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    Basically, this is a Ben 10 RP. This takes place in a completely seperate canon from Ben 10. This is a reality where Ben does not acquire the Omnitrix, and the Omnitrix is... well... quite different.

    You see, there are not one, but ten Omnitrices, wielded by ten different wielders.

    Due to prior experiences, there are no limitations on number of characters per person, and each person can have up to 3 Omnitrix wielder characters. As a matter of fact, you are highly encouraged to have multiple characters, but not required.

    There will be other roles too, but... yeah.

    That's all I can say for now. Interested?​
  2. I guess if we get people I'm interested.
  3. unfortunately my muse is being rather uncooperative lately(which is why I haven't been able to get a post up in the pokemon roleplay yet) so I don't think Ill be able to join
  4. Nothing a banner can't do to remedy that~ Hope to see you there.

    I kinda liked your characters in a way back in the previous RP that died. Hope you change your mind soon~

    but yeah focus on life
  5. I'd be interested, I have three characters in mind already.
  6. Go ahead and post the applications.
  7. Is this still open? I saw a lot of pages on the OOC thread, but only a few characters accepted.
  8. I'm taking time to look at characters. My brain is pretty racky now.
  9. Well take all the time you need, I still need one more character approved by you but I understand that your busy and will wait as long as I need to :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.