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  1. Link to the OOC discussion where you can post questions etc. It was formerly mixed with Character Sign-ups, but a separate thread was created for clarity: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/6-feet-under-open-sign-ups.64030/

    The actual roleplay will start September 15th although character sign-ups are now closed. The link is: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/6-feet-under-read-only-intro-starts-september-15.67978/

    This is a combat-based RP created by Syphereon Ravenclaw, not me.

    Basic description: The world as you knew it is over. All the questions you have about the afterlife will be answered now. When you die, you're either buried or cremated. If you're cremated, it's the end. If you're buried, it's the beginning. There are four types of burials and the type of burial you die with will affect how you live in death. The four types are:

    CoffinBorn: You were lucky enough to be buried in protection with belongings of yours and a grand funeral. You will be sorted into the Seervak House. You will be well nourished and trained to fight using water magic and long ranged weapons.

    Hidden: You were buried without a coffin. Shoved into the ground and dirt piled on top of you as if you were nothing but trash. You will belong to the Barukar House. You will have to fight for your food and for survival. You will be trained in the way of the Heavy weaponry and fire magic.

    Stone Sleepers: You were buried with many. In a mausoleum. When you died you were equally as important as everyone else in the mausoleum. You are apart of the Venstar house. You will share nourishment equally. Food will be dispersed equally. Housing will be shared. You will be trained in the way of one handed weapons and defense magic.

    Decomposers: You were never buried. You were left to rot somewhere and your body was never found. You live in darkness. You hunt the weak. Kill the innocent. Hated by many. Loved by none. You eat the after lifers you kill. You are all alone. You were never trained but are gifted with superhuman hearing and smell. Claws as sharp as hunting knives and you have the ability to blend with the shadows and mimic voices. You are apart of no house.

    Character sheet will need all of the following:

    Type of after lifer:
    Age when died:
    Specific weapon choice:
    How you died:
    Appearance (description or photo):
    Bio or Obituary:

    Below is the current list of all characters that signed-up so far and links to their character sheets. Post any new character sheets here and they will be included into this chart.

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  2. Name: Steven B. Birch
    Gender: Male
    Type of after lifer: Decomposer
    Age when died: 29
    Specific weapon choice: Thorned Whip
    How you died: Died of poisoning during his sleep. Killed by wife. Stuffed into basement for a good 4 months before police found her out.
    Appearance (description or photo): While Alive: The guy.jpg
    [His veins on his hands and around his neck have blackened, showing how he died, by poison]

    Personality: While Alive: Friendly and kind on the outside. But when he was at home, he could be cold, calculating, and some would say abusive.
    Bio or Obituary: He had the perfect act set up. He would look like a wonderful nice person at anytime. Except at home. This is where his true side hid. Steven seemed to be the perfect guy. Tall, handsome, nice. Every girl wanted him. Only one did, and merely a month after they married. Steven started to become dark. Cruel, abusive, and cold, Steven would abuse his wife, but not enough it could be noticed. He threatened her life on more than one occasion, and cut her off from the world so as to keep her quiet. He threw away her phone and made her tell people that it was broken and needed fixing, but they couldn't afford it. He planted a mic on her, so she would know he was always listening. But, one day, Steven grew lazy. He didn't notice when his wife slipped out of the house at night and came back later with multiple drugs. Weak alone, but deadly together. She melted them down with the stove and put them in a syringe that Steven had used on her more than once. Then, while he was sleeping, she jammed the needle into his neck. It wasn't enough to kill him, but it paralyzed him from the neck down. The drugs took effect, and Steven's little heart beat so hard....it stopped beating. His wife couldn't own up to what she had done. Everyone thought Steven was the nicest guy in the world. Nobody would believe he could be abusive and horrible. She may have the syringe, but all his other "toys" were hidden somewhere and she didn't know where. So, she stashed him in the basement in a closet and left him there. Steven's friends noticed he was gone. One day, while his wife was gone, they came and looked for him. As soon as they opened the basement door, the smell of rotting flesh met their noses. It didn't take long to find Steven and to catch the "Murderer". His wife was right, nobody did believe her. calling her "sick" and "evil" All the while she was losing her mind with what she had "done".
    Now that he has died. His kind, friendly shell have all but melted away as he has descended into madness.
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  3. So here are all the stats I have from people so far:

    Okami's Stats

    Strength: 2
    Agility: 8
    Intelligence: 5
    Speed: 6
    Sneak: 7 (10 because of Decomposer)
    Vitality: 1
    Awareness: 6

    Yurie's starting stats:

    Strength: 0 (3
    with Hidden bonus)
    Agility: 8
    Intelligence: 7
    Speed: 5
    Sneak: 12
    Vitality: 1
    Awareness: 2

    Alex's starting stats

    Strength: 4
    Agility: 10
    Intelligence: 6
    Speed: 9 (12 - Stonesleeper bonus)
    Sneak: 0
    Vitality: 3
    Awareness: 3

    Sazael's starting stats:

    Strength: 3
    Agility: 6
    Intelligence: 4
    Speed: 6
    Sneak: 5 (8 - Decomposer Bonus)
    Vitality: 5
    Awareness: 6

    Angeline's starting stats:

    Strength: 6
    Agility: 9
    Intelligence: 1
    Speed: 10 (13 - Stone Sleeper bonus)
    Sneak: 1
    Vitality: 8
    Awareness: 0

    Yuan's starting stats:

    Strength: 5
    Agility: 0
    Intelligence: 7
    Speed: 3
    Sneak: 8 (11 because of decomposer)
    Vitality: 4
    Awareness: 8

    Vivaldi Attribute

    Strength: 2
    Agility: 7
    Intelligence: 4
    Speed: 10 (13 with Stone Sleeper bonus)
    Sneak: 6
    Vitality: 4
    Awareness: 5

    Emily's Stats

    Strength: 4
    Agility: 6
    Intelligence: 9
    Speed: 5
    Sneak: 3
    Vitality: 2 (5- CoffinBorn bonus)
    Awareness: 6

    Nova Willhaim Stats

    Vitality:2 (5 coffinborn)

    Alucard Van Hellsing Stats

    Strength: 2 (5 with Hidden bonus)
    Agility: 8
    Intelligence: 5
    Speed: 4
    Sneak: 10
    Vitality: 1
    Awareness: 5

    Victor's Stats:

    Strength: 4
    Agility: 5
    Intelligence: 8
    Speed: 11 (14 with Bonus)
    Sneak: 3
    Vitality: 2
    Awareness: 2
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