A Change of Fate

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  1. Hello everyone! I have something new to propose, which has a bit of something from a different roleplay I have planned with one of the best roleplayers of all time. Leaving that up to your thoughts, not saying who. ;)

    Anyway, it would be like a bunch of choices that could destroy a person's life or lead to some crazy ass things.



    Our characters would be a hiki-NEET in ways and they would confine their adult lives to staying in their room and on the computer, hiding from social activity. The roleplay would have two routes leading to a more extraordinary life or they stay in their room their entire life doing nothing but wasting it and not living life to it's fullest.

    Route 1:

    Route XX:

    Like the above of course, yet I think it would make the roleplay better if they were suffering from some sort of depression and as they hide from reality it begins to devour them and eventually leads to.. yeah.

    So if anyone is interested, please reply here. I don't know if my inbox is full, but uh.. you can try that. xD
  2. This actually sounds really interesting. I'd love to look more into it and perhaps do an RP with you on this!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.