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  1. "Who are you? I may not know you, but introducing yourself could be easy to understand."






    Astrological Zodiac:

    Race: (Human, Elven, Demi-Beast, Android, Scarlet)


    Personality: (2 paragraph minimum.)

    "There is weakness, there is strength and no one is flawless. So know your pros & cons, carefully."

    Character's Pros:

    Character's Cons:

    "Explain your past, your affiliation and thus, your personal life in the future."

    Backstory: (4 Paragraph minimum.)


    First Memory:

    Criminal Records:

    The reason of committing a crime?:

    Previous Affiliation:

    Current Affiliation:

    Your ambition:

    "You have some equipment, weapons and items that you're carrying right now?*"


    Body Equipment:

    Personnel Item:

    Primary Weapon:

    Secondary Weapon:

    *: If your character, choose the path in using physical weapons, you cannot use magic, unless your character is a Scarlet. Delete this if it's unused.

    "Do you have a magic up your shelve that is out of the ordinary?*"

    Do you possess a Magical Manipulation/DAM?:

    Magic Weapon:

    Aura Type:

    Aura Color:

    Passive Ability:

    *:If your character chose the path of using magic, you cannot use physical weapons, unless your character is a Scarlet . Delete this if it's unused.

    "In a battle, what you do prefer with your best fighting tactics and your best skills?"

    Special Fighting Tactics:

    Offensive: ?/10

    Defensive: ?/10

    Supportive: ?/10

    People Skills: ?/10

    Teamwork: ?/10

    Tactics: ?/10

    (In the terms of using skill, for the example; putting your character skill in 1 is terrible. putting in 10 is well-trained.)

    Advantages in fighting:

    Disadvantages in fighting:
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