A Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

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Like a mandate from the Gods themselves, this day would bring forth a reunion between elder and spawn. An area marred by decaying leaves of auburn, rusted by the muck that made up the terra of the location. Skies of piercing blue lacked their usual beauty, taking a more somber indigo shade. Darkness clouded the location, yet it had not been nightfall. Such an oddity it was to see daylight fade so swiftly into moonlight, as the Moon did not make itself evident in the surround in any fashion. Only dull ashen cumulonimbus began to form in the distance, accented by tiny specks of light which formed a pattern upon the sheet of sky above.

Almost hidden from the location was a middle-aged man which stood at the height of nine inches by five feet. His lightly muscled one hundred fifty-five pound physique was clothed in a dark ensemble; a long cowl covered his form from collar to upper thighs, attached by four small buttons of high-carbon steel layered in rows of two, one above the other. Under was a sleeveless vest over a long-sleeved white shirt. Single hand wore a finger-less leather glove and lower region donned skintight hakama which attached themselves to tabi sandals open at the toe and heel. A thin strap of magenta caressed his left shoulder, attaching to a saya is crafted from white oak, lacquered in as a beautiful ivory.

It held a thirty-six inch by one eighth of an inch thick blade is comprised of Tamahagane, which is a hybrid of both high-carbon steel and low carbon steel, with black sand which is used to create iron. Its tsuka, on the other hand, is cylindrical and lengthed a single twelve inches by eight inches in width. The gripped portion is adorned in magnificent white ray skin formed in the rare maedare-gise style, showing elegance. On top, a similar coloured silk forms a diamond pattern from tsuba to kashira. The tsuba of this blade is approximately six inches in circular diameter, taking on a circular shape formed from high-carbon steel. Its purpose obviously is to guard against strikes dealt to the upper portion of the dominant hand and fingers used in the preferred stance.

Light, silent footfalls were made in caution, as the lone Uchiha had rested his right hand against right hip, in ready to draw his sword if the need were to arise. Eyes of Crimson and Lavender studied the area cautiously, still holding a brisk pace.
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