A 1476.23lb Bullet From Orbit, HOW DOES THAT LOOK?

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  1. Hello! I don't know much math, so I need help with this. I've got this world, I call it Jamule, and it has an experimental artillery platform orbiting it. It launches a 1476.23lb bullet that's streamline, and is about a foot in length. I don't know if it will be an alloy or a purely natural metal, or how it would even work without it burning up in the atmosphere.

    What I really want to know is how that would look on impact. Friend says it'd be like a hydrogen bomb. Then he said, "IDFK anymore." Soo.... yeah! Take note that some elements don't exist, such as tungsten. I'm developing my own elements and minerals for the world.
  2. I'm no physics expert, but I can pretty much guarantee that it wouldn't be equal to a hydrogen bomb. Go look up videos of prototype military railguns being tested and you'll see what I mean. An upscaled bulled will act like an upscaled bullet, meaning it would punch a big hole through the target and keep on going until its force is expended. It doesn't suddenly become a massive explosive just because it's so heavy.

    You can probably find some physics formulas to calculate the force of the impact to compare it to modern weaponry. The internet is a marvelous resource like that.
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  3. Yeah, he stated that it had the destructive power of a hydrogen bomb. I was confused, but thank you for pointing me in these directions!