A Couple of Princess RP's?

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  1. There have been a few pairings and plot concepts that I've had in mind and maybe someone will be interested in taking a crack at these. I can take either the male or female role here.

    Princess Peach x Bowser (Super Mario Bros.): (I know, right?)


    King Bowser has finally done it. After an all out assault on the castle of the Mushroom Kingdom, he manages to kidnap Princess Peach and render Mario incapable of rescuing her. Upon returning to his own castle back in Koopa territory, however, Peach learns there is way more to Bowser and his world than meets the eye. He is a ruler barely holding onto his last shred of sensibility...he needs someone by his side to help bring order to his land, his family, and his heart. And what the two gain as a result is more than either expected.

    Elsa x OC (Frozen, AU):


    Shortly after riding off into the mountains in self-imposed exile, a young man chases after her on horseback and discovers the icy world that Elsa built for herself. Can he convince her that she need not be afraid of loving someone? That it's okay to not hold in one's emotions?
  2. I'd totally be up for Elsa x OC. What role would you want to play? I'd personally like to be the OC if you don't mind!
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  3. Tell me more about the guy you have in mind.
  4. I think this would be interesting to try. I've never tried to canon a Princess before...usually I make my own...but I would be interested in Peach x Bowser... <.< I always thought they should be together anyway. XD
  5. Well, I have a few in mind but the best guy I could think of for this specific RP would be a farm boy.

    He's always visiting the castle and providing the cooks with the massive food they require to continue the constant feasting of the royals. I suppose he and Elsa could have briefly met before in passing, but nothing too serious. He would be very kind and warm hearted (no pun intended) towards people. Maybe he also manages the stables at the castle and when Elsa rides off, he chases after her because she essentially stole a horse (Royal or not, he needs proper orders to allow anyone outside the stable with a horse). Then after that we can go on as planned.

    Any ideas/suggestions about the character?
  6. @Arius Angels: I'm glad someone decided to go for that one! Part of me expected only Elsa would be the one garnering interest here. The fun those two would have would probably be some combination of hot as hell, slow and steady, or passionately loving.

    @Sora1297: The character is yours to make! My only real advice is don't go Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu and all. It takes miracles to make that kind of character work in a story.
  7. Did you want me to have a sheet made up for him or just include an image with the first post? Also, who's setting up the thread: you or me?
  8. I just don't care for Elsa because of all the...damn...music....also she's...mm...the kind of lonely character I don't like unless I'm in a bad mood... -mutters and grumbles-
  9. Honestly the movie was "eh". It fell I to the same category as Tangled for me, but the characters themselves were good. I enjoy that sort of romance: sort of like the only two people in their own little individual world
  10. @Sora1297: If you could send a sheet and setup the thread that'd be great.

    @Arius Angels: The singing is just a Disney thing, but I understand your point about the character.
  11. Had it been Peach x Toad, I would've been all over that pairing like butter on bread.

    Anyways, one sheet comin right up! Just the basics (Name, age, appearance, other) or should I add more?
  12. @Sora1297: Pretty much basic info. Name, age, occupation, personality, etc.
  13. Sweet. And I'm starting AFTER she runs away, WHILE she's running away, when he finds her kingdom, or a bit before she runs?
  14. @Sora1297: She would have just left.
  15. Sweetness. I'll try to have it up before I go to sleep! Should I post the sheet here or in the thread?
  16. I definitely like you how you think so if there was any other pairing you had in mind (especially something a little kinkier like the peach x bowzer one) or if you'd be interested in multiple attempted at the same idea let me know!
  17. Here we are:


    "Don't worry about me, your highness. I'll be fine without a coat. The cold never bothered me anyways."


    Marensius Tharaldson ("Mar" for short)


    19 (based off info about Elsa's canon age of 21)


    Stable-hand for the King and Queen and their daughters.


    Mar is very polite to everyone he meets, male or female. Most girls find it hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice. He doesn't like to do things by himself and would rather have someone give him orders to follow. Mar can be odd at times, but that's just because he tries to see the world from every outlook. Even though he smiles, he sometimes feels that nobody really gets him except for a select few. However, he's a fun and outgoing guy who would stop at nothing to turn anybody's frown upside down. He is also very adventurous and loves the thrill of a good book. His love for nature really provides him with a green thumb, as he's always trying to protect the natural land wherever he can by doing the smallest of things. Mar is very knowledgeable about a great many things, but he doesn't flaunt it around for fear of being labeled as odd.

    He often thinks before he acts, but he learns quickly from his mistakes. He also loves hearing tales and legends being told, often listening to the speaker for hours before getting sick of the stories. He also loves to sing and will happily oblige to provide those around him with a bit of entertainment. Mar would do anything for those he trusts or cares for, even going so far as to risk his life just to save theirs. He would die in an instant if it meant no harm would come to those he trusted/cared for most in the world. He is brave and courageous, but sometimes his rash actions force him into situations he knows he shouldn't be involved with.


    Mar personally owns a horse named Klaus, who he secretly keeps in the royal stables. He also won't admit it, but ever since he first met Princess Elsa, he's been secretly infatuated with her. While he knows its a forbidden attraction and will most likely never have his feelings returned by her, Mar still maintains his sweet and caring attitude around her without seeming weird. Besides, in this world of magic and mystery, anything could happen.​

    Anything else you'd like me to add?
  18. ...I see what you did there Sora... <w< I'm sorry I couldn't help but laugh.
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