A Cry For Help!



[size=+2]A CRY FOR HELP[/size]
A modern Horror Story


Welcome to New Heaven, a small town lost in the depths of New England. A quiet town full of people from all walks of life from the ward working men and women on main street to the obscenely wealthy Fischers. This story starts with a book and a call. The book is older than any of the buildings in the town and the call is possible the oldest kind of call. A cry for help.


It is inside the old Diner that the cry is heard, just as the dinner rush is getting started. Only the night had just begun.

Sylvie Fischer found herself at New Heaven once more. She didn't have another gig for a week, so she decided that she would just stay away from the city until then. Even though the city had a much livelier nightlife, she knew that she wasn't old enough to drink yet, so it was pointless to be there in her opinion. She was hanging out at a table all to herself when a cry was heard. Sylvie was nervous and immediately looked around for the source of the screaming. Should I call 9-1-1? Sylvie asked herself, unsure as to where the scream came from.
Layla lifted her head from her notebook and looked around for the source of the screaming.
Jose was washing the few dirty dishes there was, it was a boring, droning day. There was an old couple leaving, Jose made his way out to collect their dishes. Jose had spoken with them before, he liked them, aside from leaving a good tip, they were very nice and funnier than he thought they would be. He noticed there weren't many people in the diner, it looked like it was going to stay boring. After he gathered everything up he brought them back and started washing up. But he was interrupted, there was a scream. Jose dried off his hands and stepped out into the diner and looked around. "Did some one scream?"
Layla looked at the man who had just emerged from the kitchen, "yeah, but we don't know who." She got to her feet and looked around but couldn't see anything unusual, she turned back to the guy. "do you think we should call the police?" like they'd come anyway she thought to herself.
The diner was starting to get full with many people. Some were reading newspapers, some whispering to each other, waiters going by the tables and just the usual. They were all in their little worlds, all thinking about different things. Alice sat in the back corner, getting ready to order an omelet. The beginning of a day always felt good with an omelet, or so she thought. She liked this diner, possibly one of her favorites in the area. It was small, and had an old unique touch to it, making it look like it was back from the 70's.
Alice ordered her omelet with a chocolate milk. She then say back in the chair and waited for her food to arrive. But with this many people, it would most likely take awhile. So, she put her head back and looked at the ceiling before closing her eyes.

It dimmed. The entire world around her dimmed into black and grays. What was this? She was still at the diner. Her eyes were open, she could see what was going on around her, but her mind was blank. She couldn't think, feel, or blink. She looked towards the doors as two shadows emerged. No one seemed to notice them as they made their way towards the back of the diner. The made their way around her. One of them placed a hand on her neck. "Where is it? Where is the book?" She couldn't think. What were they talking about? "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know of any book." The grip tightened around her neck. "Tell us! Now!!!" "I don't know! J..just leave me alone!" The grip loosened as the shadows began to dissolve and as she was thrown back on the seat. The world then began to change back..

She put her head the table as she striked her fingers through her hair as she rocked back and forth. She didn't know what just happened, she couldn't remember. But she was terrified. She found herself saying, "Help me." over and over. She couldn't stop herself from saying it. But she didn't know why she was saying it either. She flicked her eyes around the diner quickly then back at the table then around the diner again and then a the table. She began to freak. Her body was shaking terribly. Her head was brought up facing the ceiling as a scream escaped from her lungs. A very high pitched scream that she couldn't control.
Why was she doing this?
Layla looked down at the quivering screaming girl and grabbed her shoulder gently, "hey calm down its ok" she looked around but saw nothiong that would upset her. She forced the girl to look into her eyes and spoke calmly but firmly to her, "its ok stop screaming alright? everythings ok" The girl stopped screaming but otherwise didn't respond, Layla started singing softly to herself in her beautiful voice it always helped her think and calm down.

The scream came again, this time from outside the diner. Seemingly from every direction at once. In the same instant all light outside the Diner disappeared leaving only the dinned ceiling lights for the diners to notice that most of the customer and all but one staff member had vanished. No evidence other than uneaten food and unfinished tasks to show they had ever been there. The scream continued increasing in pitch even thought the girl's lips had since stilled.

Then everything returned to normal with those who had for a second vanished showing no signs that anything had happened.

On of the customers had screamed and was kind of freaking out. Another customer rushed over and tried to get her to calm down. Jose was making his way over when, too suddenly, there was a scream from outside. This haunting scream continued, all the light outside the diner disappeared, and Jose looked into the empty blackness. Several of the other customers vanished leaving a few behind, stunned and awed. Looking into the blackness unnerved Jose like no earthly thing every had, it made him dizzy, that scream rising and ringing in his ears. Then it ended.

Jose stumbled and caught himself by grabbing onto a table, catching some attention from some of the customers that had disappeared, giving him odd glances and returning to their oblivious meals and conversations. Jose looked at each of the people that hadn't vanished, wide eyed and perspiring lightly.
Another scream from outside sounded off as Sylvie felt the urge to run and hide. It seemed like it was tormenting her from everywhere at once as nothing but the diner lights lit the world around her, everything outside of the diner pitch black. And then that's when the dissappearances occurred. Everybody vanished and then immediately came back, excluding one of the employees. Sylvie made a scared 'eek' sound before looking around her, afraid that more strange happenings were to come.

Sylvie wanted to run out of the place, but she was paralyzed with fear. Where are the bodyguards when you need'em? Sylvie nervously referred to her parents' bodyguards as she looked around, panic-stricken. I gotta get out of here, somehow, Sylvie nervously thought to herself as she stood up, hurrying in her black, 6 inch Louis Vuitton heels over to the door.
Layla covered her ears until the screaming stopped then she looked around as the other customers returned, she was really starting to freak out. She noticed a male employee leaning on a table looking just as freaked as she was so she knew he hadn't vanished either. She mouthed to him "what was that?"
Her head was slammed down onto the table. She was like that for a few minutes before picking her head up once again. She looked around the diner in horror before getting up and running out. She couldn't stay there. Her mind was filled with horror and faces that she had never seen. Still, what happened back there? She couldn't remember anything. But a strange thing happened...

After she passed the street, lights came from behind her. All she could here were screams of other people and a crashing noise. She looked up and saw that a big eighteen wheeler truck had run into the diner that she was just in. It looked like most of everyone had gotten out safely. The truck honked loudly. A baby could be heard crying. Alice fled.

She lay on her bed in confusion as she stared up at the ceiling. What was going on with her? Why was she freaking out so much? The truck might have been avoiding something or the driver could have fallen asleep while driving. And she was also confused at what happened in the diner. Why did she scream? Why? She couldn't remember anything, no matter how hard she tried. She couldn't understand any of it. She closed her eyes as she was getting headache. She breathed in slowly and let it out slowly, trying to come her self down. She soon let herself fall asleep.

~The dream was the same as always. Dark place, dark things, dark faces. Nothing new. Except...
A hand came down at her. Eyes of fierce red looked down onto her. It bared its teeth. A growl was heard. Machinery was sounded. A crow crossed by. She was thrown down. Before long feeling something tearing at her chest, going deeper and deeper and going into her heart. She screamed. The pain unbarable...~
She woke up screaming in her bed, gripping at her chest. The pain... it was so real. She looked around, taking deep breaths. The dream was starting to become a nightmare.
That blackness was way too real...Jose looked up from the seat he had taken at the table to try and steady himself. Some lady in black heels scurrying out the door. One of the other people that had not vanished caught his eye. He shook his head to her in answer, he had no idea. He heard a thunk, and looked to see the girl that had wigged out with her head on the table, Jose watched her. She recovered and rushed out of the diner. Jose stood up as she went through the door "Hey..." But she was out already. Jose made his way outside, he looked around but she was long gone, he looked up and down the street, seeing her in the distance. Looking back toward the diner he saw the others coming out as well. As he looked at them he saw lights from the corner of his eye. A big truck coming down the street.....it was listing toward the diner. Eyes wide he ran clear out of the way as the truck plowed through his former work place.

The sound was loud and grating, a dreadful noise. There was a baby crying somewhere...Jose stood up, he had stumbled and fallen, got some pieces of asphalt sticking to his hands but he was alright. The diner was destroyed, the truck was at a stop now. Jose made his way to the vehicle, to check on the driver. At first Jose thought the man was alright, but he was too perfectly still, motionless. Jose's heart went cold in his chest. The man wasn't bleeding, there were no obvious signs of injury. He was just sitting there, hands on the wheel. Dead. Jose closed his eyes hard and turned his head away stopping the tears from having a chance to form. Jose said a prayer for the man and backed out. He gripped his forehead to try and compose himself. He had to go home. Luckily he had his keys in his pocket.

In the car driving home, parking the car, into the building, up to his apartment. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. He was lucky he forgot them in his pocket and not left them in his locker....Jose stared down at the keys in his hand. Thinking about the people in the diner, that blackness, the scream, and those customers. He felt numb. These images and thoughts ran through his mind as he took some medicine to help him sleep. Kicking his shoes off in front of his bed, immediately throwing himself onto the bed. The events running through his mind, making his heart hammer and his body sweat until the medicine kicked in....Eh, I'll see if I can get my stuff from the locker tomorrow...the blackness of sleep took him.
Layla watched as Jose and the crazy girl left, she felt unsure of what to do. She steadied herself and left the diner, as she was walking away she heard a horrible sound and turned to see a truck plowing into the diner she had been in minutes earlier. She gasped and ran back there hoping noone was hurt, it seemed that everyone got out except the driver who sat dead behind the wheel. She leaned forward into the cab and gently closed the drivers eyes and bowed her head as a sign of respect, she stepped out and called the police.

When she arrived home to her apartment she sat in her bed and strummed a few notes on her guitar, after a while she slipped into a sleep plagued by nightmares.
With the wail of sirens the police arrived. Three squad cars pulled up and half a dozen officers immediately started taking the names of everyone who had been in the diner at the time of the accident. But the night was not over for those still present as with the sound of breaking wood and glass the diner began to sink. it started at the end furthest away from the truck and like a ship sinking in open water want faster and faster the further it sank until even the cad of the 18 wheeler, torn loose from the front trailer followed it down into the bowls of the earth. The gathered crowd watched then as one began the disperse, even the police officers seemed to forget their task and began inspecting trailer mentioning to each other that it had been abandoned.



The voice punctuated otherwise normal dreams, not the voice of a young not the voice of a young girl but of a middle aged man. It spoke of pure desperation and horror and if it weren't for the fact that it had nothing to do with anything before or after it it may have been forgotten. And when you woke up the morning news glanced on the subject of a long-unused lot designated for a new play park had had an 18wheeler trailer simply abandoned along with its valuable cargo. The company had no record of which driver or cab had been assigned and it seems to have just appeared out of nowhere.