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ಠ_ಠ hi

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by mungo_zabernism, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. i'm not big on introductions, but i felt like i should make my presence know since i plan to do some stuff around here. the name's mungo. though am pretty sure you can see that. you can call me that, or any deviation of my name, or anything really. some things that i should point out:
    *i am 15.
    *am not really social, despite the fact that i do enjoy talking to people. so, i may not make many appearances in the chat but as time goes on and i warm up to the people here. i'll most likely stick around and chat with people as i RP
    *i'm open to any genre of role play. there is a exception to this and that is academy/school based role plays. i detest these kinds of role plays and will avoid them unless they have some sort of interesting concept.... like maybe a school based on assassination. that sounds pretty sweet compared to some slice of life high school role play.
    *as i stated in my second point. i'm not really social and i don't end up talking to people a lot, so instead, i just end up lurking places for stuff to read. with an occasional post. this only retains to chats or OCC's.
    that's all i could really to think of to say... at least for now. hope to see you guys around and i hope we can do/make some awesome stuff.
  2. Welcome aboard, mungo! I can see we're going to get along just fine. I also cannot stomach the idea of academy/school rps without some interesting twist to them. I spent most of my life in school, why would I want to re-enact it?

    Hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you've got questions, I've got answers, so drop me a PM sometime and we can talk in private. Cheers!
  3. Hi there Mungo. <3 Welcome to the community!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Mungo.

    Let us know if you need anything.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku Mungo! I am sure you will like it here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.