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Roleplayer's Anonymous

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Hey there,

Roleplayer's Anonymous is a brand new roleplaying community in desperate need of members. While a standard play by post forum, the goal of Roleplayer's Anonymous is to unite roleplayer's of all types, providing a community in which worlds of all types can be explored.

We take a 'Dungeon Master' like approach, in that members may create their own worlds and story lines by creating a thread all of their own, in which they create the rules.

In addition to genera, we also want writers of all different skill levels to be able to join and learn comfortably. As a result, we've implemented three major boards with a different set of guidelines: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

At the moment, our site isn't much. However, as we grow we plan to add much more onto the site. A custom skin, domain, server, and chat room are all in the works. We've got an arcade too, which is pretty cool!

We're hoping to make lots of new friends to help our little community grow, so please drop by and say hello! :)

You can find us here: http://roleplayersanonymous.smfforfree.com/index.php