INTEREST CHECK A Battle of Beliefs

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  1. This is just a short and simple interest check to see if I should continue with the idea
  2. will have synopsis up soon
  3. A Battle of Beliefs
    <o:p> ffxworldmap.jpg </o:p>
    On the world of Terra, there are seven cities left upon its face. These cities are the last remnants of the human race after the apocalypse. Their names are New Atlantis, New Shangri-La, New Asgard, New El Dorado, New Eden, New Paradise, and New Olympus. Each city is run under a different rule with a different plan of how a government should run.<o:p></o:p>
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    Our story begins in New Atlantis. Here the city is run as a business rather than a person’s say. What is best for the business is best for the city. The people are treated as employees and commodities; those who make money survive, those who do not are “cut.” <o:p></o:p>
    The people of New Atlantis are put into sections of the city based upon what their best role for the company is. The closer to the capital building the richer and more money a person makes. However, the farther away and more to the edge of the city a person is the less money they will have and more of a chance of being “cut” there is.
  4. Sounds ok to me.