A Complete Newb!

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  1. Jason

    He smiled at her as he formed the dough.


    "Alright, who's gonna help me come up with a back up, not you Joseph."


    He nodded. "We can go now, I just figured this might be the best way to tell you."
  2. Gwen

    "It's oddly peaceful down here...and you look oddly happy with making food." She commented with a smile as she rested her head in the crook of his shoulder.


    He smiled and looked over to Belle. She shrugged "If your plan doesn't work I suppose we could have other factors to try and convince them."


    She nodded "Thank you for bringing me." She told him and kissed his cheek in comfort. She formed a small flower of ice in her hand and placed it next to the roses.
  3. Spelling issues.... Spelled "Like" incorrectly. BLAST IT ALL! RARR!
  4. Welcome to the site. I'm sure a friend of Maggie is a friend of ours.

    I WOULD like to point out that you can EDIT your post, it will save in double posting if you just add whatever comment you wanted to add into your previous post through EDITING, you could also give the reason for the edit, though that's not always necessary.

    I'm sure the welcoming committee will be here soon. They are MUCH better at this than I am ;)
  5. ...we have a welcoming committee?

  6. WELCOME TO THE SITE! *Showers in presents*

    Enjoy your time!
  7. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help you

    *walks off into the shadows*
  8. Thanks all. As to the multiple posts, i did know about post editing, however, I wanted to get the cbox to open. Sneaky, but effective.
  9. Welcome to the site. o.o

    *gives cupcake*

    P.S: MAGGIE!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333 o___________________O
  10. I'll be watching you, fellow...

    State Security is always watching...
  11. Hello new person.

    Got questions? The staff is here to answ~ HEY LOOK, WHAT'S THAT?

    *runs away screaming*
  12. And there goes Orochi...Personally I'm surprised he's still alive.

    Parties for food is an interesting way to manage a household.

    But yes...queries? Direct em at the purple or blue.

    The red will simply consume you on sight.