540 million dollars

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  1. The Mega-millions lottery is at the highest it's ever been, over half a billion dollars.

    So I was at the corner store today and I had 5 extra bucks. I decided to buy a lottery ticket. If I win all my current problems will be gone.


    My question is.

    Do you believe that winning a large sum of money will ruin a persons life?

  2. Hmm, interesting question.
    I think it depends on the person more than anything, because I can see where it could go to one's head.
    See, if I got that kind of money I would probably spent it on all that really weird shit you see in Walmart during Halloween. All those little things that make noises or sing xD Just because I could.
  3. Nope. A person just needs to know how to use it, and to not become greedy and arrogant.
  4. I thnk a lot of people are foolish when they win a large sum of money. Now don't get me wrong I thing you should have fun, but it can all disappear quickly so you want to get a reputable lawyer and accountant, invest some money for a rainy day and live on the interest of your money.
  5. "You may not be happy with money, but you will surely be unhappy without."
  6. They always say that money doesnt buy happiness. And I believe them. I have no money and I am happy. I may not be happy living where I am, or driving where I am, and oh boy would I love to have that money. But...i honestly just depends on the person or people that get the money.
  7. Do I believe that winning that large sum of money could make people happy?

    Do I believe that the people around you who find out you have loads of cash will make you happy?
    Uhhh... No. >.>
  8. Definitely the person and how they deal with the money will make a huge difference.

    ...I know I would be doing what Ocha said. @___@ Paying off my house, buying a brand new car. Investing, saving. And hoping to make it stretch long term.
  9. Honestly, it depends on the person, and whether that person actually has the ability to properly manage his money. Or, at the very least, can get in contact with someone who can assist with that.

    Should I win this, I may very well take the opportunity to disappear for a couple years. You all can play a delightful game of "Where's Alan" with random general images from around the world, to be submitted here by an as yet unknown user. :P
  10. I'd split a third to my brother, a third to my parents (and buy them some amazing place), get married, and buy some better appliances for my apartment. I miss the quiet fridge at home ...
  11. How much for that everything you have there?