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  1. Jacob Snow is a man who had exclusive rights to enjoy a Night Club. The offer to join this Night Club was almost too good to be true. Well, actually it WAS too good to be true, but first, I need to explain something. Jake was a good looking guy. . . in High School everyone wanted to fuck him, and he was worshiped for his body, his brains, his cock and his balls. . . he was strong and athletic too, but most people only cared about how good he was in the pussy, or sack, or ass, or his ass, or his face, or their face, you get the picture. His fucking skill with either guy or girl was legendary.

    Well, back to the problem. . . Jake had been friends with a prominent porn director for about a month before this director gave him access to his exclusive Night Club, a Club where both celebrities, and their friends could philander with. He loved it, and he could fuck whenever and wherever he wanted. . . Unfortunately though, the paper he was given to sign for his club access signed over his rights to three total strangers. Three hot, pornographically attractive strangers, some men, and some women, but Jake didn't know that.

    After a month of him enjoying himself, he found himself wake up naked in a very large bed chambers, noticing that he was not only naked, but there were erotic objects all over the room, from lubricants to cyber toys, the flesh light, etcetera. . . He didn't know it but the camera was watching him, and he was about to be part of a porn film with three actors. All three of these people, including the adult film director, were his owners, but Jake himself was the only subservient member of the group.

    The year is 2165 the Common Era. Technology is of course taken to undreamed of levels. For the past twenty years, civilization has already become able to move on to other planets, and even nearby solar systems fairly easily. Jake, is an unlucky man, because during this time, slavery has been made legal if a person signs his own rights away for various reasons. Jake's specific signing of rights is permanent, and his original profile in any database is permanently gone. He has been designated as the property of his masters by himself, albeit unknowingly, the Porn directer, and his three other masters.

    Character Profiles:
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    Requested Likes: (If you don't know what something is, google it)).
    Emasculation (Restorable through medical technology)
    2,3 or 4 on one non consensual sex.
    Cock sucking
    Public humiliation
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.