A Case Against "Libertine"

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  1. I am not sure if this was the agreed-upon name or if it is just a placeholder name for what used to be the Mature forums. But, I and several people take issue with it.

    While I understand the intent of renaming the Mature forums to Libertine (especially to avoid search engine unsavories), I don't think it accomplishes the purpose. The word itself is kind of archaic in usage, and (to me) sounds really uppity and snooty. In no way do I get the sense from the name that there is consensual mature RP going on in there. The name is just not exciting!

    On top of that the implied lack of morality in the word "Libertine" makes me feel more like it's a place for social and sexual deviance than for consensual, agreed-upon mature roleplay.

    I think even something as simple as "The Bedroom" would be better. It has a clear implication of what goes on there, is not an old SAT-status word that few people will understand, won't attract search engine followers (because searching for "bedroom" is just going to get you furniture), and if you catch the implication, it's even kind of exciting.

    But that aside, I just don't feel like "Libertine" is a fitting name and would like to see it change.
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  2. We went with the Dictionary.com definition, which has a more complete definition for the word. o__o It is a very simple word, meaning unrestrained in sexual matters which is exactly what our mature section is. It is the liberty to write any kind of content there. Whether or not the word has a negative meaning depends on the context of where it's used.

    1.a person who is morally or sexually unrestrained, especially a dissolute man; a profligate; rake.
    2.a freethinker in religious matters.
    3.a person freed from slavery in ancient Rome.

    4.free of moral, especially sexual, restraint; dissolute; licentious.
    5.freethinking in religious matters.
    6.Archaic. unrestrained; uncontrolled.

    Any word that we choose is going to have negative connotations for someone, or a meaning in there that might offend somebody. We chose the word we like the best and had the kind of meaning we wanted to express. Of course not everyone is going to like it, but I am also afraid this one isn't up to member negotiation or vote.
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  3. Fair enough. I wouldn't even say I find it offensive, so much as I just don't find it exciting or appealing.

    *files away her lobbying for Rendezvous or The Rendezvous Point >_>*