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  1. West Tokyo Suburbia, XXX Neighborhood
    Dawn, April 12th, Sometime Far, Far in the Future

    Once again the Sun rises to bring another day upon the western suburbs of the Japanese capital of Tokyo with the songs of the ever-present birds filling the fresh spring air. People of all kinds wake up to start their daily life, be it to go to work, school or some other way of living one can have in the Tokyo of the Post-Dimensional Society. In one overgrown park that is half-way back to the forest that once laid there dawn reaches a small shinto shrine to greet the shrine maiden that is the only staff in it and which is already awake for her daily duties. Several kilometers south-west of the shrine a hill rises, and on the end of its northernmost slope a complex of building rises. This is one of the many Shinemeiryuu schools that dot Earth and Japan, this particular one being the 7th of its kind in Toyko and thous known simply as Daishichi-no Tokyo Shinmeiryuu Gakuen or 7th Tokyo Shinemeiryuu School (7th TSS). There also the rays of the Sun bring another day, but not a ordinary day but a instead the start of a new school year which brings new students to the school ...
    If anyone attuned to a certain quantum communication frequency and had the ability to decipher military-grade cipher a interesting talk could be heard. Or if the person was a Otaku of the Old Dorm and tuned in to the Outlook Comm Channel ...
    "This is Outlook Six, in position for spotting and analyzing newly arrived students."
    "Roger Outlook Six, confirming that all positions for spotting and analyzing newly arrived students have been secured."
    "Yo Leader do you think we will be lucky and get at at least one non-Fujoshi girl this year?"
    "Stop thinking with what is in your pants. Better keep that thing in your skull thinking and your eyes on watch."
    "Sorry Leader! And yes Leader!"
    A slight sigh can be heard before the channel falls back into silence ...


    Deep inside the hill of the 7th TSS there is a laboratory that would look just like the right place for a mad scientist, crazy magician and weird alchemist all at once. With various magical circles drawn on papers coexisting with alchemical materials and scientific equipment in a highly organized matter one could only question what kind of wonders or terrors were produced here. The laboratory belonged to no one but "Second" AKA "Ierei Eizo", the local mad scientist/magician/alchemist/lots-of-other-things and a member of the mysterious organization "Comradeship". Armed with his smarts and knowledge "Second" is one of the key support columns of the Old Dorm by supplying various gadgets and problem-solvers for the Old Dorm. Now this person of many mysteries is working on another of his projects, a mix of acids and magical potions of some kind, probably for dissolving who knows what, when he remembers that today is the start of another school year and he as a one of the third year students, is supposed to assemble in the main hall of the New Dorm, together with all second year students and staff. With haste he starts working on putting everything away safely while talking to record his notes ...

    Headmaster's Office

    Hiroe Ariga, the Master V rank Shinmeiryuu fighter sighs knowing what the start of this school means for her, just the start of another year lost in this cursed school. Still she must comply to the orders from the master of all masters that sent her here several years ago in hopes of getting the school rid of Otakus or at least decreasing their power. But the task still seams impossible as two massive obstacles block her way, the Vice President of the School AKA "VP" and the student "Ierei Eizo". Furthermore as the 7th Tokyo Shinemeiryuu lays in on a spot with natural purifying and healing magical energies it commonly receives troublesome or special cases of students. For example last year a student with artificially inserted demoniacal souls was given to the school and this year at least one such case is going to come here, if not more. "Well let's stick apples with apples and pears with pears," Hiroe Ariga said and turned on the MagiTech broadcasting system to aim it a specific person: "Ketsukei Arata report to the Headmaster's Office."
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