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  1. I'm Alex.
    I’m in the EST timezone. I’m online most afternoons and all day during weekends.
    My gender is female, though I’ll play as both males and females.
    I’m 19 years old, so I can rp mature themes with other adults. I don’t really have any limits.
    I’ve been roleplaying for five years.


    My character is the most troublesome student in his English class. He is late everyday even though his previous class is only two doors down the hallway. The high school senior make sarcastic/rude remarks each time his teacher calls on him to participate. He always acts like he hates is teacher, but he actually has a major crush on his English teacher. The teacher reluctantly offers some private tutoring to try to help him raise his failing grade and soon realizes that the student is much easier to get along with when it’s just the two of them. He starts to fall for his teacher even more, and the teacher even begins to be romantically interested in the young man.

    Your character can be male or female.


    Warning: This roleplay will contain past sexual and physical abuse.

    Jacob and Lily Summers have been married for just over a year.They are deeply in love and their lives are seemingly perfect. Both of them have their dream job and they have a nice house. Jacob loved how his life was turning out and didn’t think anything could possibly destroy it. As long as he had his wife, he would be happy. He noticed that Lily had been coming home later than usual a couple times a week without explanation, though he didn’t think anything of it until he listened to a voice-mail message from a man that he didn’t know meant for his wife. Jacob confronted his wife about it, but she was extremely vague. This worried Jacob. The next time she came home late, he greeted her with several questions. Lily became defensive and wouldn’t really answer any of his questions. He decides that the only logical explanation for her recent behavior is that she’s cheating on him. In truth, it’s far more complicated on that. Will Lily be able to face her true past in order to undo the lies she’s told to Jacob? Or will she allow her husband to believe that she’s been unfaithful so she doesn’t have to tell him the truth?

    I would like to play Lily.

    If interested, PM me.
  2. I'm interested in the Teacher/Student one, if you're still available.
  3. I'm still available for that one.
  4. Alright, awesome.
  5. Could you please send a PM, so we can discuss the remaining details?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.