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  1. What should Iwakuan do?
    > Fight
    > Roleplays
    > Bag
    > Flee

    I'll spare you the fancy special effects and just introduce myself.

    Hi! I'm Juliet but not really, and am pleased to meet you! I'm been roleplaying with burst of passion and others of utter blockage for about ten years now, and have started doing so in a friendly avatar community called Menewsha, which I unfortunately left since then, though no fault of theirs. I enjoy video games, Vocaloid songs (though I understand nothing of what is said without those handy subtitles) and coming up with fancy ideas from what pass through my head at random. I'm utter tosh at being consistent, so my big goal is to pace myself, hopefully with plots and partners that keep me engaged. I enjoy all types of settings, as long as I find the idea neat and the pacing awesome.

    Now that the basics are there, here is some weird tidbits about me:
    • I really dislike writing my ideas on paper, feeling strangely paranoid about them when they are written out anywhere but on my computer.
    • I have an extremely silly fear of height, so much as I get wobbly by only standing on a chair or stool. Heck, I always hated stairs from the same reason!
    • I get motion sick by merely playing first person POV games for too long.

    That's me, see you around?
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    Also, Hallo Juliet, welcome to the community! :D
  3. Why, abduct my helpless self, of course!

    Thank you, you adorable owl lady!
  4. Welcome to the Madness xD. Please enjoy your stay here ~
Thread Status:
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