A Cat Comes to Iwaku

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    Name: Zsafine
    RP Target: Just getting to know people/ Introduction
    Zsafine has finally made it to Iwaku after spending her childhood underground with her tribe people, the Nyaku, unaware of great things above the surface. At the top of their world above ground was a small hole that shined light down at the Nyaku tribe and though the Elder of the Nyaku tribe warned them never to go up above ground, Zsafine was a little more than curious into why it was so forbidden. "Ha! I'll be the one to find out why Jui forbids us to go up above ground. It looks so pretty up there. What could be so bad? I'll just take a peek and come back... or not." Zsafine took many paths and climbed many mountains of rubble to reach the hole that greeted her with blinding light. With a huge smile she poked her paw through the hole, she wiggled her tail as a cold gust went through. The gust made her excited provoking her to come through thus she did. Light blinded her and with a screech she jumped back down to a pile of rubble. "It's so briiiight meow... Maybe I should do this slowly." Again she peeked through slowly and when her eyes adjusted to the light, her jaw dropped. Never thinking about going home she jumped though and took a stand on the firm ground. Things were huge in here eyes, then there were many people, noises she never heard but among all the excitement there was one thing she knew. Food! Zsafine ran towards the smell of steamed buns and meat. "Oh wow, there is so many different scents of food! But I don't know which direction to go in there is so many. This place is so huge and noisy. Where do I even start?" People bumped into her as if they were in a hurry as she walked around looking for food even a place to sit. Coming across a little bakery stand, her eyes widened to the sight steamed buns. "Steamed Buns meow!" Zsafine grabbed for one, but almost as soon as she puts her hands on it; "You filthy cat! Get your paws off of that! It costs money you know." "Money? But I just want one, fluffy steam bun. It looks and smells soooo yummy!" Zsafine stood still with a debate of running off with the bun but was scared of what might happen to her.
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  2. "Well now... I wonder what I should do first..?" The young dark-haired girl quietly asked herself. She had the next few weeks off from her school for hunters and huntresses. Her team and all of her other friends were busy doing their own things, so she decided to take herself out somewhere to pass time. After a bit of searching and tough decision making, a place called Iwaku peaked her interest. The name was definitely strange and she had no recollection of ever going in the past. She packed her weapon; the Crescent Rose, and set off.

    After a short while of traveling, she had arrived at Iwaku. Having not eaten that morning, the first place she had decided to go would be anywhere that sold food. The smell of food nearby caused her stomach to growl furiously. She groaned and allowed the heavenly smell to guide her to where she wanted to go. Apparently, that was a bakery stand. Upon arriving at the stand, she noticed Zsafine looking somewhat suspicious. However, she just pushed it to the back of her mind. She took two Steamed Buns and placed the required money on the counter. Assuming that it would be for the best and to avoid any possible conflict, she gave one of the buns to Zsafine. "Here you go," she said with a smile. "You wanted one, right? That's what it looked like."
  3. Before Zsafine almost decided to make a big mistake by running off with the steamed bun due to starvation, her ears picked up a noise that was approaching. With a panick she put down the bun, but to her surprise a girl appeared next to her and bought two of them. She watched as she gave the baker coins of some sort the intentlly watched as she picked up the buns. Zsafine froze for a moment as the girl handed her a steamed bun then in a burst jumped up and down. " How did you do that? You got the steamed bun!"
    Almost as soon as she recieved the bun it was already in her mouth whole. She spoke with the bun in her mouth, "Zsafine was starving! But I couldn't give lady money what ever that is." She swallowed " Thank you kind lady. Ill remember for sure meow."
    Zsafine was hyped and very happy. She now wondered what it was her elder was always warning about. Zsafine stood just a little over 5' and appeared scrauny with a look that clearly did not blend in with her surroundings.
  4. She chuckled as she watched her swallow the bun whole. "You're welcome, Lady." She replied. The girl took a look at her own Bun and then took a bite out of it. It tasted fairly nice; better than she had expected. "I don't know if it's because I don't travel too much or if it's because of other reasons... but I've never come across anything like you before. I know a girl who has cat ears and a guy who has a tail that resembles a monkey, but this is an entire new level for me. I don't want to go into anything that might make you feel uncomfortable, so I'll just stick with a simple question for now." She smiled and looked Zsafine in the eyes. "What's your name?"
  5. Zsafine tilted her head as her beady, glowing eyes blinked twice. "Name...meow?"
    She paused for a moment. "Oh! My name is Zsafine! What is yours kind lady?"
    She pounced a bit excitedly as she examined the woman from head to toe. She quickly caught eye of something metal and noticed something different.
    While examining she slowly stopped pouncing and realized what she had told Zsafine. Was she special if she was a 'whole new level'?
  6. "Zsafine..? That's a really unique name. I think that's the first name I've ever heard that begins with a Z." She put a hand to her chin and thought about it for a couple of seconds. "... Yeah, I don't know anyone who's name starts with a Z. I know a Y, so that's pretty close I guess." She says to herself, shrugging her shoulders. "Oh, yeah. You asked for my name too. My name is Ruby Rose, but people call me Ruby. It's shorter and a lot easier to call out."

    Ruby had noticed that Zsafine stopped bouncing around. It looked like she was hypnotized by something. "Are you... okay?" She questioned, not quite sure about what was going on. Although the two had just met, something didn't feel right.
  7. Moments went by where Zsafine was quiet deep in though but finally she stretched with a reply, "I am great Ruby Rose! I like your name.... Hey Ruby? What is that thingy you got there meow?"
    Zsafine bent down poking at a metal case like object. The shine attracted her very attention like nothing else mattered around her. She even began patting at it amused.

    As Zsafine was distracted something deep down told her to listen from behind. But what? All she could hear was muffled movement. Her ears flicked but she was too busy to look.
  8. "Oh, this? This is my-" Before Ruby could finish what it was that she wanted to say, the metal case opened up and morphed itself into a large crimson scythe. Thankfully, she moved herself out of the way before it could cause any harm. She caught the scythe as it detached from her and held it in the proper stance. "Wow. I didn't realize this thing is so sensitive. I've got to fix that sometime. As I was saying before, this is my weapon; the Crescent Rose. It's a High Caliber Sniper-Scythe that I made myself. I can fight both close up and ranged."

    The weapon morphs back and she reattaches it to herself. "I always keep it on me, just in case I need to use it. You never know when a scythe might be useful!"
  9. "Cool!" She shouted, but she seemed a little disappointed. Zsafine extended her claws as if she was about to attack and with a grin, she began to move around. She was very happy to make a friend and though little was known about Ruby, Zsafine trusted her because she bought her a steam bun. The instant ticket into a friendship.
    " Ruby me and you, let's go on an adventure! Beat up bad guys and eat lots of food." Zsafine's braids bounced, her tail swayed and here glowing red eyes showed shes never been happier. There was a new feel about her.
  10. The claws caused Ruby to back up a little bit. "Woah, those are some really long claws. I'd prefer to not become a kebab any time soon." She says with a slightly worried look on her face. However, her expression changes when she hears the word 'Adventure'. "Adventure?" She perks up. "What kind of an adventure? A really dangerous one? A heroic one? A spooky one?" Her face lit up thinking of all of the possibilities.
  11. She froze from the words 'kebab' as the thought of food made her hungry again. She imagined every inch and detail of the kebab then pictured loaded with meats topped with fish. Zsafine was hungry again as if the drool coming from her mouth and a growling stomache wasn't enough to show. Focusing back to Rose, "An adventure for food! All of it! Haha~" Zsafine straightened her posture hopping to one leg, she sniffed and pointed with her long, shiny claw in a direction past Ruby. Then she changed directions. Zsafine didn't know where to begin. But soon it wasn't going to matter with her stomache...
  12. "Hey, I know I have money, but I don't have that much money!" She replies, looking in all directions that Zsafine points to. "How come you're so hungry anyway? I mean, I was hungry before but... I don't think I've ever been as hungry as you seem to be." Ruby says, looking at the puddle of drool on the floor accompanied by the sounds of Zsafine's stomach growling. "It looks like somebody suddenly opened floodgates in your mouth. You might want to try to stop yourself from drooling before you drown in it." She says, followed by a chuckle.
  13. She laughed, "Zsafine is always hungry! Oh and tired but not today, I made a new friend meow. I Am the only female in my tribe that eats as much as the guys do." She said almost proud. After wiping her drool from her lips and enjoying the jokes she pauses. "What's money? Evil Bun lady said I needed it." Zsafine looked confused and serious then she remembered she was no longer home. She almost forgot about everything after enjoying her new friend and starving. The fact of being somewhere new scared her a bit, but if she was able to forget about it with her new friend, she hopes she will be ok.
  14. "Well... hmm. I've never had to explain this to anyone before. Money is... it comes in a few different forms: Cards, bills, checks, coins. You use money to get things. Just like those buns; they costed money. You give the person who is selling it your money and they give you the thing that you want. It's hard to explain, but easy to understand." Ruby reaches into one of her pockets and brings out a little bit of money. "Here's some that you can look at."
  15. Zsafine picked up a coin first since it was shiny and examined it. She loved shiny things but put it back I'm Ruby's hand. "How did you get it?" Zsafine sighed and looked around. It was starting to get dark and people looked like they were leaving. She wondered why, didn't they live here? Beginning to panic she grabbed Ruby and shook her, "Where are the loud people going!? Is something happening?" She was tense but tried to hide her fear.
  16. Ruby giggled. "They're going home, silly. Some people live in this town but most people just come to visit, check out the sights, meet with friends and have fun. I don't live here. I share a room with three of my friends back at the school we go to." Ruby puts her money away. "Well... you've got to work to get money. That person selling the buns? They get money for doing their job; selling the buns. I got my money because... well, for reasons." She quickly dismisses the topic and looks up. "It's getting pretty dark now. Aren't you heading home?"
  17. Zsafine giggled in return slightly confused on what might of been a joke. When Ruby asked if she was going home as well she smiled and replied, "Nope! My Elder told us not to come up to the surface but I did! I am going to prove to them it's ok. I never knew why he didn't want us above ground but the light was so pretty. If something dangerous is above ground I am going to figure out what and beat it up!" Zsafine jumped around and watched the sky. "Woah there are sparkly things in the sky, I want one meow!" Even though she had much energy she was very tired and missed at least three cat naps. Surprisingly she wasn't upset about that. Was probably very happy she made a friend.
  18. "Not to come to the surface... You come from underground? Ooh... what's it like? Do you live in like.. an abandoned city or something? That sounds like it'd be awesome! Really adventurous too..." Ruby cups her chin in a hand and thinks about where Zsafine comes from, then looks up at the stars shimmering in the night sky. "Those things are called Stars. They're... things that shine in space that we can see from earth. They look really pretty in the night and they can make some weird shapes." She yawns and stretches her arms out. "It also shows that it's night-time and being out at night can be pretty dangerous."
  19. Zsafine smiled and laughed at Ruby. She didn't think home was anything special but apparently Ruby did. "Well we call it DimLit City. Maybe I'll show you it one day." She got a last look at the sky and shook her head. "Dangerous huh? Well imma find it! I'll find a nice spot to lay around at. So I'll go now." Zsafine turned around and Gave a big yawm then began walking off. With a wave, "Bye bye Ruby lady. I'll find you next time." She walked with swayed arms, refusing to go back home she now had to find a good spot to watch for this danger.
  20. "MY GOD ITS TAOKAKA FROM THAT ONE FIGHTING I DON'T REMEMBER!" Sharde yelled as he came running from god knows where and he first hugged Zsafine's neck embarrassingly.
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