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Fantasy, paticularly Dark Fantasy. Generally I will try anything if it has a good strong plot, magic or mystery.
Hello there! I am still quite new to the site and I'm still finding my way around :3

I've noticed roleplay banners on the top of the page while surfing the forums. For future reference, how do they end up there? Are they featured roleplays or things people have submitted? Are they user created or admin? I can no longer keep believing it is the work of magical iwaku elves.

Thankyou for your time!
No Iwaku does not employ the services of elves. Bunnies and muses sure but never elves.

In the tab near the top of the page labled "Iwakuisms" is a drop down page with links. One of them is for Roleplays Ad Submissions.

If you cannot make a banner you can submit a short paragraph description. :D But usually I end up making banners for people when I get bored. Sometimes we'll add people's rps up there even when they don't submit them.
Aha! Thankyou very much, my curiosity has been satisfied :3