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  1. So to make a long and sidewinding story short, I'm at a lack for inspiration when it comes to everyday things. Buzzwords here are depression, my brother has cancer, I nearly got t-boned by a drunk driver, among other things. No offense at all meant to the people I'm currently roleplaying with at all but I need something new to revitalize my creativity and for once I'm making an open request with most everything laid out and seeing who comes in.

    This is going to get complex but I've sorted things out for you:

    Regular Poster - I'm not saying every day - we all have lives. I'm talking more along the lines of minimum every other day.

    Paragraph Poster - I know conversation and sex can bog down a post but it's pretty easy to pull a paragraph even in the middle of a conversation. That said, outside of those bog-down times, I expect multiple paragraphs, generally a minimum of three. I define a paragraph as a minimum of three compound, complex, or compound complex sentences.

    Good Grammar and Spelling - We all make mistakes and generally I don't care unless it impedes the flow of the narrative; try to keep an eye for that.

    Understanding - I'm a college student and that means that my schedule gets fucked on a regular basis. Be understanding of that. I also update on my profile message if I need to study for a test or if it's midterms or whatever so check there if you're waiting on a reply.

    Experienced - Know your way around roleplaying and know your position. I don't want someone who just wanted to try yaoi on a lark or is just now deciding to get into mature roleplays.

    NON-NEGOTIABLE: These are things that I will not budge on.
    Yaoi - I don't want to or have any desire to have any of my characters hook up with or to play a female character. The female sex is...unfathomable and I honestly don't care to learn seeing as that's not my inclination ever.

    M-Preg - Yes, I'm into this.

    I'm the uke - I don't get the chance very often. Honestly it seems like most of the people on here who want to do yaoi are ukes. Generally I don't mind but I'd like to be the uke this time around. That means you need to be experienced as a seme. Don't expect a push-over either.

    Bishies - That's my thing. I like the aesthetics of bishies; always have. That's for both seme and uke. That also means I like longer hair on guys.

    Possibilities: Things that I like that we can incorporate and play with
    Vampires - No, not Twilight bullshit. I actually designed my own vampire race and if you want to play with it, I'll share the basics.

    Nekos - Look under my avvy.

    Half-dragons - Because wings are awesome.

    Kitsunes - Another one that I've created myself. There's a lot of background on these guys.

    Demons - Why the hell not?

    Permanent and detrimental damage
    Relational psychopathy
    Abuse of any sort

    Something fantasy based.

    PLOT TO SEX: On a general level, I tend to average it pretty even, except when I play an incubus because sex is plot there.

    THE PLOT: I don't have anything definitive other than mpreg but that's where you come in. I'm telling you everything I'm into and if you've made it this far, then you've already got a few ideas spinning because you already like what I'm saying. I want an in-depth plot, maybe something spanning arcs. Something epic and magical. You and I are going to outline a plot that we both love and then we're gonna do it. There's gonna be tears, laughter, squees, d'awwwwwwwwhs and many more. Let's make something amazing together.

    All said though, there will be combat. There will be sex. There will be manipulation. There will be subversion. Be confident and willing for all of those possibilities and more.

    Profiles/CS: There will be a small one of the basics. Just the basics and we grow into it over time.

    If you're interested shoot me a PM. If you have questions, ask them here.
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  2. I'm interested in RPing with ya. I understand how life is as I am also a college student and life can be rough. I also has some plots in mind if you wanted to take a look.
  3. And if you are ever looking for another partner I will be available as well. :) I realize things get in the way in life too. Shit happens. Let me know!
  4. For those who are reading/watching, the original post has been updated.
  5. Hey ^^ I know we already have an rp going, but if you want to try a second one with me, I might have the just the plot you're looking for :) message me if you want!
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