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  1. Hello all, and thank you for clicking on my partner search! I have been craving some fandom roleplays lately, and though I know I haven't listed all too many, I hope something catches your eye! ^^

    About Me:

    So, before we begin, I'll tell you a few things about myself that you may interest you! I got my start roleplaing on a site called 'Quizilla', and have been roleplaying for about three years. I am I female, and under the age of eighteen, if that matters to you. I personally am willing to roleplay with whomever, regardless of age or gender. I would peg my skill level around the adept to advanced levels.


    So, a few important things you should probably know before you ask me to roleplay. I do have some important limits and expectation I needy you to know, and will expect you to adhear by, so please look over the imformation below.

    Allowances and Preferences:

    1. Romance is a must in my roleplays. Generally, that's the central theme. However, I do, of course, like to have other interesting things happening in the plot as well.

    2. Violence and gore are fine with me. In fact, action and fights are a plot candy of mine. Of course, if this is taken overboard and all that is happening in the roleplay I will get bored of it, but I otherwise welcome it as a side theme. ^^

    3. Sensitive, dark, or possibly triggering themes don't bother me. If you wish to have them included, just let me know and we can do it. In fact, drama is another plot candy of mine, so if you want to use a dark theme to push the plot forwards, that is completely fine by me.

    4. Doubling is great. I absolutely love to double or sometimes even triple in my roleplays. Though I do love doubling, it is not a must. If we don't do doubling, however, I prefer to play the female role.

    5. Roleplay through forums or PM's. I am completely fine with either, so it's really whatever you prefer.

    6. Novel-Length replies are rather fun for me! They are not required by any means, but if they're your cup of tea then I am completely alright with that! However, please do be aware that it may take me a little longer to send out a reply of this length.

    7. OOC chat is alright with me. If you want to strike up a conversation go right ahead, but be warned, I'm not very good at small talk. Sorry!

    Limits and Requirements:

    1. Lemons are a no-go in my roleplays, sorry. I'm just not comfortable with them. I'm fine with the fade to black method if something like that does come up, but that's about as far as I'll go.

    2. MxF only. I'm sorry if this offends you somehow, but I will not do MxM or FxF pairings.

    3. One liners are an absolute no for me. Never will I except a one liner. I'm sorry, but one line replies bore me, and I can not keep up a roleplay like that for very long. Honestly, about five lines is the least I can put up with, though more is preferred. A few paragraphs would be wonderful. If your reply is less than what I require without a really, really good explanation, I will ask you to make it longer. So, you know, be aware of that.

    4. Posting skill level matters to me. I would like my partners to be at the intermediate skill level, at the very least. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm not really comfortable with roleplays above the advanced level, and I absolutely will not do 'douche' level roleplays.

    5. Daily replies are not always possible for me. I will try to reply at least once a week, but that is all I can promise. I am very busy and I get sick all the time, so my schedule tends to be a bit erratic. Some days I may be able to get out multiple replies, and other days I may not be able to reply at all.

    Fandoms and Pairings:

    Finally, what you've come here for. I will always want to take the role of the OC, unless otherwise specified.


    ♥ = Craving
    * = Preferred Pairing


    ♥One Piece:

    Persona 4:


    Harvest Moon:

    ♥Rune Factory 4:

    Bully: The Game/Scholarship Edition:

    ♥The Legend of Zelda:

    Super Mario Brothers:


    ♥The Maze Runner

    So in Conclusion...

    Alright, so thank you for reading this far! If you have any questions, or would like to roleplay, just comment here or send me a PM. :)

    I look forward to hearing from you! Bye~!
  2. I'd love to do Harvest Moon with you. Are there any other fandoms you like? Specifically I've been craving Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, but Harvest Moon is also fine. :)
  3. Hi! Thanks for replying to my partner search! Unfortunately, I don't know The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. I plan to read the Game of Thrones books soon though! But I would love to do a Harvest Moon roleplay with you! Could you send me a PM so we can work out the details? :)
  5. OK, awesome! :D
    Shall we discuss the details through a PM? ^^
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