A Bleachers RP (17 and under Libertine)

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  1. School lets out, and you head to the bleachers. They are the only place the teachers seem to miss, and if they don't, they leave it alone. The bleachers are like the home of anyone doing anything they'd rather not be seen doing. Wether it's an athlete, running up and down the stairs, an addict looking to light up, or a girl with her boyfriend looking for a quiet corner, they all go here.

    Okay, so the bleachers IC chat has been pretty quiet lately, so I thought I'd give people a reason to jump in. It's a good place to practice Libertine, and try out new kinds of characters. This RP will take place this Saturday at 3:00 central time in the Bleachers IC chat. You can come in anytime and leave whenever. Please post your character sheet below (nothing too complicated) if you want to make your character supernatural or anything, go for it, have fun. You can pair up with anyone, or more than one person, or nobody and just see what happens. You can be a teacher, or student, athlete or a parent if you so desire. This will mostly be experimental, so feel free to have multiple characters to try out for the duration.

    My character:
    Name: Amber Rose
    Age: 15
    Appearance: brown hair, usually in a ponytail, and big eyes. She has a fairly curvy body, which has been known to hinder her motion when working out.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Personality: determined, open, and peppy
    Role: a student athlete
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Thread Status:
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