A Character's First Child

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  1. "Take Lyra and put her down. He'll go bring Melissa home to tuck Lyra in." Harmony kiss Lyra's forehead. "And I'm staying here with Mel-Mel."

    Lyra giggles, "Mommy always give the orders."
  2. "You'll know when you're older." Lucius patted Lyra on the head as they walked away.

    Astorath shrugged. "He's done more with Anya."
  3. "Mm.. do you have anything special in mind?"
  4. Harmony giggles as she slowly mounted him, "Fine but you'll have to satisfy me good and as quickly as you can."
  5. I've never heard of Muzak before and now twice in two days.
  6. "But what about Lucius and Lyra?"
  7. let's get some shoes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.