45 Days: The 3600

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45 Days: The 3600


The day it came.......It changed the world forever......Mankind would never be the same again......A tragedy that made us question our own existence.....A mistake that made us wonder the justification of our own......We all are responsible.......Years of lies, secrets, deception, hatred.......We let them do these things........And now we all are paying the price......For doing nothing to stop them.....And even though we know the reason for our pain..............We still do nothing......

There is one last chance to survive.

One last chance to change our terrible fate.

Can we trust them one last time?

Can we place our lives in their hands?

Or will we finally step up and rebel?

This is the story of what may be the last days of the human race.

It's the year 2020. 5 years after what's only known as the Infection filled the air and contaminated the water. No one was informed. No one was warned of the oncoming danger. By the time the government decided to step up and do anything, the damage had already been done. Their mistake has almost wiped mankind off the face of the Earth. And yet they somehow thought order could still be contained. People began to go hostile. Theft, murder, rape, and all other sorts of inhumane, criminal acts filled the streets of every city and every town all over the world. Electricity and Transportation has gone almost totally obselete. Everywhere looks like a wasteland even in the most populated places. Buildings are destroyed and graffiti everywhere. Everyone is back on ration cards. Walking through the streets of New York is like walking in a ghost town. The rich walk the streets no longer and celebrity life and Hollywood are now nothing but a silly dream of a past life. Even in the most secure places safety barely exists, beacause you're still vulnerable to the Infection.

The Infection is everywhere. It is inescapable. And every second that goes by, the contamination gets worse. There are rumors of a "temporary cure" within authority, but no one really knows if it's true. In 50 years, Earth will be completely uninhabitable and all life there will cease to exist. But now, all the governments of the world has banned together to introduce "The Planet X Program". A planet they only refer to as "Planet X" that is a little far off from Earth in this galaxy, is now everyone's shining beacon of hope. Inhabitable, filled with harmless flora and fauna, and water that is safe to drink. It's atmosphere is clean but has a certain bacteria in it that actually counterattacks the Infection and cures you completely. The government has sent the message to everyone, whether by radio or by word of mouth. It's all exciting for everyone that they and their friends and family will all be cured and able to live in peace once again. But this particular beacon of hope has conditions.

You have 45 days to reach Washington D.C.

There are only 12 shuttles and each can only hold up to 300 people.

Your infection level MUST NOT be under Moderate* or entry WILL BE denied.

...........And the beacon of hope is now a dead man's game. Those are the rules. First come, first serve. Stingy and brutal, yet true. Are you still praising your government now? All the people that are left behind have to wait another 5 years for the shuttles to come back and get them as well. The catch with that? You'll probably be either dead by then or too sick to come. So......let the games begin.

Alrighty, everyone! This is my first RP so bear with me!
This is going to be a post-apocalyptic like RP about Earth and a deadly infection. All of our characters are sick/dying and are all trying to find ways to get to Washington D.C. on time and gain entry to the shuttles. It's going to be centered in the U.S. mainly, but all countries are facing the same situation. There is no more electricity and t.v.'s and ipods and cell phones and transportation (no cars, buses, trains, planes, nada!). Crime is everywhere as well as battered-down cities. Like mentioned above, everywhere is pretty much a wasteland of destroyed and deserted buildings. Even hospitals are hard to reach and are overbooked anyway due to the Infection. Animals are still around, and you might even could run into a lion or a grizzly bear or a giraffe due to the obseletion and deseretion of zoos. But, of course, like people and plants, they're infected as well and are therefore extremely hostile at times. I want this to be a really fun and interesting for all of us, and I also want a lot of plot twisters too! So, here are the rules!:

Hahaha! Sorry! Just had to make that one extra clear! EVERYBODY on Earth is sick, so YOU ARE TOO! What I mean is, don't make your character's Infection level Very Mild* just so they can run around and be all brute and everything. The character I'm playing is Moderate*, but is still pretty strong, and STILL shows signs of sickness. I'd hate it if all my players were on the same Infection Level, too, so let's be original everybody! And please remember we're all dying while you're posting your character bio (yes, I DO require a bio!) and posting in the game!

Two: Significance and Detail are key!
I want all my fellow players to play some really good, interesting characters (Maybe your character is one of the scientists behind the whole contamination *wink,wink*) I also would like a "villain" or 2

Three: You can have only ONE character!
I'm hoping that around about 8-10 people sign up and join my RP, so I don't want too much confusion! I'm allowing everyone to have up to TWO NPC's, though, and hopefully we all won't die of too much reading!

That's all I can think of, but I'll edit if I think of any more!

Infection Level Chart*

These are the Infection Levels. Choose the right one to fit your character. And if you haven't already, please scroll back up and read Rule One before you pick!!!!!

1: Very Mild-Barely no infection at all.
Symptoms-red/pink irritated eyes, mild coughing, pale skin

2: Mild-Infection not too bad.
Symptoms-red/pink irritated eyes, coughing, few rashes on skin, pale skin

3: Moderate-Infection is becoming obvious.
Symptoms-irritated eyes, elevated coughing, rashes in multiple spots, mild migraines, pale skin

4: C-Moderate-Caution! Infection is getting terminal.
Symptoms-irritated eyes, fever chills, severe coughing, severe migraines, skin is even paler, becoming hard to eat/drink

5: Severe-Infection is terminal.
Symptoms-red, blood shot eyes, continuously coughing up small amouts of blood, immune system has almost completely shut down/high fevers, rashes everywhere, skin is even paler, barely able to comsume anything

6: Advanced Severe (near-death)-Infection has spread almost beyond repair.
Symptoms-continuously coughing up large amouts of blood, rashes everywhere, yellow eyes, severe migraines, immune system has shut down/severely high fevers, weakness to the point of inability to walk, yellow tinge to skin, inability to stomach anything

Well, that's about it! I'll be posting an example bio below (my character bio) for you to follow, so join up please!
Here's my character bio!:

Name: Antreus Relding

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Race: Mixed (Caucasian and African-American)

Occupation: ex-U.S. Military Brigadier General

Infection Level: Moderate

General Apperance: He has a light brown skin tone that's now even lighter due to the Infection. His hair is dark brown and cut really short to a stubble. He's very strong and very muscular, although that is also limited due to the Infection. He's always dressed up in military-like clothing even though he's just been "released" of his title.

Personality: Antreus is hard and a little distant after serving in the army for so long. Allbeit he's a nice person, but has a tendency to be impatient and suspecting of everyone. He hates liars and is a very motivated and persistent person, so, he can't stand it when people or other things get in his way. Other than all that, Antreus is very quiet and mostly to himself (although that doesn't label him as shy at all).

Current Goal/Overall Purpose: Antreus has a well made up plan for getting both him and his pregnant wife, Kira, to Washington D.C. He (secretly) posesses two "Blue Cards" that were passed out to certain people of importance that allows them automatic entry to the shuttles, no questions asked. He carries both this and 2 needles of Corestreum X-1033 in a special, metal box, that can only be opened by thumbprint. He wants his plan to go smoothly and swears that if anyone or anything gets in his way, he'll get rid of it whatever it takes. He promised Kira he'd come back to her, and no one can stop him from doing that.
Well no one has joined so I'm closing this thread. :( Farewell!
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