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  1. So I can't seem to get a couple idea's out of my mind, which is a problem because it is making me have a lack of inspiration for my other roleplays. So that is why I am posting this! these are the idea's that have been seriously stuck in my head for the last week and just won't go away. I writer 2 to 6 paragraphs depending on my mood and what I am given to work with. My posting frequency ranges from several a day to one a week. So anyways here are some of my ideas.

    Spider-man x Male OC
    I do not have a set plot idea for this, but I was watching the Amazing Spider-Man and I kept thinking how interesting it would be if Gwen were.. Gwain or Glen. Or if there was another superhero (or villain) at Peters school and they sort of cross paths. This can be decided via PM's.

    Jock X Badboy Nerd (I have this going on with another person, but I wanted to approach my character in a little different way which is why I have this plot up)
    Riley is the most popular guy in school, head of the student council, quarter back of the football team, and captain of the swim team. he is loved by the entire student body not only because of this but because he is kind. He never lets the popularity get to his head and always stands up for the students his idiotic team members deem as lesser than them. ____ is the new kid, he is openly gay and immediately sets his sites on Riley, the sweet and sexy quarter back. There are many flaws with the new school he is thrown into and the biggest one is that over fifty percent of the student population is homophobic. This is due to a very strong religious standing in their society, which is led by Riley's own parents. Now Riley is the only one who has extended a ounce of kindness and understanding to _____ since he came into the school, helping him whenever the football team decides to mess with him. Which is how ____'s crush on Riley starts. He uses his intelligence, and uncaring attitude towards the school rules, to hack into the school network and figure out what classes Riley is struggling in. He then sends a fake email to the Football coach from the principle stating that until Riley brings up his grades, he is suspended from participating in the football games but is free to practice. Riley is then forced to seek out a tutor and _____ is the first to offer. Thus begins their relationship which will be very forbidden, morally confusing for Riley, and nerve racking for _____ because he never knows how Riley will react to his advances and how he will react if he ever finds out that he was the reason for his suspension from the team
    ( as for who is dom and who is sub, I don't particularly care but I did kind of see the nerdy/badboy as being a dominating submissive... that probably doesn't make much sense but I mean he is submissive when it comes to having sex, like he is the one taking it, but he usually initiates any action except on a few occasions. and MC would be Dom when it comes to having sex but a bit... nervous and stand offish at first.)

    Ex Presidents Son x Brother or Married Man
    ((Ok so this idea will involve the use of drugs, Angst, attempted suicide and yeah. If you are against any of that, please kindly Skip over this plot (which is based off of the TV show political animals))
    T.J is the son of the former president and is known for being a trouble child. When he was 17 he was outed as being gay when the boy he was with at the time sold pictures of them together. The next few years were hell as he was faced with hate and his father began to blame him for his lowering poll numbers. So he did the only thing he though would help, he turned to drugs some nights completely losing himself which is exactly what he needs. The press of course ate this up, reporting on the Presidents failed parenting job and making T.J want to disappear off of the face of the earth. Then suddenly it seemed to stop, mostly because the press just got bored of reporting on the drug addicted T.J. However the damage as already done and T.J could not be reached even by his older brother.
    ((this is where I come to a pause, because I either want this between his brother and him. Where his brother is trying desperately to get through to his brother because he loves him. Perhaps more than he should)
    Or ____ is just your normal guy, he had seen the articles about TJ and had always felt bad for the kid wishing he could help him, he also had a rather large crush on the 'celebrity'. For awhile now he had been talking to this guy on a app that connects you to people close to you who are looking for some fun. One night he gets a message from this guy he was falling for asking him to come to his house, that he wanted to see him tonight. Without hesitation he left and went to the address he was given but when the doors opened he was frozen with shock as he saw the Famous T.J standing there obviously high with no shirt on. He was pulled inside and they had a night to remember.
    The next morning _____ laid there in shock that he just slept with his celebrity crush and T.J was just as shocked as last night was the first time he had sex and it didn't feel like it was just for the pleasure. _____ asked if they could meet again and before T.J new what he was saying he agreed, but they had to keep it on the down low for two reasons. One ____ is married and two if the press found out T.J was sleeping with a married man it would mean more bad press. So they began to see one another in secret and they began to get closer and closer, T.J shared things with ___ that the press didn't even know and _____ began to slowly try and break T.J's drug addictions. However how long will this last until something happens to tear it all apart?

    Brother x Brother
    _____ and Jason are twins and have been inseparable since they were little. However Jason has been extremely sickly since birth, sometimes becoming so sick that his family was scared they would lose him. _____ always took care of his brother and while he was taking care of him he realized that he cared a bit too much for his brother. He tried his best to hide it but as Jason is slowly getting better and _____ feels like he is going to lose him with their impending graduation date and Jason looking at college he begins to feel a bit desperate. So he decides that the only solution is to make sure Jason doesn't get better, that he is always reliant on ______. He drugs his brother the day after their graduation and keeps him hidden away for just him.
    (this idea wasn't an original of mine. I was supposed to do this with someone else but it never happened so yeah))

    Other pairings:
    Steve x Bucky
    Jock x Nerd (in which the Jock is a complete douche and the reason he is a douche is because he has a crush on the nerd)

    I am also up for any where my character is straight but is being seduced by a male and is super conflicted about it!
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  2. Can I snatch up your Jock x Bad-boy/Nerd plot?
  3. @Wolf-Anima55
    Ohh, could I perhaps snatch up that brother/brother plot? Did you have a preferred role for that one?
  4. Woh that was fast! :D haha

    @Kylulu yeah sure thing! I just have a quick question, are you alright with using real pictures? because I already have my CS made up and I am using a real pic

    @Fauna Yes you may, I kind of wanted to play Jason. Mostly because that's how it was originally going to be with my old partner, but if you would prefer that role i'd be ok with playing the other brother ^^
  5. Totally fine with real pictures. It'll just take a little bit of searching.
  6. @Kylulu alright awesome! i'll make the thread, where do you want to start? a little bit after they start the tutoring or the day Riley finds out he is suspended and he has to seek out your character to ask to be tutored?
  7. Mm, let's start with the day Riley finds out he's been suspended, and Oliver offers to tutor him.
  8. still looking? ex presidents son /married man sounds intriguing!
  9. Yes I am ^^
    you ok with real pictures for our CS's?
  10. real pictures if that's alright? won't take me long to picture creep :3.

    also I'm assuming you wanted to be the tj ncharacter?
  11. If I may, can I snatch up the spiderman/ male oc? I also have no problem with real pictures.
  12. yeah sure thing!
    Do you want to discuss this over PM's since I don't really have a set plot for this idea?
  13. nope thats fine, it's what I figured.
    I've got my pictures already aha. so just gotta get working on my character bio.

    start maybe the first day/night they meet where they are texting to meet up anon?
  14. alright, sounds like a plan, I'll get us started with a first post. It will go in the same post that my CS is in ^^
  15. alright sounds good! I'll atleast get my bio posted before I head to bed.
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  16. @Wolf-Anima55
    Are you sure you'd be all right playing the older brother? D:: I was leaning towards Jason since I normally play the more cold/'dominant' characters, but I don't want to like, take your enjoyment away haha. :(
  17. @Fauna Well The older twin is more the dominant one, are you saying you want a change and play the submissive character by playing Jason? Cause I get that, I usually play rough dominant characters (since it seems people have an aversion to that kind of role) and sometimes I need a break. I'll just need time to change my CS up a bit so give me time to do that XD