A Bad Case of Earworm....

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  1. Well Earworm is when a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person's mind.

    So if you have a song or tune that causes you to have earworm, then post it here.

    Here is a song that constantly causes me earworm:

  2. This song, man, this freakin' song. Once you hear it, it's never getting out of your head.

  3. When you play this in band......it gets stuck in your head. so take that and have fun.

  4. ...is that felicia day?
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  5. You're welcome.
  6. This song gets me so bad with the earworm thing that just reading the thread title was enough to make it immediately come to mind and start playing on its familiar mental loop again.


  7. Atm this song is stuck in my mind and I don't mind. It's one of three that have been rotating in my head as of late.

  8. Not really much of a music video as perhaps it is a nightmare for children, but I find myself humming this music often. To watch it properly, watch it once; then a second time but with the subtitles/captions on to make what you just saw make a little more sense.
  9. jesus christ that teapot is terrifying
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  10. Glad I could help. =D


  12. Oh for the love of god, will this meme ever die???

    Longtime Iwakuians know I don't rant (even on the Rant threads), but DAMMIT, WHY IS THIS MEME STILL AROUND?
  13. I don't think it really is "still around", it seems to have faded into obscurity. I just happened find it by random chance.

    And by random chance I mean I was looking through my favorites. >> << >>

  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I've been on an Imagine Dragons binge for the last couple days, and I can't stop humming this one.

  16. This is pretty ear-worthy.