent overhim and onto the ground. He flipped his sword into a reverse grip and held it above the others chest. "How dare you speak of her!" he yelled plunging the blade downward.
  19. The flip caused him to lose grip of his staff and it flew out of his hand. He screamed at the stab into his lower abdomen. "Gaaaaagh!" He couldn't move now, too injured too and bleeding on the ground.
  20. Holding his hand above the other magisters face black lightning crackled around his fingers. "I warned you, and you came. We left to live in peace, and your people hunted us and killed her. You dared to desecrate her name. Now you shall find your grave." When he finished speaking a ball of black formed in his hand before arcing into his fallen opponent like lightning.
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