42 42 564: Redux

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  1. Witches. Werewolves. Demons. Angels. Humans - and human weapons. The world of Soul Eater is a grand, magical, and dangerous place, where any friend or foe may be lurking around the corner. Endless power struggles ravage the inhabitants of this strange world, with two of the main battlers being the Witch's Coven and Shibusen, an elite school for meisters and weapons to learn, fight, and work together. These bonds between partners are arguably the main driving force of Soul Eater - and disputably of Shibusen. And these meister-weapon teams - among some outside help - has done much to help the world around it.

    Professor Moriarty? Long gone. Tower of Terror? Timber called. Coffee beans that made you crazy? Done, phew!

    But now, a radical group is attempting to wreck that bond between partners indefinitely - and they surely have the means to do so. Are those bonds so sacred that the group must be stopped at all costs? Or are they just giving way to a new world that can't abuse its own systems? Click the banner above to find out.