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  1. After a terrible evening dinner, Gina runs outside into the storm and never looks back. Miles and miles, she runs until her feet and eyes become heavy. The rain beats her down and soaks her evening dress. Her hair was flat and her make-up smearing down her saddened face. She looks around and cannot see anything in sight.

    The road was gloomy, black, and eerie. She notices a house in the distance and races to the light. The distant light became clearer as she slowly approaches. To her surprise it was a big beautiful home. The yard was immaculate. A giant orange tree stood on the righthand side of the yard. Many rose bushes lined up in front of the home's deck.

    Walking towards the property, it looked like someone's dream home. There was a concrete pathway leading up right up to the steps. She walks down the narrow pathway frightened of the darkness and rain surrounding her. Slowly, she walks up the steps and she looks up at the porch light shining down at her. She looks to her left and notices a rocking chair drenched in water. To her right were plants hanging down from underneath the balcony. The water from the roof trickled down into the plant. The wooden porch beneath her feet was wet and there was a doormat beneath her that read "Welcome". There were two big windows on both left and right of the front door. The shades were shear and dark green and very unclear inside. The tall white door was decorated with glass covered windows and a weird mysterious candle was lit right next to the door. She knocks and the door slowly opens.

    Curious and cold, she shivers and walks silently through unknown the vacant home. She quietly closes and locks the door behind her. The floors began to creak and sounded like someone was following her closely. Outside, she hears the unnerving crashing of an unsettling wind. The rain pours violently against the rooftop and windows. The storm tortures her fragile ear and begins to ache. The resemblance of the storm was that of a lion's intimidating rage. She glances over at a picture that kind of uttered parallel of herself. "Who is this woman and why does she look like me?" she asked desperately. Looking closely at the woman in the photo, she wore a long red dress that fitted perfectly to her body. Her long dark brown hair fell to her lower back. Her hair looked so very soft and well taken care of. Her eyes were almond shaped and dark green. Her face was flawless of age and marks. She stood there looking out a balcony window smiling at the moon. It was a very alluring photograph. As if though the photographer had been a lover...

    As she starts to look away from the photo, a sudden noise of a broken glass falls somewhere in the house...​
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  2. "What was all that about..?", she questioned, "That was freaking weird... I wonder if it meant anything." She gazed at the clock on her petite nightstand and it read 6:00 A.M. Her eyes were still hazy and her bed was looking very comfortable. "Ah, maybe.. just 10 more minutes" she said softly while burying herself deeper into her covers.

    As she began to fall asleep, the birds outside her started chirping obnoxiously louder. The sun began to shine between her blinds aiming directly to her face. The sunlight illuminated her baby blue room and brightened lightly. "I guess nothing wants me sleeping-in this morning, literally..", she said groaning and kicking her sheets from her feet. She slowly slid herself away the bed and walked towards her bathroom. She looked hazily into her mirror pulling her long brown hair into a ponytail. She picked up her washcloth, ran some warm water, and washed her face.

    After washing, she looked at her face... her eyes were big, bright and hazel/green with curly lashes. She had a button nose and soft heart-shaped kissable lips. When she smiled, her dimples poked right through her cheeks. She wore a small white yellow tanktop that exposed her beautifully sizable breasts and black laced Victoria Secret panties that showed off her very rounded butt.

    "Man, I need a shower... I stink." she said while pulling her towel off the hanger on the door. She walked over to the shower and turned the water on to warm. She began to untie her hair and take off her clothes. The water was warm and relaxing. Gina walks into the water and washes down her body. She lathers her strawberry smelling soap around her neck, her chest, and arms. The soap ran down her toned tummy and between her thighs. She leans over to scrub her legs and feet. She son begins washing her hair and running her hand through her scalp. "Mmmmm... " she moans. She rinses off her entire body and turns the water off. She grabs her towel and wraps her body. She walks to her bedroom to dress and get ready for class.
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  3. Beep.

    Niko huffed as he rolled over in his bed groaning out of annoyance, he tugged his pillow from underneath his head and placed it over his head to block out the sound.

    But the alarm was persistent, causing the albino to cuss as he sat up and slammed his fist onto the the alarm "Geez! Why did I agree with Rain to buy this stupid thing!?"

    He huffed and swung his legs over his bed and dragged himself to the dresser.

    He pulled open his drawer and pulled out a baggy pair of black jeans. He grabbed socks and hopped around struggling to put them on.

    After the struggle he headed to the closet add tugged off a random shirt not caring if it matches or not.

    He yawned and trudged to his phone, he picked up the cellphone and punched in the number to Gina's cell.
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  4. After a very relaxing shower, Gina opened her closet door and searched for some clothes to wear. She pulled out her white V-neck shirt that fit a little tight on her breasts, low-rise blue jeans that had holes on the knees, a black bra and matching panties, and pink hello kitty socks. She started to dress and gather her things for school.

    After dressing and organizing, she started to brush her long dark brown hair in front her closet door mirror. Her hair was thick, straight, and curled at the ends. She brushed her hair to one side and clipped it with a red rose. She grabbed her mascara and brushed her lashes that were very long. After, she grabbed her tote bag and walked out the her bedroom and closed her door.

    Gina headed for the kitchen to make some oatmeal for breakfast. She turned the stove on and began boiling hot water. She sat at the dining room table near the kitchen and began reading one of her book that was lying on the table. As the kettle screamed, Gina stood up, walked over to the the stove and turned it off. She grabbed a container from the cupboard above her head that was filled with oatmeal. She poured it into her bowl. She grabbed her floral mittens and poured the hot water also into her bowl. Next, she picked out a little bit of spices from the cabinet. She sprinkled a little bit of sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon on her oatmeal and put them back into the cabinet. "Ahh, breakfast!" she said happily while smelling her oatmeal in one hand and grabbing a spoon from the drawer with the other. She walked back the dining room table and began to eat.

    She sat there alone, quietly enjoying her breakfast and reading through her book. She began hearing loud banging noises coming from the hallway. Thinking that it could be one her roommates waking up too. She shrugged her shoulders slowly and looked back down to her book. Unable to figure out the sound from afar, Gina tries to finish up her breakfast and get ready to leave for school.

    Finishing her breakfast, Gina looked at her watch and it read 6:30 A.M. "Hmm, maybe I should start leaving and get there at least a bit early... Literature starts at 7:15 a.m.", she said questionably. She walked over to the door and put on her black and white converse that were sitting next to the door. She grabbed her sweater from the closet next to the door and her keys from the key bowl on the counter. Gina made one last check for her things, walks out the door, locks up and heads to the parking lot to her car.
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  5. Niko sighed figuring his phone failed to connect. He walked towards the front door and picked up his keys, wallet, and shoes from the cubby like structure that he had installed, he loved that he had taken workshop since he could literally build his own furniture.

    He figured he could buy a soda or a muffin once on campass since his cooking skills leave a lot to be desired. He nearly had burned down his section of the building several times this year.

    He walked out to the parking lot and saw a familiar face, his red eyes lit up like a child's as he waved his hand shouting "Gina! Love, wha'cha doin' out here so early?" He called as he jogged toward her.
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  6. Walking toward her Red Mustang GT, she turned back and noticed her roommate Niko was running up behind her. "Oh, Good morning Niko!", she said with a smile. " I'm heading to school early today, so I could finish up some studying for this boring psychology class. ", she said in annoyance while running her hands through the top of her hair. " I didn't realize that you were up so early as well... I guess that banging noise was you.", she giggled while opening up her car door.

    Gina began to put her bag in the backseat and started her car. The engine roared as she let the car warm up. She picked up her little black makeup bag that was on the passenger seat and began to put some light pink blush and lipstick on. She looked at Niko while rubbing her pouty lips together. " Um, did you need a ride to school?", "I'd be glad to give you a lift if you want?" she asked Niko softly as she looked him in his red sleepy eyes. She saw Niko as a sweet guy and never really thought about him anything further than that. She felt as if though he was too good for her. So she didn't pay him no mind.
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