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  1. It's pronounced "Flashlight" Pao
  2. (That's how I intended it at least.)


    He watched the end. "Efficient."

    Hunter chuckled, "Not in this case. Since it was sparring, she probably waited as not to end it immediately, but in a real match, she could have done that from the beginning and won with little effort." He sat back down and leaned back.
  3. Laz-gun.

  4. Blizzard

    She backed up at how quickly he managed to dash across. Not bad. She made a wall before her and kicked it ahead of her, sending it towards John
  5. I've always pronounced it Lass Gun or Lass Cannon.

    This is the best way to steal chairs from the 40k tables.
  7. Las Cannons do not deserved to be in the same class of weapons as the guardsman's standard issue flashlight.
  8. It was confirmed as pronounced "Lass" not "Layz".
  9. I figure I can move them all over and put them in a thread when I get the chance to. I just want to make sure everyone actually joins the clan since we're missing a few at this point.
  10. well then ther is also the prnounciation "fuck win"
  11. I pronounce it- THE EMPEROR'S LIGHT IS MAH TORCH
  12. W E A P O N S S P E C I A L I S T

  13. Austin Shima


    Austin saw the other individual as she straightened her back and gave him a nod, the blue Tassi seemed focused on what she was doing. As he took another step into the room he saw what that work entailed, the dragon that would be the ships engineer was lying unconscious.

    Austin was curious how cryosleep would have such an effect as well, it wasn't common for someone to still be out after this long. Not that he knew much about it, he was in it less than most. Austin went to take another step forward when the Tassi walked over and started introducing herself. He remembered her from the log as she said her name and despite struggling to focus with the moving power bar in focus he took her introduction well.

    After placing his hand on his breastplate he tilted his head down as a universal greeting:

    "It is a pleasure to meet you A'Llara Petrresi the Nurse"

    Before he could speak any more his head quickly turned to the now twitching Kah'Saun before being redirected by an answer from the Doctor. She introduced herself as Jalotaveiianh Macheis C'eira to which he recalled the log once again, everything was starting to slot into place. She then revealed that everyone bar the twitching dragon was awake, an unexpected occurance that may cause delay. It was still good that everyone else was good for the time being.

    Austin replied to the Doctors question :

    "I am not sure about the captain yet doctor, that was to be my next destination. I see you have important work to do so i will leave you to it. It was a pleasure to meet you both"

    With this he once again put his hand on his breastplate and bowed his head, this time his faceplate lit up green, the faceless equivelent of a smile. He spun on the spot and walked back out the door.

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  14. LASS CANNON A CANNON THAT fires girls.

    LASS GUN - A gun for girls' use.