50 shades of grey with a twist!

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  1. So I want something between a dark or fallen angel between either a human girl, or a "pure" angel kind of girl.
    While it may seem sweet and heartbreaking on the surface ((like a Romeo and Juliet vibe)) on the streets he has a bit of a christian grey vibe going on behind the scenes.
    If interested PM me for more details!
    Because of the maturity of the rp it will have to be done through messages.
  2. Because of the maturity of the RP this is moving to Libertine requests!

    Keep in mind also that even in private messages, sexy scenes can only be written out with other adult (red star by the avatar) members! Writing these kinds of scenes with teens gets you, the teen, and the site, all in big legal trouble, it could even get you labelled as a sexual predator for life, just for writing some ERP!

    Play safe <3
  3. Will do! Thanks for moving it and letting me know why, it's much appreciated!
    And thanks about the red stars advice, I'll make sure to keep and eye on it!
    Again, thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.