A Certain Magical Crusade

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  1. This will be an RP set in the universe of To Aru Majutsu no Index however, no knowledge of the series is necessary. It will simply serve to enhance the game. If you are already aware of Index's magical logic, then you may skip a few paragraphs here.

    There is something in this universe called Idol Theory, which is the principle on which magic is built. This theory states that if an object is constructed as a replica of something, the replica will have a tiny portion of the power of the original. Since humans are designed in God's image, humans therefore possess the potential to use magic (though very very few people are actually aware of this potential). The more accurate the replica, the more portion of power it will have, which leads to the existence of Saints. Saints are very powerful magicians which are often described as "nuclear bombs of the magic world". Saints are vulnerable to certain things that killed their patron deity, so Christian saints are weak to being impaled. In the time of the anime, there are only 20 Saints in existence. This RP is set significantly earlier during the time of the Holy Crusades, so that number will differ.

    Idol Theory can be applied to anything, too. Every crucifix that is created has a tiny portion of the power of the crucifix Jesus was executed on, thus explaining why they're pretty good at repelling unholy things, as an example. Magic takes many different forms, but every spell without exception requires a rune or incantation to trigger it. Runes are quick to use as they are activated simply by channeling mana into the rune, however they require that the rune is set up beforehand, and it's sometimes difficult to predict which spells you may need. Incantations are more diverse since you don't have to plan ahead, but they are slower - you have to speak the entire chant before the spell will cast.

    It is very difficult to be a magic user without belonging to a religion, but it is not impossible. Idol Theory's effect is severely weakened on someone who rejects the existence of the deity they are modeled after and they have to draw all their mana from the trace amounts in non-sentient life forms.

    Finally, there are magical texts called Grimoires, 103,000 in total, that grant all kinds of ridiculous powers. They all contain contradictions and paradoxes that conflict with the Biblical teachings and it is through the exploitation of these contradictions that Grimoires hold so much power. They allow a mage to bypass Idol Theory for the spells held within the tome, theoretically becoming stronger than a Saint. However, it is near impossible for most people to read these texts, as just comprehending the paradoxes causes the mind to try and implode. Even the most powerful magicians cannot read them. Only a select few who have trained since birth can, and those people tend to be lacking in mana so are not able to control the full extent of the grimoire's power.

    Now, onto the actual plot:

    It is the year 1213, the peak of the dark ages of Christianity. The Roman Catholics, the most powerful institution in the world, are making a push to reclaim the so called "holy land" from Muslim hands. The Catholics are an incredibly dangerous force. Their vanguard alone is led by a highly reputable Saint, and according to rumour, the Archbishops have even managed to bind an Angel, an abhorrent beast capable of obliterating an entire planet, to their will. For the previous few months, the Catholic forces have been dwindling, slowly retreating to the Vatican, leaving the remnant Muslim forces time to regroup. However, 2 days ago, a messenger arrived in the town of Nazareth, where the majority of the Muslim defense group is positioned.

    According to the report, the Catholics have gotten their hands on a terrible relic so powerful it can instantly convert everything within 47,000 km2 to their cause upon activation. The Muslims are preparing for the worst, and expect just 3 days before the Catholic Avant Garde arrives.

    When making a character(s), try to always relate their abilities back to Idol Theory. If you can't think of where they get their power from then you probably ought to change it. If you want to play as a Saint, you'll have to put enough detail in the app so that I can be sure you understand the principles fully. It's only to prevent OPness. Can't have 6 Saints running around when there are only 30 or so in existence in the first place.

    Magic Name: (Typically Latin or Aramaic, usually describes their "objective" as a mage)
    Appearance: (Anything that isn't a real life image is fine)


    Magic Style: (Which god are they an Idol of? Do they prefer runes or incantations, or a mix of both? Do they have any preferred affinities, or are they willing to use any kind of spell?)
    Alliance: (Are they working for the Catholics or are they part of the resistance group? Note that anyone who isn't a Catholic is opposed to them claiming the Holy Land, even other sects of Christianity).