7th Sanctum Academy

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  1. A mysterious letter arrives in your mailbox. You open it and discover it’s an invitation and with it, an application to the Academy. You have been chosen to either be a student or a professor. The address is in a location you’ve never heard of before, but strangely you feel like you know it very well and where exactly it lies....

    Day of Registration – Immediately.

    Additional Notes: If you want you can have 2 character sheets; one for a professor and the other for a student.

    Application (Character Sheet)






    Special Ability:

  2. Would this be just an ordinary academy or would it be some kind of supernatural academy?
  3. Supernatural/Paranormal :)
  4. Ooooo sounds like fun! Just what kind of supernatural? As in special powers or as in vampires werewolves demons type thing?
  5. Anything really. I know the plot is small, it was meant to be to allow anyone to create whatever character they want. Although within the genre Paranormal/supernatural.
    If you have any ideas for input, I gladly welcome them.