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  1. Jason

    He smiled at her as he formed the dough.


    "Alright, who's gonna help me come up with a back up, not you Joseph."


    He nodded. "We can go now, I just figured this might be the best way to tell you."
  2. Gwen

    "It's oddly peaceful down here...and you look oddly happy with making food." She commented with a smile as she rested her head in the crook of his shoulder.


    He smiled and looked over to Belle. She shrugged "If your plan doesn't work I suppose we could have other factors to try and convince them."


    She nodded "Thank you for bringing me." She told him and kissed his cheek in comfort. She formed a small flower of ice in her hand and placed it next to the roses.
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  4. Gwen

    She shook her head "I almost feel bad for leaving the way we did but goodness gracious that place was beyond creepy." She grabbed for the cheese and sprinkled it on after he was done. "You know my sister always ate these things with the grossest toppings." She laughed


    He smiled "Fantastic! Now Dylan if you feel if you are done here you may head out. Belle and John you may also go if you wish. If you have any other concerns please speak now or forever hold your piece."


    She shrugged "Would you just like to head on home? I mean my home." She chuckled "Unless there's someplace you absolutely have to head to."
  5. ...we have a welcoming committee?

  6. Gwen

    "We did leave friends behind." She mumbled but then smiled "Fish among other things. Chocolate too." She grimaced "And other sweets such as peanut butter. She was a bizarre woman."


    He grinned "You can get anything on the internet these days. I can also be ordained to be a youth pastor." Belle grimaced as she walked out

    "We've seen how you are with teenagers that's a horrible idea." Hawthorne laughed at her answer and waved them off.


    She followed out after the two and asked "Tonight a good night to get what we need done?"


    She smiled "Let's head on home then Ray."
  7. Jason: "I think I do too." He smiled and sat with her.

    Dylan: "Not to be full of myself, but probably not. Just a warning, her really doesn't work well with others, it's kind of like multiple personality disorder. Ray is a super sweet pacifist who loves to help others, but as Hunter, he becomes cold,calculating, driven by justice. You know what I mean. He is a good guy though."


    "Yeah, but you can sleep if you want." He got out and opened her door. He unbuckled her and picked her up and carried her inside.
  8. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help you

    *walks off into the shadows*
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  10. Welcome to the site. o.o

    *gives cupcake*

    P.S: MAGGIE!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333 o___________________O
  11. I'll be watching you, fellow...

    State Security is always watching...
  12. Hello new person.

    Got questions? The staff is here to answ~ HEY LOOK, WHAT'S THAT?

    *runs away screaming*
  13. And there goes Orochi...Personally I'm surprised he's still alive.

    Parties for food is an interesting way to manage a household.

    But yes...queries? Direct em at the purple or blue.

    The red will simply consume you on sight.