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  1. Hello, one and all. I'm looking for a few to be a friend. A friend that will come to no end to play with me in a game. I am very poor and sick. Please oh, please. Would you join me my friend.

    I have many ideas and pairing I wish for you to buy. May it be the right game or not it's up to the buyer.

    Dark fantasy
    Vamp x human
    Vamp x werewolf
    Vamp x demon,
    Werewolf x human
    Werewolf x demon

    I have more things I do. Just ask me. I'm also looking for new long term partners. And maybe someone to chat with.
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  2. I may be interested :)

    But I think I'd only be good as a human character.
  3. Hi anyone still looking for fun.
  4. Hello, I'm grimly. I had always wondered what I should write about. Well, how can I when people always abandon or just don't respond. I see I'm not the most coolest guy her. But come on. Mist those guys are just like me. Just everyone avoids the more honest and friendly guy to get with assholes
  5. Alright the game is open for a few more players so drop on in.
  6. Vampire x Human interests me! However, do you mind me playing a human?
  7. sure i have a good idea, for one i wish to play. can you step up to the chanllage? A game i make for you.
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  8. I believe I can accept this challenge!
  9. Well, my lady. I thank you. i shall send a letter for you song. Ta ta *tips hat*

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