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    If this isn't a cute story of love.. I don't know what is. Why is it that elderly couples seem the cutest? Maybe because they are a true example that love lasts.. How do you feel about that? A lot of people seem to be getting 'merged' on Iwaku. Is marriage in your future? Could you last 83 years?

    Roleplay time! Marriage happens. Don't be afraid to explore that aspect in your roleplay. It could be a forbidden elopement or an extravagant event with every venue perfectly decked out. Are any of your characters the marrying type? Have you have a wedding in your roleplay?

    Lloyd and Eunice Ford in 1929.

    It's work though. You can't just survive on love alone. You both have to make an effort to equally contribute to your life together. Lots of compromising and fights and making up. XD

    I am already married. >:3 It was a long time in coming.


    Nothing Diana looooooves more than a roleplay romance! LOVE IT. I always assume my characters are going to be the marrying type, but a lot of the times I end up surprised by some personalities. >> I have had characters with epic lifetime romances, but refused to be married.

    I've done a lot of roleplay weddings. 8D Serious rp weddings and even online marriages being dating people just for the fun of it. It's amusing.
  3. That is definitely an amazing story. I want to congratulate the two for staying together for so long, and possibly inspiring many romantics for life.

    As for me, though, while I tend to lean towards idealism, and say that eternal love does exist, I do not know how much that applies in real life. I mean, there are shining examples of loving couples around us, but there are just as many, if not more divorces and even more horrible things. So I just do not know what to really think. On the one hand, I want to believe in fairy tales such as "Happily ever after", but on the other hand, there seems to be so much evidence to the contrary.

    About roleplaying... Well, I just got started in roleplaying, but my stories in general do not really focus on romance, and I do not think I am a good romantic writer. I have written some married couples, and even people in love sometimes, but I think they tend to come off as cheesy and unrealistic, not to mention that I never went through with a falling-in-love-with-someone-else plot.
  4. I believe heavily in what Diana says. Plenty of times, it's not love that a couple is missing but instead the ability to solve problems together harmoniously and to swallow their pride for the greater good. All of that stuff and at some point, I do think I'll end up being married. Certainly it's a goal of mine and when I do get married, I hope strongly that my marriage lasts.

    As for roleplay weddings, sometimes my characters are the marrying type and sometimes they refuse to let themselves be tied down. There are characters who have regretted this loss and sometimes they just don't care. But the best example that I can come up with is Katrinka's! Alarice and I played a marvelous couple with a big proposal ending and I can't wait for the sequel (Diana!) for their actual marriage.

    I tried to be as realistic as possible with their relationship, even though it's hard. My character, Adare, made some sacrifices and worked hard Alarice's character happy. I'm quite proud of the way that it went, really!
  5. I do believe that there is actually more love in the world then there is the divorces and such. The only thing is people do not consider that one we hear more about the divorces, and two, half of those diverces are from people who marry after only knowing eachother for only so long. They didn't actually take the time to get to know eachother, to know if they could love the bad side of their partner as much as they love the good side. They didn't take the time to see the flaws, and notice how the love between the two were over looked most of the flaws, and the others they had to work on. Most divorces are caused by people rushing the marriages. It is human nature to want to be loved, and have that other half of them, some people are just too excited to find it, to realize that what they thought was love, actually wasn't.

    As for my characters. I do enjoy romances and such, and usually my characters are just hard asses on the outside. I once played a character (Lylexiea) who is now my daughter to bes name, my character and a partner that I played with for close to 4 years, the characters eventually would roll over into a new roleplay, still close to eachother, and knowing eachother. Eventually, we agreed that they would marry. Even though they were complete opposites, The two characters had fallen in love. It was really rather nice. It was a twist to something I never expected that soon for my character, since I was brand new to roleplaying.
  6. That by far, is truly a sight to see. That is true love on a different level when you see older people together for so long. I only hoe and wish that my love last that long. I also applaud anyone and everyone who has made it for 83 years or more.

    I haven't had any marriages in my role plays themselves, but, it sounds like a good idea to see some marriage going on in them. I may try that out in future role play! =D
  7. i dont think that my grandparents have that love i mean i only think they are still together because both of them are to cheep to leave each other.

    and i dont think any of mine are the marrying type because i will either play the shy one, the kickass or the stupid one XD
  8. I intend to be married for 83 years.

    Tegan will be 108 and I will be 113. It shall be glorious.

    I have one roleplay character with a manipulative wife, one character who was previously married to a lesbian who drove him to super-villainy, and the others are edgy loners who would never walk down the aisle.
  9. a lesbian who drives someone to do bad things....i was never married was i well i dont remember it if i was anyway
  10. It is truly a great story! It makes me all warm and fuzzy to hear stories like this. My personal views on love might kill the mood of the thread, so I'll just talk about RP.

    I have one character (Lance Silver) who got married after finding out his co-pilot/partner got pregnant. This was am RP based in space, so they went to a planet to get married and the wedding was crashed by space pirates > < It was a while ago so the details are a little fuzzy. Most of my RP characters aren't the type to get married though.
  11. here let me ruin the mood for you so you can

    everyone of my female family members has been hurt either mentaly or with actual violence and i feel that i dont want to be like them and have any man be like that to me plus if anyone was to hit me i think i would go to jail for murder ((i have been told i have anger issues but the people that say that can kiss my ass))
    i dont ever want to get married because of that fact...plus the fact that i cant have children because of my body. so now you know why i kinda hate men i actually hate that fact about me but the more i am with a guy the more i feel they are going to do something maybe thats why my relationships end after like two weeks XD and that also might be the fact that i love gay men because they are used to being tore down and know how to bring themselves back up.