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    Here's a question.

    You all know that point where you crack open a roleplay, news article, story, or blog that seems especially interesting only to get hit in the face with a wall of text. Sometimes if there's not an especially tasty plot hook or driving narrative you might find yourself uninterested or find the read difficult to retain anything from.

    I'd like to know when you all find that a post becomes a wall of text? What do you think specifically cues that zone out trigger in the back of your head? What turns you off right off the bat when you pick up something to read? What do you do to get around it? DO you get around it?
  2. mmkay! When it comes to looking at sign-ups in the OOCs, if there are like more than two or so posts just to explain the plot with a bunch of dropdown menus with a ton of words.... I'm lost. I just don't want to read it.

    As for picking up things to read, if it has something to do with like vampires then I get bored. If it is something about mutants tthheenn once again I am bored.

    There are times where I get over around being uninterested in something, but that is only if a friend suggested I read this or roleplay that.
  3. I start playing the music, and getting to work is what I do. WILLPOWER.

  4. A lot of the time it's to do with engaging the reader's interest; a lot of words might not constitute a dreaded 'wall of text' if it catches their attention well enough.

    It's largely to do with presentation; a good writing style that flows and reads well, decent formatting and even images to hold attention and break up the text so it doesn't seem quite so monolithic and unending in it's structure.
  5. I have no problem with long posts, in fact I like them but I start to loose interest and become overwhelmed when there is a wall of text in a single block without being properly parted into smaller paragraphs making it easier to read. When it comes to sign ups I really like long explanations and details but as long as the core of the rp and the rules exist then I don't really care how long or short it is, of course that is the same for the IC posts, short is good as well if the content gets the point across. If I really like the rp especially if it were my own then a complete wall of text would bother me but not hinder me from reading it.

    However mutant zombie creatures, excessive gore and sparkly vampires (normal vampires are fine:) turns me away instantly no matter how well written and engaging the story may be.
  6. See I'm like the opposite. If their isn't enough text. I ignore it :P Thats in OOC/Signups at least. On posts I still prefer larger ones.

    Usually I'm fine with reading lots of stuff, but sometimes if does become a little boring maybe I lose interested because of the wording or maybe they come off as droneing. So I just take a break and get back to it later, and other times when its written better I may not stop at all.
  7. I enjoy lots of text, especially in OOC threads and Sign Ups. It coneys to me that the writer is interested and invested in their plot. They will work at it, and that catches my interest and makes me want to role-play with them. The core idea has to be something truly extraordinary to keep me interested if details aren't given. I want to immerse myself in the world that the writer has created, and its difficult to do with a single paragraph describing the bare bones of what needs to be said.

    Walls of text bother me, but more for the fact that they are not aesthetically pleasing. Paragraphs need to be broken up and thoughts organized. Again, lots of detail, just presented well. I can barrel through a wall of text if I need to, and I will put my own paragraph breaks in using a separate document if I have to. As long as the point is presented well, lots of text is fine.

    There is only one topic that really turns me away from a roleplay right off the bat, and that is "Highschool". That is the one genre that will break my will, and I cannot get through the text.
  8. For me, text length is often not an issue in most roleplays and mediums, however, I tend to get tired of a lot of text in comic books and end up skimming over everything instead of actually reading it. However, most of the time, I catch myself and start reading again from the start, paying attention to what I am reading this time. Generally, it is rare that I just skim text, but if I am tired, it tend to skim things a lot, or at least take a glimpse of what happens later and then return to what I am reading. I try to avoid skimming most of the time if I can help it. I usually make an exception for terrible writing, but then again, if I see that something is not written the way it should be, I just stop reading it most of the time.