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  1. Hai.. LittleBoss here.

    Well, i didn't get any refferal link but i searched 'roleplay forums' and that's how i got here :)

    So i'm here to say hello :)

    ....I like the title font.
  2. Welcome LittleBoss...Reminds me of Little Big Planet ^^

    If you need anything, just ask!
  3. Ohai, ohai there Boss!

    Welcome, welcome to Iwaku!
    Selenite here. Pleased to meet you!
    You searched for us?
    or four, meh.

    And if you need anything, please, just ask!
    We're all a bunch of friendly guys here!

    See you around!
  4. Hey. We got here the same way~

    Welcome, LittlePersonThatIsNotMyBoss. My name is Iliana and it is a pleasure to meet you.
  5. Wooo, you found us! Welcome to Iwaku, LittleBoss. Hopefully it's the best roleplay forum ever. Ever. Check it out, join an RP or two, and enjoy!