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  1. "Lisa! Wake up!" James mother yelled from down the stairs. James lets out a sigh of irritation as he put the pillow over his head... How many times has he told her not to call him that. He was James now... Lisa has been dead for a long time now. James continued to say nothing then his mother yelled again, "LISA!"
    James opened his eyes and sat how, "I'm up!... And mom how many times..."
    There was a sigh down the stairs, "James... I apologize. Get up. You need to get ready for your first day of school."
    School... thats right. James pushed the covers off of
    him and got out of the bed. He took a good look at his surroundings... boxes, boxes everywhere. He still has really bothered to unpack most of his things yet... it has been a couple of days since he has moved here to California... Oh well, he needsa freshstart anyways! James looked through the boxes grabbing a pair of black jeans, a white undershirt, then a plan blue tshirt. But most importantly he grabbed his AC bandage wrap. He ran out into the bathroom which happened to be right by his room and went in there quickly locking the door. He let out a sigh as he looked at himself in the mirror. He turned to see the side view of him and didnt look aat all happy at the sight of his chest area... he wasnt at all happy with it in fact. Oh well... for now he will just continue to use his trusty friend the AC wrap... atleast until he gets money. He quickly put on his jeans, undershirt then wrapped the AC bandage wrap around his chest area... making it look completly flat then put the blue tshirt on. He looked to the side and was happy to see the results. 'Much better' he thought to himself then walked out going back into his room to put on his shoes an to grab his backpack. He took one last look at himself quickly brushing his brownish red hair and then nodded to himself. He ran down the stairs then jumped the last three steps. His mother rolled her eyes, "Must you do
    James gave her a slight smile, "Yup sure do. See you
    when I get home" He says heading out the door.
    "James wait! Arent you going to have breakfast?!"
    James stopped for a moment to look at his mother. He smiked and shook his head, "No I am not hungry. Besides I really need to hurry up and leave. See ya!" And with that he shut the door behind him and took off. Luckily the school wasnt that far from his house... walking distance in fact. It took him less than 5 minutes and he was already there. He stopped for a moment and smiled at the school before entering. 'Fresh start...' he thinks to himself.

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  2. The alarm ring echos throughout the room, Eae rolls over and stops the alarm then yawns "mmm what time is it?" she turns around and checks the time then quickly gets up "oh no! I forgot about school!"

    She gets out of bed and searches her closet for her clothes. once she found a pair she quickly gets dressed. once dressed she runs down stairs "mom why didn't you wake me up?" she asks, "well it's not my job to wake you, you need to learn-" before she could finish Eae cuts her off " I love you but.....i'm kind of in a rush" she rushes past and grabs an apple then runs out the door.

    As she rushes out of her house she hears her little sister call out to her "Eae wait! you forgot your lunch!" she turns around towards her and quickly grabs her lunch " thank you" she says as she runs off towards the direction of the school. First day of school, I can't be late. She thinks as she runs.
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  3. Levi was up pretty early to do some of his chores and of course cook. It was only him and his older brother Joseph at home, both parents were out of town as he always told people. The house was spotless as if no one lived in it and created for a house design magazine. It was quiet but it never bother Levi. After his usual morning chore of laundry Levi left to his room and got dressed for school. He pulled on a pair of jeans, a black undershirt with a ocean blue shirt on top. Levi slipped on his necklace, bracelet, and a few of his rings and his prized headset. Levi grabbed his lunch and got in the car since his brother had to drive. After the last time he used the car his licence was suspended. After a bit of waiting Joseph got in the car and drove him to school, "Try not to get in trouble this time... and please make some friends this year." Joseph might be a butt sometimes but Levi was his brother. "I guess" He muttered softly as he got out of the car and headed inside.
  4. James takes a look around the school.... it sure was different compared to his old school. Good the more different the better. He doesnt want to ever be in a school like that ever again. As he looks around he is suddenly stopped by the principle Mr. Rundal. He is a short,fat and partially bald man. James has only seen him once. Mr. Rundal scratches his chin then smiles at James, "Ah James nice to see you again."
    James nodded slightly to him, "Nice to see you too sir."
    "So James since you are new to this school and all and dont know where to go... I was thinking... well " he looks around for a moment before looking back at James, "Lets discuss this in my office."
    James arches an eyebrow, "Ok sir." And with that he followed him to the office. Mr. Rundal took the seat behind his desk and James took a seat right across from his desk and slouched.
    Mr. Rundal cleared his throat, "Well James since you are new to this school and you dont really no anyone... I thought it willbe a good idea to have someone who is... transgender like
    you show you around. I think that would be very good for you."
    James was shocked to hear this... another transgender... he couldnt help but feel happy a little bit. Atleast he wasnt alone.
    "Who is this person?" James asked... he couldnt help it he was curious.
    Rundal chuckled, "Just hang on I will call him down here." He presses a button on a speaker phone which makes announcements to where everyone in the school can here it and says , "Levi please report to the principles office. Levi please report to the principles office."
  5. Eae makes it to school relieved she walks slower and looks around then thinks 'I wonder how many new students we'll have'
  6. Levi made himself comfortable at a desk in the back and everything seemed fine. Able to daydream while students chattered about what they've been doing throughout their break. For him it was just the usual until the intercom came on and the principal's voice was heard calling for him. It had jerked Levi out of his peaceful state and caused him to get up. All the students halted their conversation just to watch Levi leave the room.

    Getting out of the class was ok, but knowing he had to go to the principal's office was not his ideal choice to be. The walk wasn't long and the secratary pointed him in. There was a boy to his left and principal Rundal was sitting at his desk. The guy looked unfamiliar and he was doing so well with the whole be-a-good-boy-for-mom-and-dad bit. Was Levi being framed? That can't be right in any way... He had to slow down his thinking and simply took a seat next to the guy. "Is there something you need?" He asked Principal Rundal. Levi's was soft but still audible, he wasn't the type to speak up often.
  7. As Eae walks to the class she hears the intercom go off and call for Levi, she couldn't help but think did he get In trouble on the first day of school? shruging that question from her mind she continues her walk to class. once entering she sits in one of the desks next to the window and takes out a book she thinks, i might as well read before class starts.

    She opens her book and reads, so engross in her book she becomes unaware of her surroundings and focuses on the book.
  8. Mr. Rundal smiled lightly, "Yes actually." He gestures towards James.
    "This is James. He is a..." he quickly looks at James who is rocking his chair back slightly, "May I tell him?"
    James chuckles and shrugs, "Go ahead, ifhe is like me then I personally dont care if he knows."
    Rundal nods slightly then looks back at Levi, "James is an FTM transgender... and I figured since you are one you guys will become pretty good friends. I figured you could show him around maybe... would you be ok with that?"
  9. Levi listened to the Principal talk and mostly stayed quiet as he explained things. So James was transgender and it was best if he knew at least one person to be friends with and showed him around. The principal thought it would be great if that said person was also transgender. "I'll show him around if I can get first period off... That way I can be sure he knows his way around and he would never get lost." He suggested. Though he may be distant at times, anything was better than History class first thing in the morning.
  10. Rundal leans back in his chair and scratches his chin, "You got yourself a deal." He looks over at James, "Well James I hope you find this school alot better then your old school."
    James smiles slightly and stands up grabbing his backpack, "Oh I am sure anything is better than my old school." He turns and smiles at Levi, "Nice to meet you by the way Levi ." He held his hand out for him to shake it. Once they shook hands they wapked out of the office.
  11. Levi was happy to have the first period off, it was a great deal in his eyes. Levi shook his hand and walked out of the office with him. "So your name is James right?" He asked still sounding quiet as usual. Levi walked back to his class to get a few of his things since he was skipping the class for the day. "I'll be right back, just need to get my stuff." He told him and vanished inside the history class. They were talking about the civil war and all of that jazz but it wasn't something he could really remember. Once he had his stuff in his bag Levi came right back out. "So whats your locker number? We can start there and work our way around the school."
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