5 word challenge #2

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Vocabulary Challenge
Brought to you by: October Knight and Fluffy; Partners in Crime​

[bg=#006633]This challenge is to help strengthen your vocabulary. You'll learn new words and how to use them in roleplay posts, stories, poems, etc!

1. Aim for a minimum of 1-3 paragraphs. If you'd like to write more than that, then go for it!
2. Make sure you use each word in your post. Be as creative as you'd like.
3. Style the writing like you would for a story. It can be describing a setting, or written from the perspective of a character. Whatever you feel would work the best.
4. Have fun with this, of course!

The Words:

  • Inquinate - To defile, to pollute, to befoul or to contaminate.
  • Trifurcated - Having three forks or branches, like in a road.
  • Carrefour - A crossroads. Town square or plaza.
  • Portative - Portable.
  • Refluence - Flowing back. Ebbing, as in the tide on a beach.


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Re: 5 word challenge

It's boring, but I wanted to contribute! XD


Leaving home without my map was a the worst idea in the world.

Here I am, driving aimlessly on a trifurcated road with no clue on which path to take. Sighing frustratingly, I stop my car and look to each one so I can make my decision. There isn't anyone behind me; I can take all the time I need. Hopefully there's someplace I can stop to ask for an idea of where I am. This definitely isn't where I'm supposed to be... This is the middle of bloody nowhere!

"Here goes nothin'," I mumbled to myself, raising my foot from the brake pedal and turning the car to the road farthest on the left. I suppose if there's nothing down there, I can always turn around.

So far, nothing exciting. Or appealing. The sides of the road are inquinate; so much trash and scraps of automobiles. Are people too lazy to deposit this waste in the dumpster? Or, was there a car crash here that no one bothered to clean up after? Either way, I don't like the sight of it. I really should turn back.

Then, there it was.

Beyond this depressing stretch of road, I see sparkling water and sand. Never in my life have I seen such a refluence! Actually, the last time I've been to a beach, I was a kid. Guess I can stop here for a little while. The sun's still out after all.

I park my car at the empty lot, then walk towards the waving water. Can't help but wonder why no one else was here. Did no one know this place existed? Does the inquinate path throw them off? A shame. It is a shame.

Hopefully when I depart from here, I can find me a carrefour with some restaurant. I'm so goddamn hungry. Yet another thing I should have brought with me on this trip: food. Live and learn, I guess. Always be prepared. I was so excited about my vacation that I left important basics behind. What a drag.

At least I have this ocean to enjoy. I wish it was portative so I can just put it in my pocket and be on my way.

Lovie the OG

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(I wasn't able to use all five, it was just too hard. >> )

"Miss? ...Miss?"

I had forgotten. Forgotten where I was for a moment. Being refluence to myself, I looked up at the nurse that was here. Of course, who knew? That a nurse would be one of the few to get on board this ship. In fact, oddly, a lot, no more than a lot, almost all of the people aboard the ship were already hard working, loyal, or pleased servants that were in our world. I seemed, to myself, an outcast. I had no special talents, or was I hard working. The most I ever came to it, was my dream to be in the Air Force. Well, now I am in the air. I got that wish. Except, space wasn't entirely in mind.
"Miss Vanderhoeven, if you would come with me. It is time for your shots."
Ah yes, the Shots. Every passenger had to get them. They were mainly for "Space Tuberculosis" or "Space Sickness," but I couldn't be too sure. But there was no point in trying to fight it. Besides, I couldn't really do anything about it, being in this damn wheelchair and all. I didn't have to say anything before the nurse started pushing my chair down the hall. The joys of being unable to walk. Yes, I mean that sarcastically.

Weeps and cries ejected from some following rooms while I was being wheeled down the hall. Most of it mainly consisted of home sickness, or from what I gathered. There was one woman though, who was like me in a way. She didn't have much talent, but was pregnant. And it seemed she was having her baby in the near room. Surprised as I was to see, or well to hear, the cry from the baby. It sounded normal. I had thought that the effects deformed all new born infants. But apparently, it left one unaffected. It was pleasing, to say the least, that at least one was able to escape the grasps of the raging universe. For how long? I couldn't be certain. I doubted there was the care on this ship that the baby would need. But perhaps the affects or the universe would change that? Though, I didn't think it was on our side.

I was soon wheeled into a large room where there were three other patients getting their Shots. I soon found myself being picked up and lied out on a table where a portative machine was hooked up at. I didn't want to ask or to even know what was held inside of it, so closing my eyes seemed like the best thing to do. At the time, anyway. A shock wave of fierce pain spun its way up through my spine and into my head. I couldn't hold back a cackling scream that escaped from my chest as my body began to tremble over the table. I felt cold straps secure me down, making me stay still. But I could feel my insides trembling as the pain increased. I couldn't hear my painful cries, but I could feel myself wanting, needing help. My fingers jabbed at the table as my body flung itself side to side on the table. The straps seemed to have been weakening as my body grew stronger with each struggle. I could also sense fear. Not from myself, but from the people in the room around me. Did they not expect this? Or was it truly me who was this scared? A voice then sounded in my head. A male's voice. "Give her the shot! Now!" What was he talking about?
Then from no where, another shock of pain sent its way through my brain, leaving me to fling open my eyes. I couldn't see anything, as the pain erupted and left me blind. I heard a crash from somewhere near by and a yell. Suddenly, a wave of comfort flooded over me. My eyes closed, and I could feel my body begin to calm down. My brain couldn't comprehend anything as I felt myself drift into a wave of unconsciousness.

"You could have killed her!" Is what I heard when I found myself grip back into consciousness. A moan escaped my throat as I tried to sit up. Everything around me suddenly became dead silent. Slowly, I forced myself to open my eyes. My first thought was that I was still blind. Then, everything began to shape and clear itself. Someone gasped behind me. Suddenly, I felt a familiar hand being placed on my shoulder. It was the same hand that saved me before. "You need to rest." Is what I heard come from his vocal cords. I wanted to protest. I wanted to talk to him, I wanted to know what happened. But I could feel my body pleading for the rest. I forced myself to lay back down. Closing my eyes, I fell into a deep sleep.


A hand grasped me awake. I flew upwards, almost falling off of the bed I was in. A lady nurse caught me. "Stay steady, girl." I could hear a slight giggle come from her. A plate of food was then shoved at me. "You need to eat. You've been out for two days." Two days? I was asleep that long? What had they done to me? Without protesting, I ate the food. I was more hungry than I realized. After five plate fulls of food, my stomach seemed to be a bit more satisfied. Yes, I did mean five, by the way. The same nurse came back to gather the mess. "Oh, Miss Vanderhoeven, if you are well enough, Mr. Shan would like to see you." Mr. Shan? I wasn't sure who that was. The nurse must have seen the confusion on my face. "He's the one that saved you." Surprise grasped me as she said this. He was the man I was looking for. I shook my head, waiting for her to tell me where to go, but she said nothing as she cleaned and then left.
I sighed a bit and then looked around my wheel chair. It was no where in sight. How was I suppose to go see him if I couldn't even move? I sat there for awhile, waiting for the nurse to come back. She never came. Finally, irritation grabbed me, and I flung myself to the floor. I would maneuver there with my elbows. I would not let my chance to see the man who saved me to pass up. I wanted to ask questions. I crawled out into the hall with my elbows and began to slowly crawl past rooms. As I crawled passed a room with two nurses, they both stared at me and then one said, "Miss, you can walk." I stopped, dead still, and looked at her in the face. What was she talking about? The nurse chuckled and came over to me. Both nurses helped me up. I was trying to protest as they put me on my feet and then stepped away. I almost freaked. Then I noticed, I was standing. I could....walk?

I tried to take a step forward and I almost fell. I was caught by one of the nurses. "Here. I'll help you." That, I didn't protest at. I let her teach me how to walk. It was terrible at the beginning, but then I seemed to get use to it. I was always a quick learner. She smiled. "You'll do well. Mr. Shan's office is just up the hall." I smiled in returned, not sure how she knew that Mr. Shan was wanting to see me. Which reminded me, I had more questions now then ever before. I started to walk quickly, almost tripping a few times, to Mr. Shan's office. I was relieved when I finally got to the door. I swung it open. I never really had many manners with that kind of stuff. I stumbled into his office, which ended up being empty. Then I heard foot steps descend up behind me. "There you are! I was beginning to wonder when you would get here." I spun around and faced him. Mr. Shan, the man that saved me. Now that I was here, I wasn't sure what to say. He led me off to a side room, which ended up being like a lobby. He sat me on the couch and went off. He came back with cups of tea. Tea in space, couldn't help but to think it was funny.

After a few moments of silence, which was beginning to irritate me, I had to say something. "I thank you for saving me, but I want to know things. Why -did- you save me? How can I walk now? Who are you? What are doing on this ship?" I wanted to go on, but he stopped me.
"Miss Vanderhoeven, you are welcome that I saved you. And your questions are very good questions. But unfortunately, I can't give them all answers. But I can say this, we need you and everyone else on this ship. The ones who are here, are the only ones on our planet who survived the universe. Only a couple hundred people. But you, Miss Vanderhoeven, knew that the world was going into a rage. It makes you more special. Which means, I have something to introduce to you. A reason why I gave back your legs."
My mind froze. Special? I wasn't special, I could just sense some things others couldn't. And introduce me to? I looked at the man.
"What is it that you wish to introduce me to? And if you don't mind, I have some ideas of my own." The man smiled.
"I knew you would. But first let me tell you some things. As you very well know, the universe has gone on a rage. Why? We can not know. So now, on any planet, the air and everything else has been inquinated. All water is contaminated, the air is poisoness to breath. This ship is the only safe place in our entire universe. But we can't be certain that'll last forever. Which is where you come in. If you have the ability to sense when something goes wrong, we should be fine. At least until we can get a new civilization built. Which, I am pretty sure is one of your ideas?"

Alright, this man was beginning to creep me out. He seemed to know a lot of what I was thinking. But it kind of made me happy in a way. It let me know I was understood, to a degree. I would certainly help him out. I wanted a new civilization and I believed everyone else aboard this ship did as well. I would help with my senses, and also become strong so I could help build. "I will do anything that is needed to help build a new world." Was my response, and in return he gave a smile. A smile wasn't good enough for me. I jumped off from the couch and gave him a hug. I would finally be useful to something in this world. ~


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Most people when they’d inquinated a city or group of people would feel regret; he couldn’t care less. Standing at the Carrefour he stared out at the multitude of faces staring back at him. He pulled out his portative phone and dialed the number to a friend. He was facing possible lynching. Every eye on him had a murderous intent and though they have not made a move yet did not mean they might not. By now they would realize he was bluffing, there was no backup…not yet anyway.

Throughout his life he’d lived in a world of road blocks and choices. At one point he faced a trifurcated life choice. There were three ways he could go and he didn’t know which one to take until he’d heard someone talking about something they didn’t understand. He went off and insulted the guy. His current predicament the result of that choice. It was interesting how refluence actions could be.