A Challenge About Meditation

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  1. We all have ups and downs, some more than others. To some, it's no secret that I've struggled with depression for years and I know that there are countless of you out there who are in the very same boat. One very helpful thing I've discovered is meditation. Meditation is not superficial. It's actually very useful for giving oneself the strength to look inside, to consider and to realize. Realization is, in my opinion, the first step to fixing what's broken. Meditation can be a powerful, helpful tool if only given the chance.

    When I meditate, I have a very specific place I go to so that I can quiet my mind and heart. We often do our best thinking when we are feeling top notch and comfortable, don't we? But when I say that I have a specific place I go to, I don't mean physically. I don't mean a room in my house or some place I can visit in person. I mean mentally, spiritually. It's the same thing we do when we think about our roleplay posts. We envision the scene - the setting, the atmosphere, the dialogue. We thrust our minds right into the middle of it, so that we can better understand what needs to be written. This is how I meditate. I immerse myself in this setting deep in my mind.

    Now, my meditation "setting" is a collection of my favorite things regarding the five senses. For me, it's the smell of books, sparkling sunlight, a warm breeze, the sound of lazy water, and the taste of sweet watermelon.

    My challenge to you today is to write a ROLEPLAY STYLE description of your very own meditation "setting". Take a look at what appeals to your sense of: touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. Gather all of those ingredients and make a beautiful soup with them.

    Your post can be as short or as long as you'd like and can include as many or as little of the senses as you want. Freeform, baby. I'm down with that. Write what's comfortable for you, but be honest about what soothes your soul.


    That's what my skin always does when the shimmering beams of sunlight lay gentle fingers of warmth upon me. This whole place is filled with it because in my opinion nothing is better than afternoon sunlight for reading.

    I love books. That much is obvious from the curving shelves of woven birch and cherrywood that rise and fall along the very edges of my little emerald grass island like the tiny arches of a wire garden fence. There are many books upon these natural shelves and they often seem to glow wherever the sunlight sneaks between the tangled branch backings. And the smell... Oh the smell of leather covers and old paper is soothing to me. It floats on the gentle breeze and envelopes me in an invisible blanket of comfort and familiarity.

    My island is small and perfectly round. The lush grass carpet leads straight to the edge of the lazily drifting pool, dipping below the crystal clear waters with their subtle tints of blue and grey and snuggling right up to the mossy rocks some five feet down that sit half burrowed into murky brown sand. The sunlight always seems to come in beams, as though peaking through the gaps of large thunder clouds and always a beam points straight down to fill my island with glimmer and light. There are a few other beams spread haphazardly around the pond, making the water shine like a pile of polished diamonds.

    There is no wildlife on my island, for it is only twenty feet by twenty feet, nor is there life in the water in the form of fish or the like. This place is silent, save for the ever so often flip of a page or a sweet lullaby hum of the breeze. But like the grass and the moss, there is much plant life. Water lilies and their dry land cousins. And of course the watermelon that grow on either side of a cherrywood Elven arching doorway.

    In front of this doorway, stepping stones lead from the island, but where they lead to, I know not. When I am here, I never feel the need to leave or to venture away from these things I love most.

    This is my haven. This is my spiritual setting.
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  2. My "setting" of meditation comes in different forms, dependent on the very struggles my depression and self-loathing bring to me. However, what truly brings me to peace is the rushing wind, blowing my hair around in the rhythm of its silent current. In it, I'm invincible, untouchable. I feel much like an angel, soaring through the crooked skyline. As I glide, I observe, immerse myself with my surrounding environment. Each thought in my head acts like a cloud as it floats by, my emotions control the wind, whether violent or peaceful. I'm in search of something, perhaps it is the end of my inner conflict, perhaps it is love, perhaps my desire to be loved, or maybe it is my worth. Whatever it may be, I soar silently through the skies, looking desperately for it. A journey that brings pain to my heart with every bleeding second, yet... I feel at peace. At one with my inner broken and confused being. Perhaps the wind brings remnant feelings of my past pain, or maybe my desire to be free of said pain. My vessel bleeds for the peace that I feel when the wind takes me...~
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  3. For me, meditation is important. There is always so much chaos and disturbances in my life, I don't know where I stand most of the time. When I meditate I like...water-scenes. An ocean-beach type setting, with only the waves, and seagulls in existence. My places are always lacking -any- people. Or I go for solid color meditation, focusing on one single color and getting lost in it. And yes, I usually have to have screamy, angry violent music to help me find calm. Makes sense to me.
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