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    Enzo Pierce Brooks


    The dark clouds covered the sun, blocking out almost all light, and an eerie darkness set in throughout the town. The wind blew fiercely, pushing against the small buildings, almost like it was trying to push them down. Inside A tiny building was a boy, his mother clutching him to her to attempt to comfort him and his father standing next to a window, staring up at the sky with a look of pure hatred. The boy was 9 years old and his named was Enzo Pierce Brooks. Just a small town boy. But he was an outsider. After all, his father used be a Royal Knight.. He had worked for the royal family of the country of Axanver.. Which was the country next to one they lived in now, Calythes. He only lived here, however, because his mother was an assassin of Calythes, who had been hired to kill him, but instead, she fell in love and they moved near the border, but lived in Calythes. Enzo's father was hatred yet respected and his mother was feared yet idolised.. All the children Enzo's age were terrified of his parents and made him an outsider, Not that the boy overly cared. He took most of his mother's independent spirit and not his father's social boldness. He had most of his mother's features, to be honest. Her brown hair and brown eyes, her thinner build. However, he had his father's fierce features.

    The boy watched as rain poured down on the town in the blink of an eye. It slammed against the house and Enzo jumped as he felt his mother's fingers dug into his shoulder. Something was wrong with them. It wasn't very often his mother was on edge. Nor was it often his father looked mad. At a storm or all things. Thunder boomed through the sky and lightning flashed, followed by a shadow of blue. Another strike of lightning followed shortly and a shadow of red followed. Enzo stared in fascination, having no idea what was going on. His brown gaze flicked to his father who stared at his mother and said, "Dragons," the boy's eyes widened. Dragons? They were a common pest for farmers, however, they didn't usually come near a town with no live stock like this one. Enzo had never seen a dragon up close. He had learnt about them, however. If there were dragons here and those shadows were them then they could be in trouble. Dragons' scales signified their power. Black was poison, red was fire, black was lightning, green was forest, brown was ground, or rock, white was air, blue and white was ice, etc.. etc.. A blue and red shadow had passed through the light of the lightning, which meant they could be in deep trouble. Because it meant they would be against a lightning and fire dragon. By them selves they were a formidable foe, but together? Probably invincible. "what are you going to do?!" Enzo growled, shaking his mother off him, staring up at his father as he watched him grab his sword. "Kill the beasts, of course," his father said coolly. The young boy simply stared at him like he had gone completely and utterly insane. "You'll be committing suicide!" the boy exclaimed. His father shook his head and crouched in front of the boy, resting his hands on his shoulders, "Enzo, my son, you are too smart for your own good. However, I promise I will be back. You hear me? I promise." the man said.

    The young boy glared at the man, knowing he was lying, whether he knew it or not. He looked at his mother and saw her collecting her daggers and sword. "Not you too!" Enzo yelled in astonishment, "you guys are mad!" he shook his head and stepped away from his parents. "Enzo," his mother said gently, "we will come back if we can.. Look after the place for us," she said before they vanished out the door, into the howling storm. The boy stared at them in utter amazement. Then he turned around and dashed to his room. He grabbed his sheepskin bag, shoved a couple of books and clothes into it as well as some jerky. Sealing it shut tightly so no water would get into it, the boy put his cloak and boots on, grabbed a sword which was much too big for him and darted out the door. "I am not letting you guys kill yourselves," he said to himself. Indeed, for a 9 year old, Enzo was intelligent. Too intelligent at times. He was mature way beyond his age and his mind was far more developed than that of even a 13 year old. He squinted his eyes against the rain and ran on, the house slowly disappearing the further he went, trying to follow the slight tracks left over by villagers determined to destroy the dragons.

    After about 20 minutes, he slipped in the mud, falling forward, he face smashing into thick mud. It got into his mouth and the boy gagged as he breathed it in. He coughed it up and shook his head, wiping away as much mud from his eyes as he could before he crawled along to ground as he tried to get his footing. He finally got his footing and he straightened and continued on. 15 minutes later, the boy, huffing and puffing, found the people, jabbing swords, swinging axes and raising pitch forks towards the two massive dragons were barely even looked at them. The red dragon, obviously the female, held something in her claws. It was a large sphere kind of shape but through the haze of the rain he could barely see it. However, when lightning flashed, he was the creamy colour spotted with purple flecks and Enzo's eyes widened as he stumbled back with a gasp, falling back on his butt. It was an egg. He knew the colours on the egg represented the colour of the dragon's scales... Purple, though? He hadn't read about purple before. It didn't exist in any books. He racked his mind for an answer as he pushed himself to his shaky feet. His eyes went to the blue male, then to the red female and his eyes widened even more. "It's a hybrid!" he exclaimed, but through the noise of the thunder and rain, no body could hear him. The dragon in that egg would be dangerous. Very dangerous. It was a hybrid between a fire and lightning dragon. It as un heard of for dragons to cross breed. They hated each other. Yet, here they stood. A blue and a red with a purple dragon egg.

    Enzo shook his head and ran forward, slipping again but managing to catch himself. The dragons looked around, but didn't find what they were searching for. Their wings stretched out, preparing for take off and the boy raced past the people, past his parents and as they took off, he leapt up, grabbing onto the blue's claw in a moment of insanity. He clambered up onto the dragon's hand and clung there as it dawned on him what he had done. He looked down at the people on the ground and saw his parents, watching him with terrified expressions, scared for their son's life. They called his name but their voices were carried away by the wind, never reaching Enzo's ears. He clung to the dragon's scales and stared at his father's sword he had grabbed. Just a plain broad sword that was too old to do any real damage. When Enzo thought about it, he should have left it at home. The sword was his father's from his time as a Knight and it was rusted at the hilt after not being used for so long. The boy stared at the sword, tempted to just throw it, but not wanting to move and let the dragons notice him. He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head, willing time to pass, or perhaps wake up from this night mare.

    After who knows how long, the rain stopped and then he felt the dragon land and it jostled him, but he managed to cling onto the scale and not tumble from the dragon's hand. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to see what was happening. He heard something be placed on the ground - the egg he guessed. A few moments later, he felt something hot and he peered through his squinting eyes. He saw massive teeth and his eyes snapped open and he yelped in surprise as the red dragon grabbed his shirt and pried him from the blue dragon. He thrashed about in the air before the dragon dropped him. He fell and the young boy yelled in surprise as he landed harshly with a grunt. Pushing himself to his feet, his clothes dry and stiff from the quickly drying mud hindering him slightly. He grabbed the heavy, useless sword and tried to lift it, but he wasn't strong enough.. He stared at the dragons before he dropped the sword, turned and ran for his life. He barely got a few feet before the blue dragon pinned him to the ground with his hand. The boy stared at him in fear, watching as he brought his head closer to him. But after a few agonising minutes, the dragon drew back and released him. Enzo sat up and stared at them, wondering why they hadn't killed him.. After all, that is what they did.. Right?

    Multiple times, Enzo tried to run, but they dragged him back every time. After a few weeks, Enzo knew he wasn't going to escape, so he made himself content with sitting under a tree, as far away as he was allowed and read the books of dragons he had grabbed on his way out of the house... His thoughts often went to his parents and wondered how they were and what they were doing.. Had they given up on finding him? Or were they still looking? Honestly, it made him happy to think they were still looking for him but he hoped they had given up. There was no use for looking for him. They'd never find him. He watched the dragons as they switched places with keeping the egg warm. Most of the time, the red dragon would heat the coals beneath the egg to keep it warm, but when they wanted to rest, they'd lay on it, keeping it warm top and bottom. The boy opened the sheepskin bag and pulled out a clean set of clothes and pried his off, tossing them to the side as he tugged his cleans one on. Sealing his bag and putting it down, he picked up his dirty clothes and walked towards the dragons, thrusting the clothes towards them. "I need to wash them," he grumped, "I need a river or something," after knowing they wouldn't kill him, his usual attitude had appeared once again. The dragons seemed to tolerate it, though. They looked at each other and the blue dragon picked the boy up in his teeth and walked off. He was soon put down at a river and the boy stared at the dragon before he started to clean the mud from his clothes, as well as his boots. "You seem to understand me just fine, so why the heck won't you speak to me yourself?" the boy grumbled under his breath, standing as he finished cleaning them. He hung them on a low branch to dry and he sat down with a sigh.

    "My name is Xoku," He heard and the boy jumped to his feet in shock and stared at the dragon. "You spoke?" Enzo asked and the blue dragon nodded. He huffed and looked at his clothes, seeing they were partially dry and he gabbed them. "Let's go," he said with a huff. "You don't want to ask more?" Xoku asked and Enzo shrugged as the dragon picked him up. "Figured you won't say anything anyway," he commented and he heard the dragon chuckle, "Smart child," the dragon said. They soon got back and he placed Enzo on the ground. "And this is my mate, Lyryon," Xoku said and the boy stared at the red dragon. "What exactly do you want with me?" Enzo asked, folding his arms over his chest. "Times are changing, little one, and we know that you and our son are connected, we already knew that you would act rashly and jump on me." he said and Enzo raised a brow at him. "Okay then, what ever you say," Enzo said and turned, going back to his tree and sitting down to read his books.

    When Enzo turned 10 was the day the egg hatched. It was very quick. A strong kick from the baby dragon shattered the egg and it crawled out, stumbling around blindly at first to his mother and father. After an hour or so, the baby dragon stumbled over to him and nestled next to him, falling asleep. The little guy grew quickly and within a year he was a lot taller than him, but still pushed him around like Enzo was the bigger one. Xoku and Lyryon taught Enzo and their son, Ryozon many things and often let Enzo go to a city within a 2 day walk, Ryozon accompanying him the whole while, though staying on the outskirt of the city. Every time Enzo returned. This experience was too much to pass up. He missed his parents with each passing day, but within a few years, it was a dull ache, like a faded memory. Enzo was with Xoku, Lyryon and Ryozon - his adopted family as he calls them now - until he was 22. 13 years he had been with them. He had said good bye to Xoku and Lyryon then, packed his old sheepskin bag with clothes, his old dragon books and dried meat, put his boots and cloak on and left with Ryozon by his side. Xoku had told him to go with him, to prove to everyone that dragons can be partners with humans. But Enzo had to disagree. Indeed, as he knew that more than just partners, humans and dragons could become a family.

    The bright purple dragon huffed lightly and looked down at him. "Why are we walking? Can't we fly?" the young dragon whined and the man shook his head. "Even though you're so freaking huge, Ryo, you really still are a child," Enzo huffed with a chuckle and the dragon puffed a cloud of smoke from his nostrils in Enzo's face. "I'm no child!" the young dragon admonished. "Uh huh, what ever you say.. Xoku and Lyryon are what, 240, 250? I'm pretty sure you're a child in the dragon world," Enzo commented. The purple dragon glared at him but kept moving. Dragons sure did grow quickly. In the first 20 years of their life, they would reach their full size and from then on, it was mainly about expanding their knowledge.. Or for some, terrorising people.

    Enzo sighed and ran a hand through his brown hair which now fell bellow his shoulders. He still looked more like his mother than his father. About the only same in common with his father was his fierce expressions. Even Enzo's intelligence he received from his mother. His father was just battle smart and people smart, but that was it. He was more brawn than brain. Sighing, the man looked around as they wandered aimlessly. "Where the heck should we be going?" he grumped before the sun set. He pilled a heap of sticks together and looked at Ryo. "Fire?" he asked and the dragon blew a small puff of fire, lighting the kindle. The flames grew and danced in the breeze and Enzo watched them, idly wondering what they should be doing as Ryo came to lie down behind him. Enzo would've been happy staying with Xoku and Lyryon, but he knew they wanted another child and he couldn't possibly get in their way of that. Shaking his head, the man leaned against the warm scales of the dragon and closed his eyes, ready for sleep, even though he knew it wouldn't come.. At least not tonight.​

    (Wanting a female. With no dragon. At the moment, only Enzo has one, but that can change later on ^_^
    He tries to teach people that Dragons don't have to be killed. But it doesn't go as planned and suddenly Enzo & Ryozon are on the run and need help. A bounty on Enzo's head is suddenly put up and like all dragons, there is a reward for Ryo to be brought in. Both are to be brought in. Dead or Alive.
    I'm not really sure about a proper plot. PM me and we can work one out if you want :) )
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