A Character's First Child

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This question is mostly a "WHAT IF" thing! Take any character or characters you have, and think How would they react to knowing the were about to have a child? Or found out that they have a long lost child? You can even talk about what happened with a character that actually got in to this scenario. :D Come up with ANY scenario that resulted in a kid.

Why: Personality study! How a character reacts to a new life born of their own blood and the circumstances that made it happen gives clues and depth to their personality. How they feel about family, children... or even the Significant Other that helped make that baby. (Even if it's never actually going to happen to them.)

Fun to think about anyway. >:D
Raife, the villain in Legacy, had a daughter called Rosa-May. This was not revealed until Chapter 9, so was something of a plot twist. Everyone had got used to hating Raife, but then suddenly this whole new side of his character was revealed. Hopefully it made the other players question why the big bad villain was being so loving towards his daughter and taking such good care of her at the same time as being a mass-murderer.

But in the finale it was revealed that Raife was abusing his daughter in one of the most evil ways possible. He was making Rosa-May love him SO MUCH that if any hero came along and killed him, Rosa's grief and loss would be so great that it would manifest a force of apocalyptic destruction.

This was an ultimate form of villainy - the abuse of love and the perversion of family. He was, in essence, turning his daughter into his own personal explosive.
Geh, well, Maggie had a...um...offspring, but I don't think any of my other characters... I don't think I could do that to a child, give them one of my characters as a parent. though I think Eddie might make a good dad in his own weird way.
Valter, from his original incarnation, had once been about to be a father, before his wife died in the car crash. He was one of the men with more insecurities than a teenage boy about it, worried that he wouldn't be a good father. However, being a very "domestic" man, he probably would have fit the role of an ideal father nearly perfectly. However, Valter lost the child when he lost his wife.
The love of a man for his unborn child was part of the essence of his character, that and the undying love of his wife. Valter had visions in his dreams of himself and Deirdre with a child of unknown gender.
In the end, the loss drove him to adopting a child and trying to keep it safe from the entire world, which resulted in the estrangement of himself and the child, as well as his eventual death.

(I should start this RP again on this site, as a side note o-o)
Roy from ICSYL2. He seemed at first to be this evil man who just loved to battle and kill people. He was with the Zaka Clan and had a coliseum as his territory. However, after the heroes battled him and defeated him, he revealed his true intentions. He was in fact on the heroes side, just acting as a double agent essentially. Their entire battle was part of the plan to summarize it.

His motivation? His daughter Juila. Since Roy's wife was killed by comrades who betrayed him, she was all he had left aside from Maya, his sister in law. Roy also realized he had an illness which was slowly killing him and that his days were numbered, he would not be around to protect his own daughter. Despite his loss and despite how his former comrades betrayed him, he decided to fight again and trust the new Underworld Guard and others. He fought to protect Juila, to rid the Underworld of the Zaka Clan. The Zaka Clan owned slaves, encouraged keeping other races as a food, loved to torture women. So Roy felt entitled to wipe out as many of these twisted men as he could so they would not plague his daughter or anyone else.

He succeeded in killing a good deal of them before he died. But he died happily as he had accomplished his goals,insuring the end of the Zaka Clan. Juila was his inspiration and why he was so strong and able to carry out his plans instead of giving into despair or just wasting away without fighting those who brought most of the Underworld to the brink of ruin.

While his illness could not be cured, he entrusted Maya with the task of raising Juila. Roy fought so Juila wouldn't have to. Because of Roy's actions, Juila and others could have a future instead of having to struggle to survive everyday, instead of living in fear. Roy fought every battle as if it Juila's life was on the line.

Yeah, Roy was one of my best and favorite characters.

Had no intent to settle down and have children at this time. He's content with destroying life, not creating it.


S/he has three daughters. S/he is the father and the mother. As part of an experiment, Archetype collected a sperm sample from hir male form then artificially inseminated hir female form. Upon birth, the children, Pincushion, Sabotage, and Recoil, were genetically altered and augmented. They learned from their mother, inheriting most of hir traits, save for the ability to change sex at will and the advanced rate of healing. All three have shown cannibalistic tendencies and partake in commiting incest with one another and with Archetype.

Field Commander Carl McCarthy

Carl does not believe he's ready to bring a child into this world. As long as he is in service to the Dystopian Army he will hold off on having children.


Deimon wants Julez to carry his hellspawn. That's not because he wants them to be evil. He's just trying to make up for the fact that vampires have been billed as emo, gay, or both.


Scavenger knows he has bastard children somewhere. He has no intention of meeting them. All that child support hinders his business...

Jeremiah Pliskin

The Army has saved genetic material from the Captain, just in case. They intend to create another Pliskin should the original die. This is in no way a reference to 'Les Enfants Terrible' in Metal Gear Solid.

Norman "Desolator" Lynch

Norman is a machine and, therefore, incapable of sexual reproduction. To him and all Mechalith, sex is an 'inefficient and messy form of data transfer.'

There will be more later...
I am going to speak of Collete Craven, that I created for a pirates RP! A different cast of Sea Raven. >> Collete grew up with a whore mother, and ran away from home pretty early in life. She threw in with pirates. Liked partying and getting busy. >:D Of course, eventually found a home on one ship as the Navigator, was sleeping with the Captain.

Then found out she was preggers. D: That freaked her the hell out. Being a pirate and enjoying it, she knew she'd be a shitty mother. She was sure the Captain she was sleeping with would be a crappy father. (Her was a womanizer afterall!) So without letting anyone know she was preggers, she left the sea! Found some nice couple out in the country and told them she was escaping an abusive husband. When she had her baby, she left the kid there and never looked back.

...well she told herself she never looked back. Collete cared a lot about her baby, enough that she felt he was better off without her! After having the kid and going back to pirating, it made her a little less... kill-happy. She'd start thinking "this might be someone's parent/kid" ... It changed perspective!
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