A case of Missing Hearts

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  1. It was a whisper around the town for weeks. Another heart had been ripped from a body before death had set in. The person was believed to have been in horrible pain. It was the third case in a month. Beforehand, there had not been this many, but the authorities had long realized that hearts seemed to be the target for some crazy people out there; stolen hearts from morgues, hospitals, and now, live people. The police could not connect all cases to one person, and followed leads that died out when they were about to reach the answer. As the police had grown out of themselves, a mysterious man had showed up in their office.

    He was probably beyond 60 years of age, but it was almost impossible to tell what age he really was. His hair, covered by a tophat, was as light and shining as newly polished silverware, and his hands were crooked and aged. His face was hidden in the shade of the hat, only a wide grin showing on his face. He was barely five feet tall, and behind him stood a tall, broad man with a stern expression and sunglasses. The elderly was wearing a grey suit, the large man a dark blue one.

    The first thing the old man had said was:

    "We are dealing with Ghouls."

    Quite expected of them, the police demanded answers. The man began a tale about creatures hiding just under one's skin, so close to humans and yet so, so far from what humans really were. They aged as humans, looked like humans, behaved like humans, but they were monsters in the shape of people. A normal ghoul would have to consume a human heart every month. If they didn't do that, they would go crazy and in the end, die. They would become sicker and sicker, and some went on rampages trying to keep themselves more "human". A lot of towns away from them had already been invaded by the ghouls, and it was only a matter of time before this city stood as next on the list.

    The police did not wish to believe that such monsters could exist, but the look in that man's eyes showed that he was certainly no liar and would not be happy being labeled as so. Something about him made it seem like he was unable to form a lie. It was a strange, peculiar and slightly creepy old man, in people's opinion.

    Evan had spent a long night out. She had been hunting all night, and somehow found her way into a local medical school. Just like the creatures those policemen feared, Evan ate human hearts. You could call her a ghoul. And yet she was also human. Her mother had been a full-fledged human, and when she had been born, they had been frightened what kind of person she would turn into.

    It turned out that she did not need as much nutrition as other ghouls. A heart every second month did the trick for her, and she did not wish to risk becoming a "binge eater" as ghouls were called when they went crazy.

    The human in her allowed her to cosume several foods; vegetables, coffee, and red meat. But obviously, she was uncomfortable going out. Evan worked at a tea shop nearby, but other than that and school, she never left her house. The tea shop was run by ghouls, and a place for ghouls on the run to gain shelter and food. When Evan had discovered the place, she had been taken in with warm arms, even if she was a half-breed that didn't have their branding mark: a fang etched into the skin around the left hip. Every ghoul was born with it, but she didn't have it.

    In school, she was not very social, and wore sunglasses to hide her strange eyes. They were not like a ghoul's, a ghoul's eyes were the exact opposite, but they looked very frightening to other people. She didn't take them off at work, either. Apparently, it was out of the other ghouls' hands to help her with why she couldn't make her eyes look more normal.

    As she reached the tea shop, she greeted the manager and the maid that was there with her, walking into the back of the store to change to her uniform. She walked back out, serving tables with a calm, indifferent expression. One wouldn't say that she had an attitude, but she was not a bubbling mood bomb either. She was polite, didn't smile, didn't scowl, and didn't complain at any point. She was a calming and slightly peculiar presence in the tea shop.

    On the tv in the shop was news about the binge eaters that were terrorizing the areas of the town.
  2. Aurelia had been studying all night. She was extremely exhausted yet she still had studying to do. Her test was at the end of the week and she needed to know it all.

    She was walking to a cafe. She'd never been to a cafe at all but she needed to go. "College is so hard and exhausting. " She mumbled under her breath as she was taking her time getting to the cafe. She was trying her best to wake up so she can actually talk to someone to order.

    The short red haired girl eventually made it to the cafe. She went inside and found a table. She was waiting for someone to come so she can order. For awhile, she stared blankly at the menu. The only thing on her mind was that she needed to get to class before it starts.

    Aurelia was getting a bit impatient with herself as her blue eyes was scanning the menu. After a moment, she figured out what she want but what really snapped her attention straight was what was on Tv.
  3. As Aurelia had walked in, Evan had been assigned that table. She waited, as usual, to make the right approach, and while Aurelia was staring at the menu, she decided not to approach.

    "Miss? Would you like to order something?" The moment had passed, and Aurelia now seemed distracted by what was on TV. But honestly, who wouldn't? They hadn't publicized anything about ghouls as of yet, so honestly, the cases seemed strange, peculiar and cruel. Hearts ripped out of still-living victims? Not an over-the-dinner-table talk.

    Evan stayed there as she was, eyes covered by her tinted glasses. Many glared at her for it, but it did seem like she wore them less for fashion and more for hiding her eyes with. She turned her gaze to the TV, smiling bitterly at the news. What a gross binge eater. Evan even knew his name.

    "Horrible cases, huh?" She suddenly said, staring at the screen. Her face was a blank mask, without emotion in it. It made her seem strange and out of place in the room, even with her uniform on and all. But the cases were horrible. She had never killed a human herself.
  4. Aurelia just stared at the Tv. She didn't notice anything around her as she felt her heart beat fast. The only thing she could imagine was what if one of those "binge eaters" come after her and rip out her heart.

    She turned her gaze down to the table as she rubbed her temple. She slightly shook her head and turned her attention to the waitress she heard. "It's just awful ..." Her voice soft and sweet. "And everyone is just sitting here like what just showed on Tv didn't. " She stared at the girl fear in her eyes.

    She looked down once again then shook her head of the thought. "Uhm.. anyways .. sorry for wasting your time .. I'd like a coffee and a muffin .. blueberry would be fine. " She gave a weak smile to the waitress. "Thank you. "
  5. "They happen all the time. But usually the ones killed happen to find out about things. Just stay far away from the business of Ghouls, and who knows, you might just be safe..." It seemed more like a statement, Evan's voice flat and void of emotion. She took out a notebook and scribbled.

    "Blueberry muffin and coffee, on the way." She said as she turned on her heel, walking over to make the coffee as one of the others took a muffin from the oven, putting it down with cream and a side of actual blueberries along with a little blueberry jam as well, whatever suited one's taste.

    When that was done, Evan slid back through the tables to Aurelia's table, putting down the plate and the cup expertly.
    "Even binge eater ghouls are not stupid, as far as I believe, ma'am. They're beings of intelligence, not incoherent, stupid monsters. I don't know what would make one do things this reckless. I suppose the poor thing has gone mad. But there's really no need to worry. The police track them down and dispose of them."

    But who was to say that Evan didn't worry?
  6. Aurelia was going to say something but the woman walked away. So she waited til she got back. Aurelia wondered how did the girl know anything like that.

    She gave a small smile as the waitress came back and she looked at her order. She pinched off the muffin and ate the piece with the cream. She smiled as it tastes real good.

    She listened a bit to what she was saying and arched her eyebrow. "You know awful lot about binge eaters.. you should really tell the police of what you know. " She said as she took another piece and put it in her mouth.
  7. Evan cracked a smile as she shook her pretty head. "The police are very well informed, ma'am, I'm sure they would know this much. After all, they know that Ghouls mingle with humans."

    She turned her head to the window, her eyes almost showing behind the shades. They weren't exactly a ghoul's, but they were certainly not human eyes, either. She hated them so much.

    "If they conclude that a ghoul can fool humans to think that they're one of them, then it's also safe to assume that Ghouls have intelligence and are therefore coherent beings on level with humans. Well, that's what I would think, if I was a police officer, anyway." Evan adjusted her shades as she spoke.
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