5000 Post Ulysses: The War for the Old World

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    In 1994 a cluster of asteroids was discovered taking a long elliptical orbit around the Sun. They were created when they struck the 1996VG1 Ulysses asteroid that was in orbit around Jupiter. More than 10,000 meteors from the impact were sent on a collision course with Earth. With no chance of diverting them being possible, a large number of countries would cooperate to construct an anti-aircraft railgun network to intercept the meteors.

    Various Stonehenge Turret Network facilities were constructed around the world. The test unit, Type 0, was created in China. Type 1 was constructed in America, with four Type 5's built in Australia (Type 2), Turkey (Type 3), Namibia (Type 4) and Argentina (Type 5, the name used for 2-5, due to them being close to identical). However, when landfall of Ulysses came in 1999, multiple problems were met. Type 0 and Type 1 both malfunctioned and were unable to fire and three out of four Type 5's were unable to receive ammunition shipments.

    Earth's civilizations were kicked into the dust by tens of thousands of asteroids, destroying most modern societies outright and leaving some heavily crippled. Eurasia was most heavily hit after the desolated United States and quickly descended into chaos with wars breaking out for resources. By 2019 UN had been dissolved and the United States fell shortly after. Around this time, a 'super EMP' from an unknown source destroyed most of the world's electronics, spelling the end for the already wounded internet and grounding most military vehicles that hadn't already run out of fuel. The catastrophe in 1999 would be called the Ulysses Disaster.

    Fast-forward four thousand years and humanity has begun to bring itself back up again. Most traces of pre-Ulysses civilization has faded into dust or ruined with only the largest and most powerful constructs surviving, such as the towering Stonehenge Turret Network cannons; unusable, covered in plantlife and falling to pieces but serving as a memento to the old world. By this time, many new civilizations have begun to build themselves back up on the Eurasian continent and most of them are at least at a medieval level of technology at this point. The United States, once a international powerhouse is now an unknown land called Orbis.

    In 6987, a group of scientists and engineers create an experimental airship, powered by a recently discovered resource, called by scientists "odysseum", found after refining a fragment of one of the original Ulysses asteroids. This resource has a variety of uses, from powering machinery, to hardening metals for armor, to making explosives for bombs, rockets, grenades and firearms, aside from being used as a fuel.

    These new discoveries result in a rush by all nations on the Eurasian continent to harness this new resource, causing an industrial boom as infrastructure grows and merchants can easily trade by airship transport. However, with this fast and inefficient use of this resource, soon enough, quantities of it are scarce, and wars break out once again across Eurasia as countries squabble between who will keep the resources, until in 6996, explorers find that in Orbis, far across the sea from Eurasia, a land with diverse environments and climates, there is a huge amount of odysseum due to the land being the most heavily hit by the original Ulysses Disaster.

    Orbis has now grown back into a wild land, free of any civilization, leaving it open for the taking by colonists from the New Eurasian Civilizations...

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    • If there is combat between players, you are mortal, please do not dodge every attack like a ghost, you will get hurt eventually. Basically, no godmodding.
    • Be creative, not only in your app, but in normal posts. Describe the world around you, explain everything you character breathes, thinks or sees. No one liner posts, those are uninteresting and just bore everyone to tears.
    • No characters that are just "evil" in the cheesy way. It doesn't matter that they had a troubling childhood, or that they were forced to kill their brother or whatever (if anything, those events would not make them act "evil"; just sorrowful, angered, or just plain traumatized), "evil for the sake of being bad and scary" characters are bland, boring, and just annoying. Don't make them.
    • Your character can be of another nation than one of your own creation but please make sure you have the person who made said nation's permission first.
    • Romance is allowed, but keep it from getting too dirty. Any sexy shenanigans must be kept rather low tone, or simply abridged.
    • A post every 1-3 days is welcome and a post once every three days is required. If you're going to be away for some time please tell us in advance. If you vanish for a week without warning, I'll send a PM and give you three days to respond. If you don't then too bad, your character is as good as dead to me. If you ask in advance though then that won't be a problem.
    • Your posts SHOULD be in third person, whether you like it or not. I don't like first person (I, me, mine), I do not want second person (You, you, yours) however rare that may be, and if you suddenly decide to write in either of those two, I will be angry. However if you MUST write in first person, I will be mad, but allow it. With chagrin.
    • Like the above rule, but for grammar. I don't want "u r 2 cool" or anything like that. I will make an exception for the "your's" (your, you're, etc) and the "there's" (there, they're, their, etc), and similar, as everyone makes those mistakes, but please be careful anyways.
    • If you do not post for awhile (one week maximum), and you haven't given an excuse for your absence beforehand ("going hiking", "visiting the zoo", etc), and haven't made sure your character is in a good spot for you to leave him/her (I don't want you disappearing when your character's in the middle of a conversation) your character will die.
    • Please be nice to other players, they're just trying to have fun, as are you. The golden rule apply's here; treat others the way you want to be treated. I do not want any arguments over race, gender, age or anything else, those can be kept on 4chan. This is the internet, we have enough stupid and useless arguments as is, we don't need any more.
    • When speaking OOC, either use the dedicated thread (for longer OOC posts), or use double-parentheses (keep it short when speaking in OOC in the IC thread).
    • I am looking for players who don't shy away from the OOC. RPs with a lack of communication die, so I'd appreciate it if we all got to know each other, besides it's more fun to RP with someone you can call friend.
    • If someone asks you if you saw something in the morning, answer that you saw three pink elephants. Don't ask why, just do it.

    Character/Nation Sheet
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    Character Info
    Name (First and last name, “nickname” optional):

    Age (Anything, but nothing too crazy):



    Rank or Title (As in military rank or social title. Ex: Admiral, General, etc/ Prince, Princess, Count, Sir, etc):

    Social Status (Is he/she a noble? A commoner? A merchant? What social class do his/her parents, or him/herself belong to?):

    Appearance (Descriptions and images are accepted, anime is allowed, just nothing too “MOE-KAWAII-DESU-DESU”, please):

    History (What was his/her life like up until this point?):

    Style of combat: (Is he/she more of a swordsman, or does he prefer the newer invention of Steam powered firearms?):

    Nation Info

    Name of Nation (Full name, and shortened version. Example, for the real life historical Japanese Empire: “Great Imperial State of Japan” or in short “Japan” or “Japanese Empire”):

    Type of nation (Republic? Federation? Empire? Monarchy? Is it more totalitarian, or does it give more power to the people?):

    History (Can go as far back as you want, so long as you give at least a vague description of how the nation came to be in the Post-Ulysses world):

    Mainland description (Describe the country itself, is it mountainous, or more flat? Filled with jungles, or arid deserts? These sort of things should modify the military philosophy of this country. If it's a large, landlocked country, you can't expect it to have much of a naval force, and if it's a bunch of islands surrounded by sea, you can expect them to put an emphasis on naval tech.):

    Military (What is the military like? Does it put more of an emphasis on air technology, naval or ground technology? Is the armament up to date? What about strategies, are horses still widely used, or have they been replaced by their mechanical counterparts? Are swords still a widely used weapon?):

    Airship design philosophy (What are the airships made by this country like?For example: are they faster, but lack armor and heavier weapons, or are they heavily armored, with large cannons, but are slow as snails? Material? Shape? Number of balloons? Nothing too crazy here either!):

    Territory (Must be in Eurasia, please edit the area onto this map):

    Real world inspiration for the nation (ex: Germany, Russia, etc. Optional):

    Accepted Characters/Nations:
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    Miscellaneous legal stuff:
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    The Ulysses Disaster is based on the event of the same name from Ace Combat Infinity. I do not own Ace Combat, all rights to that series belong to Bandai Namco and their associates. If there are any references to other media made by me or other players in this roleplay, I state that none of us, unless otherwise stated own anything.
    This is non-profit.
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    Name: Ester Van-Der Reteck ( Etsa' Van-Da' Rasathk.)

    Age: 33

    Gender: Female

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    Nationality: Reniqian (Ranughuan)

    Rank: Leader. (Or whatever you wish for the leaders to be called)

    Social Status: Parents - Her parents are the King and Queen of Reniq, one of the largest and well-known nations of Eurasia. As for herself, she's a highly respected and somewhat feared leader. The Princess of War.

    History: Born and raised within the palace walls, with her three siblings, Elizabeth (7 years younger), Bernadette (5 years younger) and Samuel (10 years older). Being the second oldest she wasn't really noticed too much, her parents didn't really give her much attention. She preferred shooting birds with her brother than playing dolls with her sisters. Cunning, she knew how to get her own way, Samuel saw the evil to her then and decided to stay away, as he didn't want to be involved in one of her schemes. Which were always to get her more money or something she wanted. At the age of eighteen, she and her allies set up a plan to get them some more money from the bank of Reniq, which housed every citizens savings. Samuel happened to work there at the time, as the royal chain is complicated in Reniq, until they come to the throne, the heir must find their own way in the world whilst the siblings stay in the palace. (Explained further later). As they broke into the vault, Samuel pleaded them to stop before the guards came. It was too late. They began to shoot (Laws explained later), the bullets directed at Samuel. They thought it was an inside job, it was too late and he died of his wounds. Enraged, she killed both of them with her tools (A blowtorch to melt the bolts). Then went into hiding (Well, she never came out of the palace) Her parents, oblivious to the truth, thought he died of illness. (She paid her accomplices to clean up the mess). After the news of Akten's second half (refer to history) (A smaller nation next to Reniq) was weak again, she gathered an army at the age of twenty three and lead them to victory, crushing Akten's defenses and claiming even more territory. She was celebrated in Reniq, but the guilt still lingered in her heart. Now a respected.. and feared leader of The Reniq Monarchy.

    Style of combat: She is very good with shooting (Extremely accurate with her Crossbow) and using and modifying normal tools into weapons, such as a blowtorch.

    Nation Info

    Reniq has it's own language, created and developed over it's early years. It was originally used as an undecipherable code in case of emergency. Each Reniq citizen must (by law) know both Reniquian and English. The more common language spoke is English.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name of Nation:
    The Reniq Monarchy - Or 'Army of Ester'/'The Reteck Nation'

    Type of nation : Monarchy

    History : The Reniq Monarchy has played parts in almost every war in Eurasia. Originally, the Monarchy resided in England, but they wanted more space to rule. They performed a mass movement, a pilgrimage to Asia. Unfortunately, whilst England remained unguarded it was taken by another Nation. Later, King Raanon (Ester's father) took over the smaller country next to Reniq, their new residence - Akten, but only half of the country was under Reniqian control. In [Insert date 14 years ago] Ester took over the rest of Akten and reclaimed more territory, but they desire more.

    Mainland description: The land is perfect for farming and is one of the most beautiful Eurasian nations, desired by many it's military defenses are of a very high quality. The streets are lined with the richest stone and each house to a good standard, much like Venice it has rivers flowing all around the top parts of the city, but they gradually decrease as you reach the city's rim. The palace overlooks the city on a large cliff, a lake surrounds it creating astonishing waterfalls which are filtered to attune the city's waterfall via a dam.

    Military: It's strongest point is the Reniqian Airforce. With prestigious vessels that are well known for their extreme speed and launchers, and their war methods. They launch a strike of petrol onto their targets, then light them up with their fireball shooters. All thought out by Ester. They also use the perfect soil to their advantage, with mole-based drills that are amazing with stealth they can infiltrate many regions.

    Airship design philosophy : They have over ten thousand balloons, each with extreme speed. Their war methods (Explained above) have won may of their battles. Their new models, the 1.2's are slower. They have a special armor which is created from BioSteel. A light metal with excellent protection. Some of their main balloons have Reflective Steel, a rare and dark metal, any projectiles slip off it like water from a ducks back. But, due to it's weight these new balloons are slow.

    Real world inspiration for the nation: The Fire Nation


    Reniq is a country similar to the size of France, it is the name of the country this Canon will be based in. It consists of ten cities, the capital -Rhinetune, then the second biggest city - Danrho, then the others (descending in order of population size.) Oshair, Sigline, Tensho, Tikfen, Wailsforn, Kartnen, Rammsen and Maintone.

    After the First War, Reniq claimed the country next to it - Akten, which has six cities. The former capital, Estonia, then (in the same order as above) Lineford, Brinq, Boswin, Alifine and Plaintron.
    So in summary Reniq had ten cities, now it has sixteen.
    (This Universe has steampunk elements.)


    Rhinetune is the so-called 'Gem' of Reniq, the city having quite low crime rates and many make a good income. All architecture is thoroughly examined every six months so the whole city appears perfect, not a brick is an inch out of place. All houses share a theme depending on the 'district' it's in, the city consists of three primary districts - The Affluent, The Noble and The Bourgeois.

    The Affluent being the rich, mainly the owners of businesses, farms or organizations, some celebrities and of course the Royal Family who live in The Rhinetunian Castle which overlooks the city, standing in the middle of the damwhich generates power and drinking water for the city.

    The Noble being the Upper class, mostly inventors, established/well known scientists and Mages/Soulcrossers/Soulcastersy It would be preferable that we didn't have too many magicians unless they somehow found a way to make magic like things from odysseum.
    There won't be, for every 100,000 people there is 1 mage (or MO (Manipulator of Objects))

    The Bourgeois being the Middle class, mainly those with standard jobs maintaining the city.

    The Districts are on different height levels in the city, The Affluent having the highest, the Bourgeois being the lowest. There are stone walls (refer to the picture of the Dam) connecting these and adding waterfalls to the rivers in the city.


    There are two main religions in Reniq, the main one being Paralleleism.

    Paralleleists do not believe in any God(s), but they do believe in life after death, they believe that after death, your soul moves(is reincarnated) to a universe Parallel to their own and that the behavior of themselves does not effect this. They do not attend any services.

    The secondary religion being Thei(nese) (pronounced fee) who believe their actions influence/trigger what happens (events) next to them. If they remain good, good thing will continue to happen. Bad - bad thing will happen. Though this religion is divided, some believe in Thei being their God. Some believe Thei to be the founder who taught these ways, and the Five Truths.
    1- Respect others as you want to be respected yourself.
    2- Do not harm others
    3- Do not disrespect elders
    4- Do not initiate violence if the cause is negative
    5- Never use Magic for evil
    The Thei have temples called Theindrines (Feendreens). The side who believe in TheiGod Pray in the building(s) on the left half of the temple grounds. The side who believe in TheiFounder meditate in the building(s) on the right half. The side who believe in TheiGod have a red color scheme. The side who believe in TheiFounder have a green color scheme.
    When praying, the Red half (who believe in TheiGod) and (When Meditating.) the Green half (who believe in Theifounder) both wear similar uniforms. (A man in Red half uniform seen in picture.)

    Sports & Entertainment:

    The best sports team Reniq has produced was the Dog Fighting champions - The Crimson Vultures. Named after a common bird which resides within Akten's desert lands. These ruthless birds feed on bone shards, they actually break the bones of their prey by sweeping down on them at extreme speeds, shattering the bones and eating the shards. A hungry pack of Vultures aren't unknown for going after humans, they usually take out large mammals then wait for the Mountain Lions to pick them clean, they then shatter the bones after.

    Saw three pink elephants this morning, gave me a shock, it did.
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  3. My own sheets.

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    Character Info

    Name: Rozaliya Symonys (Розалия Симонис)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Iyulian

    Rank or Title: Great Empress of Iyuli (Великая императрица из Июльи)

    Social Status: Noble

    Show Spoiler

    (excluding armband and any symbols evoking the Nazis)

    Bio: Rozaliya is the current throne-bearer of the Symonys Dynasty, having ascended to the throne after her father died in 6995. She had a strict and disciplined childhood and was trained in many military arts, though she was also trained in diplomacy and the appreciation of fine arts. Deep down she wishes that she could have a more carefree youth, but she remains adamant in her role as leader of the great land of Iyuli, ruling from Bashnya (the name given to the city built atop and around the Type 3 Stonehenge Cannon in a plainsland far east of former Istanbul) with an iron grip. She is respected by her subordinates, loved by her people and feared by her enemies, but she would like one day to be able to live the rest of her days without the needs of thousands on her shoulders.

    During the short lived South Iyuli Rebellion in 6998, she commanded the newly created Iyuli Imperial Aerial First Fleet from the bridge of the state of the art Aigaion and brought terror to the unprepared rebel forces who had seized a few older models of airship, proving her prowess in combat and gaining her notoriety on a international scale thanks to journalist reports on the event. Ever since then, she has made sure that Iyuli has a place in any international council, meeting or event, knowing now that her cherished land would now be considered a rival of most other Eurasian powers. An event of particular international controversy was her ordering to take control of a small tribal territory in east Eurasia to establish a port, a decision that has troubled many other countries, particularly the Kingdom of Reniq. Thus, after this, Rozaliya made sure that any international meetings or relations involving Reniq would be at least observed by Iyuli.

    It was as such that the 2IAFF was sortied to Reniq with her aboard for an event as insignificant as an anniversary, much to the chagrin of Rozaliya herself...

    Style of combat: She fights with a single, pre-Ulysses Makarov Pistol passed down through the family for generations. While pistols using gunpowder have become a relative rarity and thus replacement parts being a treasure in themselves, the imperial gunsmith has managed to keep the pistol supplied with ammunition and in good condition ever since it was given to her.

    Nation Info

    Name of Nation: Imperial Federation of Iyuli (usually shortened to Iyuli)

    Type of nation: Semi-totalitarian federation run by the Empress and her close party of subordinates. Councilors are elected by the people of each zone and while they answer to the Empress, they also have some authority over their zone.

    History: Iyuli's origins lay in a decision made shortly after the Ulysses Disaster by the Commonwealth of Independent States and some of their allies to divide up former territories into small economic zones. By 2022, the Special Economic Zone of Iyuli had already swallowed up its neighbors before calming down. Around this time, the Dark Age from the 2020's to 5900 began, when resources ran out through out in the world and society returned to a Stone Age-like state.

    During this long time, Iyuli managed to stay united, despite descending into a tribal state, until sometime in the 3000's when wars broke out between the lands of Iyuli. These wars were only calmed when a man from the Towers region (named for the towering appearance of the Stonehenge Type 3 cannon in Turkey, one of the four Type 5 turret networks), named Isaac Symonys gathered the lands of the Towers regions in a united army to end the struggles throughout Iyuli, beginning the Unification Wars.

    After two hundred years during which Isaac Symonys was replaced by his daughter, Razgriza Symonys, the Unification Wars ended with Razgriza establishing the Symonys Dynasty, a royal family that still lives on today.

    Iyuli remained a pure empire until 6458 when reforms caused it to become the modern Imperial Federation of Iyuli. Ever since then, Iyuli has been in peace, but they have recently taken interest in the resource rich land of Orbis, a whole new world in a sense, forgotten ever since the legendary Ulysses Disaster (an event celebrated as a national celebration in Iyuli, due to it being the cause of Iyuli's founding). They have thus established a small territory on the eastern coast of Eurasia in an attempt to gain a possible stepping stone to Orbis.

    Mainland description: Extremely cold in the north, gets hotter in the south, has a warm climate bordering the Black Sea and has a warm, temperate cycle of seasons in the capital area in former Turkey. Bordered by the Caspian Sea to the east. Iyuli was left rather undamaged by Ulysses in 1999, resulting in its searches for resources going far into what was once called Siberia.

    Military: Iyuli has a small but advanced military, most likely the most advanced in western Eurasia. Their armament levels are top notch, based off of old designs found in ruined weapon factories in northern Iyuli and their army is determined and with good morale. Blades are a officer's weapon however, with most footsoldiers being given gunpowder based firearms instead of blades. On this subject, gunpowder is still much more widely used in Iyuli due to preference of using odysseum for airships instead of individual weapons. Aerial Fighters, a new concept, have also begun to be used aboard the only compatible airship at the time, the Aigaion.

    Airship design philosophy: Iyuli's airships vary depending on manufacture. North Iyuli Ammunitions Factory designs tend to be larger, heavier and more rugged, Imperial Weapons Bureau designs are smaller, faster and highly versatile but weakly armored and finally Advauto designs are more radical and specialized.

    Advauto gained fame when they built the flagship of the Iyuli Imperial Aerial Fleet, the Aigaion Class Heavy Command Cruiser, a bizarre design resembling the old pre-Ulysses flying wing design, only using odysseum reactors for lift and propulsion. They also built the Kottos Class Support Frigate and Gyges Class Destroyers, all using the same design as the Aigaion. The Aigaion itself, two Kottos frigates and two Gyges destroyers make up the entirety of the Iyuli Imperial Aerial First Fleet, though there are four other fleets made up of more traditional designs from NAIF and IWB, due to the high price of Advauto's designs. Due to the advanced nature of Advauto's designs, their capabilities have been highly classified and Advauto converted into a state owned company.

    However, even with the capabilities hidden, the Iyuli Imperial Aerial First Fleet (Июльи Императорский Воздушная Первый флот, shortened to 2ИBПф or 2IAFF) is a feared presence in the skies.

    2IAFF Ships include:
    1x Aigaion Class Heavy Command Cruiser (middle)
    2x Kottos Class Support Frigates
    2x Gyges Class Destroyers

    Even today after conversion into a state owned company, no one has been able to find out how Advauto managed to create such outlandish, alien designs. This hasn't stopped the government of Iyuli from commonly using the fleet as a propaganda figure. It must have it's Achille's heel though, right...?

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    Real world inspiration for the nation: Russia and a teency weency bit of Nazi Germany.
  4. Am I accepted?
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  5. D'oh, don't say the secret phrase out loud!
    Accepted, just remove the corrections I made.
  6. (to be finished later.)

    Character Info

    Name (First and last name, “nickname” optional): Princess Hylia

    Age (Anything, but nothing too crazy): 29

    Gender: Emalefay

    Nationality: Tauloxian

    Rank or Title (As in military rank or social title. Ex: Admiral, General, etc/ Prince, Princess, Count, Sir, etc): Princess

    Social Status (Is he/she a noble? A commoner? A merchant? What social class do his/her parents, or him/herself belong to?): once you go upper you never... eat 'supper'. Pah such a middle class terminology.

    Appearance (Descriptions and images are accepted, anime is allowed, just nothing too “MOE-KAWAII-DESU-DESU”, please):

    History (What was his/her life like up until this point?): Hylia is the heir to the Tauloxian throne. She is very popular and has been so since birth and this is all i can think of so the rest is to be Rp'd.

    Style of combat: (Is he/she more of a swordsman, or does he prefer the newer invention of Steam powered firearms?): Hylia is a master on the Tauloxian birds - Loftwings - and is one of the best in the nation.
    Nation Info

    Name of Nation (Full name, and shortened version. Example, for the real life historical Japanese Empire: “Great Imperial State of Japan” or in short “Japan” or “Japanese Empire”): The great Taulox fleet

    Type of nation (Republic? Federation? Empire? Monarchy? Is it more totalitarian, or does it give more power to the people?): Monarchy, but only to a certain extent. Sort of a monarch republic.

    History (Can go as far back as you want, so long as you give at least a vague description of how the nation came to be in the Post-Ulysses world):

    The Taulox have always lived here, for as long as they can remember. They make their homes deep in the limestone mountains, where they discovered the Loftwings. Now, they have a symbiotic relationship, and the phrase "like a Taulox and his Loftwing" is wellknown and popular.

    Mainland description: The limestone mountains are unique structures. Throughout history, no one has been able to work out exactly how they formed, and their isolated peaks allowed the evolution of multiple peculiar species and habits. The Loftwings are large creatures which strongly resemble birds, but they are fast, durable and versatile. The Taulox are a higher evolution of humans, with a much larger brain capacity and a much more nimble frame.

    Military : The Taulox have very little in the ways of military versatility, but their Loftwings are feared around the globe, even by those who use conventional aircraft. Similar to horseback archery, Taulox are trained with the use of explosive tipped arrows and a rather nice little weapon referred to as an Arc cannon. Ultimately, a device that you don't want to encounter alone. Use of a Loftwing is even an initiation right among the majority of Tauloxian tribes.

    Airship design philosophy: Airships are for normal people.

    Territory (Must be in Eurasia, please edit the area onto this map):

    Technically, they only rule the airspace. Ground forces are free to move through as they wish.

    (going china purely because
    Show Spoiler


    Real world inspiration for the nation (ex: Germany, Russia, etc. Optional): For Hyrule!!
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  7. Might have to change that history a bit, as there was no Great War in this setting.
  8. God damn it. In that case I cba having a history at all. I have much more important things to think about.
  9. Come on, even something small? I hate to be an arse but I can't really accept you if you have no history.
  10. nah ill just remove the words "great war". itd be roughly the same anyway.
  11. done
  12. Just put:

    Someone died somewhere. It was tragic.


    Forgot to refresh :I
  13. Accepted. If I were to be a total snob, I'd say it lacks detail, but I'm too generous for that.
  14. well now I changed it. I dont like my char.
  15. Tell me when you're done and I'll change the accepted character.
  16. done. I now intend to play Skyward Sword again...
  17. Decent enough, even if it's not especially original. Then again, my fleet isn't original at all, so I guess we're about even.
  18. hah. The original idea was original though so it's fine :P
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