A Bad Dream

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Albion smiled down at the boy as he slipped off to sleep and appeared before him. The darkness surrounding them both transformed into an alleyway with the ease of a hot knife through butter. This was his realm. He could control it and bend it to him whim with just a thought. And that is what he did.

He formed from the shadows, darkness swarming to show his true form, midnight black skin and glowing green eyes for just a moment before he turned into a generic figure. Albion smirked, paralyzing the boy. As he strolled towards him, a knife forming in his hand.

"Ready to die?" He asked smoothly, moving to slit his throat before something went wrong. Something went very wrong. Albion lost control. There was a flash of bright light and he fell, grunting as he fell to the ground-the ground that suddenly existed. Profanity escaped his mouth in a long stream as he sat up. He was in his true form, all inky black skin and white hair and glowing green eyes. He looked behind himself to see the odd dresser he had cracked his skull against.
Every night Alto would argue with his parents about going to bed. "You're almost an adult." They'd say, pushing him towards his room. "Stop being afraid of bad dreams." But they weren't normal dreams. Every night from the time he was 13, he'd had horrific nightmares.

He laid in his bed, pulling the covers up to his nose, and drifted into an uneasy sleep. Then he was there again. In the dark little room, where a man would come to kill him, every night in some new way. He backed against the wall, unable to go any further. "It's just a dream." He repeated over and over again, as the man grabbed him, and cut his neck, from one ear to another.

He sat up in his bed with a shout of surprise, when he felt something leaving him. He looked around, and saw a figure on the floor, that bashed it's head against his dresser. "W-who are you?" He asked, trying to sound braver then he was.
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Albion blinked several times, glowing eyes widening in surprise. "Son of a bitch.." He said quietly, standing up. How the hell.. He was in the human world. Nobody ever went to the human world. It simply didn't happen. Because nobody knew how to come and go through the worlds. Well, that was what he had thought until this very moment. Obviously someone knew something that he didn't. "Call me Albion." He said flatly, surveying the room and rubbing his sore head.
"What are you doing in my room?!" Alto asked the stranger, standing up. "Get out before I call the police!" He ordered, picking up his lamp and holding it like a sword. He pointed it at the intruder, waving it around, like he was trying to scare him off, but the effect was ruined by his childish growl. "I'll fight you!" He threatened, taking a step backwards.
Albion crossed his arms and rose an eyebrow at the teen. "What do you plan on doing with that? You can't kill me? I'm not even mortal." He said, shaking his head like it was obvious. "I don't want to be here either." He growled.
"Then do us both a favor and leave!" He spat, backing into a corner. The lamp wouldn't be a very good weapon of choice, but he had nothing else to work with. His legs shook slightly, and his stomach traveled up to his throat. This person seemed very familiar.
"If I knew how to go home, I would!" Albion snapped. "I don't care to spend anymore time with the people I haunt than I have to." He said, running his hands through his hair in frustration and pacing. The fuck was going on?
"I don't give a crud muffin if you know how to get home or not, I just want you out of mine!" He argued, rushing over to the man and whacking him over the head with the lamp, and then moving it backwards, getting ready for another swing.
"You don't understand, brat! The portal opened here for some reason, here is where it may open again!" He snapped before he was hit. He grunted, grabbing the lamp before he could be hit again. "Stop that!"
"What portal?!" He yelled, trying to take the lamp back from the stranger "What the heck are you talking about crazy person!?" He gave up on the lamp, and turned around, grabbed a book and threw it as hard as he could at the offender.
"Oh, for fuck's sakes." Albion ducked under the book and stepped forward, grabbing him by the shoulders. "Look at me. Do I look human? My skin isn't dark, it's black. My eyes glow!" He snapped, shaking him slightly.
"Holy shishkabobs." He said, his eyes growing wide, he felt the overwhelming urge to run away. He started to struggle in the creature's hold, he leaned over and bit it's arm as hard as he could, then kicked, hoping he could get free
Albion growled in frustration, letting go with a little yelp. "You little brat! I thought you stopped biting when you were kids." he snapped, glaring at him but taking a step back. "Calm down!"
"Leave me alone, get out of my room!" He demanded, unable to fight against the creature's much stronger hold. "If you don't let me go right now I'll scream, then my parents will come down here and beat you up." But he couldn't help but wonder, why his parents hadn't come running when they heard him screaming the first time.
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